Wednesday, November 05, 2014

PIDC Cup 2014!

See? I lied as usual. Haven't been updating my blog. 8D

November has rolled by! I've been quite fond of November since 2012, because it's Sports Cup month in PIDC! It's a hectic time which reminds me of my proactive-ness in the past, and this makes me feel alive. But this time, unlike in India, I didn't have to sit for my exams in the middle of PIDC Cup, whoop whoop! Also, instead of it being an interbatch competition, we all drew lots and were divided into 4 different teams, with the theme "Superheroes"!

Red Team: Spiderman
Yellow Team: Batman
Green Team: The Hulk
Blue Team: Captain America

I'm in Spiderman! We're in the second week of PIDC Cup now and every thing is finally entering full swing. In India, we would've started sports practice months in advance, but here everything seems more slacked, haha. Probably since we're not in a hostel any more and everyone's timing is harder to match.

I haven't played in any sports yet, so far. But I'll be in basketball this Saturday! Then futsal, and volleyball (my fave!). Meanwhile, I'm here to share about something else I did - cheer performance.

Originally, we wanted a Cheerleading competition, but as it was hard to execute, we decided to do a performance. I was supposed to rally up 30-40 people for this. Ended up, we have 15. It was before Deepavali and we only had 2 weeks left for practice. Not sure how I did it, but I managed to choreograph a 3 minute cheer/dance.

With only 7 sessions of practice, we performed at the Jogathon! And I have to say, I'm pretty proud of the results and our achievement! ;w;


Right after all that stunts and dancing, we were off to our 3km jog. WHAT. I'M NOT PREPARED. D: (says the person who hasn't ran since PIDC Cup 2013, of course)

At the starting line

I have amazing camera senses

Love Batch 9's jersey names. So science. Very dentist. :'D

Group picture! So colour!

After the Jogathon, we had a mini game where we get to destroy eliminate opposing teams using a water bottle gun and shooting the target pinned onto people's backs. Lots of strategy and alliance and backstabbing.


3 of our teams ganged up on Batman because they were taking the lead in the Cup by points. In the end, my team got 3rd. It was a really fun day though! Really love events like these.

Another reason for my hectic November is cosplay. Somehow, this month's littered with events, even in Penang! Being back in Malaysia means more freedom to participate in cosplay. But since cosplay conventions are all on weekends, they clash with some of my sports activities. I've just been to an event last Sunday, and another one is coming up this weekend, and Anthea will be here again, yay! I'll be writing about my cosplay stuff really soon!

I've also noticed people are still reading my blog about PIDC India and stuff like that. So when I'm free, I'll try to do some update on India and post up my opinions about Penang.

Quote of the Day: "The hammer that strikes too fast has no time to aim." - Godot, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations

Friday, October 03, 2014

Comic Fiesta Mini 2014

For pre-event and Korra costume-making notes, visit the previous post!

We wanted to make a vlog for CF Mini, but in the end, we didn't even take a lot of pictures. So here you are, stuck with lots and lots of our selfies. 8D

Day 1: 27 September 2014

Anthea and I were really excited for the event! Our first event in the North together, away from home! :D We woke up at the break of dawn and started cooking macaroni for lunch later. After that, I started dressing up and Anthea was arranging her macaroons and doujin stuff. Then it was make up time! I was lucky to have Anthea helping me with my make up, since I'm kinda amateurish at that. :'D

Pretty! :3

I prefer getting fully dressed in my costume before going to the event, so that's what I did. I had my friend fetch us to the jetty (I think I gave him quite a shock approaching his car like that xD). Walking to the ferry, getting off the ferry and having people stare at me and I'm like Avatar plz. When we got to the island, we had Raz picking us up! By then, I was sweating pretty badly and had probably melted half my make up, ahaha... |D For the whole day, Raz was fanboying over my Korra, it was kinda cute, haha! I didn't know what to say except to feel flattered and thankful. ;w;

We got to the event hall and immediately started setting up. It was 9am+ and already there was a line forming outside the hall. I'm thankful I never had to brave through Comic Fiesta's lines because I always had Cosplayer/Artist Booth tags, ehehe.

Skylar and Tigger booth!

Look at all the kawaii pin badges! Kinda proud since they're our brainchild... Although I don't make any money out of it... :'D BUT THEY ARE CUTE SO YOU HAVE TO BUY THEM.

We were booth neighbours with Dreaming Dreams! Which also happens to be owned by our friend and high school junior, Xsaye! Of course, she was dressed in her Mi (CF Mini's mascot) costume. Which she sewed herself. So jelly of her handwork. ;___;

I actually spent almost half my time at the booth, helping Anthea sell her stuff. Since my boots are killing me, I'd always go back to the chair. Selling stuff is fun though, since it reminded me of our Koperasi days. And I'd always try to hit up a conversation or a fandom nod to the person who bought our stuff. But most of the time they don't hear me or they don't give me a reaction, then I feel stupid... 8D"

Customer: I want the Objection badge.
Customer: Huhh? Gym badges are sold out?
Me: Yeah, and now you will never be able to challenge the Elite Four.
Customer: ...
Me: But you can still "Catch'em All! *points to Pokeball badges*
Customer: Can I have a waterbending badge?
Me: Why buy 1 when you can have 4 and become the Avatar? Like me?

There's more where that came from. Yes, I'm shameless. |D

Also, honorable mention to the guy who bought all the gym badges (and pinned it on his bag immediately) and his friends, he kept coming back to the booth just to see how our sales was doing. It was kinda entertaining.

Guy: See! I told you the firebending badge will sell out first!

Sorry, I'll stop. |D

When noon approached, there was a bigger crowd flocking the halls, and more people that I recognized. Because apparently I'm lucky that I could make it to CF Mini, and since my friends jelly me, so I had to help them buy merchandises... |D I ended up getting Angie's SAO Photobook, Misa's Popstar Ahri poster and Aza Miyuko's Kuroneko photobook. They asked me to get signatures for them, but I was kinda lazy, honestly... |D I went doujin shopping too! Unfortunately, I didn't find anything that caught my eye. I was more attached to game characters, after all. And not all anime merchandises were relevant to me. :X

At one point, Ash came by my booth and told me that the committee kinda just gave him a tag and made him join the Pose-Off competition. He kinda tried to drag me in, too. I had thought of joining the cosplay competition before, but I wasn't too sure of myself... I haven't joined a competition for awhile, not to mention, a solo one. But hey, why not? So, carrying my waterbending prop, I went to the registration table... but registration was closed. .___. Now I'm regretting not signing up for the competition earlier. It's just 3 poses on stage after all. Oh well! I'll get back into my cosplay zone soon enough.

I managed to meet a lot of my cosplay friends! There were actually a lot of KL people who were attending CF Mini! Celine, Quist, Kiku, Valkyrie, Fritz, Cappy, Sky, Yuan, Abby, Joe Yee, Kroduz, Rei, Tony, Hani, Zend... among some of the people I know. I even met Anthony, the Singaporean photographer to shot our Final Fantasy XIII photoshoot in 2011! On top of that, I also finally got to meet and chat a little with cosplayers whom I kinda only knew by name. Namely, Jon and Dai. But still, I never really introduced myself properly... :'D I always tell myself that I'd be thick face at the next event and run up to people I know (regardless if they remember me or not) and say hi. I don't. ;w; I'm really bad at these sort of stuff, ughhh... *shrinks away* Anthea and I met Sizer and Masako too! Who were cosplaying Mako and Ryuko. We chatted quite a lot and spazzed about Avatar at our booth on both days, they were really funny, haha.

While camping around with my friends, I managed to get some of my pictures taken, and also messed around with my waterbending prop! It malfunctioned once and my yoyo whacked some innocent bystanders. (I'M SO SORRY)

Photo by 45ACPhotography

Photo by Jin!

I'm the Avatar! You gotta deal with it!

The fun part about being Korra is that I can be myself, do silly faces and say silly things, and I'm in character. 8D And the best part of cosplaying is seeing fans of the same series! When they come up to me and call out my name ("Korra!"), it feels great. ^^ And I loved abusing the "Eye am watching you" pose.

On several occasions, I would do this to people taking selfies with me. Like the trio who took a picture with me! When the girl took a second selfie, I did the eye thing and gosh, they were so excited! xD A guy requested it and I did it in a jiffy. They were so entertained, too!

judgingyou.jpg (that's what I named it, srsly)

At one point while watching the booth, we saw a huge crowd around the artists booth. I think I was busy on my Nintendo 3DS... but there was a girl looking over our booth, and suddenly Anthea gave her one of our loom bands and asked for a photo, and she had someone next to her and I was like

"Who's she?"
"Omg are you sure...? Can I ask her for an autograph?"

I quickly whipped out the poster I bought, and was still quite hesitant because I'm not familiar with Misa at all  (she was one of the cosplay guests) and hence, couldn't recognize her! Luckily it was her and I got my signature for my friend anyway, yay!

Next, Ying Tze came by! (but I didn't have her merchandise |D) When Angie came by, Anthea gave her some macaroons and again, I asked for an autograph. Wheee! How nice! I didn't even have to line up! xD But Miyuko wai u no comeee.

Awkward moment: When I realized I showed Angie my friend's name on Whatsapp, and his profile picture was of him and Ying Tze. |D

Angie's Photobook!

Misa's Poster! She typo'd Wei Xian's name though... :'D

After packing up our booth, we had a short detour to Full House, then Raz fetched us all the way back to Butterworth. (such kind soul ;w;)

Reaching back, we had a simple dinner, then Anthea was drawing her commissions while I started sewing Korra's Book 4 butt cape! The trailer was just released while we were at CF Mini, so I spent the whole night sewing. In fact, I've only slept for an hour or so... |D

Day 2: 28 September 2014

We packed burgers and sandwiches for lunch today. We took a cab straight to Penang Times Square as Raz was busy with a photoshoot in the morning. Besides, taking a cab means our make up won't melt during our journey to CF Mini! :D It's pricey but... what can you do. :X

Day 2! (that's not a peace sign, it signifies 2! :D I'm BS-ing )

My short brown wig was lent to me by Jane! She's a lifesaver. ;w;

The day started off slow - there weren't much people buying from our booth (then again, a lot of stuff were sold out) and the cosplayers I know have yet to start appearing. We entertained ourselves with the occasional chatty customers. My favourite memory was of this young boy and his mum! The boy wanted the Avatar badges but we only had Earthbending badges left. He ended up buying 4 badges anyway. While I was packing his stuff, his eyes wandered to the random overhead sign that Anthea posted at the booth.

Err'body wants a piece of the Avatar

Excitedly, the boy raised his fist at me, and I returned his enthusiastic fist bump. I then spread my hands and ended with a Sokka-inspired "water tribe" exclamation. The moment the boy and his mum laughed, I feel like I won. :')

Sadly, I only had 4 fist bumps, haha. |D Not many people could tell I was Korra from the short hair, probably...

For those who did recognize me, they told me I was awesome! :'D You, Korra fans, are awesome.

Some of the people who visited our booth! New friend Rachel, along with Quist, Kiku and Jon!

Booth neighbours! Elaina, Stella, Xsaye and KC!

I wandered off again to meet up some other people. I managed to catch bits of the cosplay competition too. Gosh, I miss cosplaying with a group and joining competitions... To my surprise, I saw Gems, and Gems waved at me.

Gems: I think you don't recognize me.
Me: Actually, I do recognize you. I'm surprised that you recognized me!

I was really happy to know that Gems remembered me, haha. I could remember clearly - I first met Gems at ACGC 2008 in Times Square, while Gems was cosplaying Kakashi and I was Yuffie. It's always nice to reminisce about the past. Me, Gems, Zymz and Raz went out of the event hall to get some shots taken with better lighting.

And what resulted from the photoshoot made me so so happy.

The pictures were amazing! ;w; I was so so glad I made my waterbending prop at the last minute. It was drizzling slightly, and the wind was blowing really nicely, and stuff just turned out nicely. I think I'll need to kick it up a notch by making a firebending prop next.

After that, I was back at the booth and tending to my sore legs. |D

Some of us took a break at Marrybrown's in the evening

After purchasing a Kimi ni Todoke folder for myself and an Ouran High School one for Anthea, we started clearing up the booth. It's unfortunate that I always can't join for the closing of the event or after parties due to transport, but I heard the stage people singing Digimon's first opening "Butterfly" in unison and that was pretty awesome!

And that was the end of CF Mini! Anthea and I headed home by cab again and then she left for Sungai Petani again. ;w;

It's my first time at CF Mini, but I think that the reception is pretty good! There were so many people coming to the event from KL too! There are peak times when the corridors are packed and crowded with people. Despite being a "mini" version of CF, the size of the event probably matches up to CF 2008 in Sunway Pyramid. (don't take my word for it though, my estimation skills fail) I'm always disappointed by the variety of doujin stuff though, because my beloved series' are always not featured. :P But oh well, can't satisfy everyone! And the guests... I think the only cosplay guests that'll steal my attention away is Tuxedo Team and Jin. Like, really, CF, you need to invite them here! Not this year though, since I'll be in Japan. 8D

All in all, I had a lot of fun at CF Mini! I met a lot of new/old friends and it really feels like a comeback to the cosplay/ACG community for me. And to finally complete an old cosplan feels good! (as the main character too, for once!) The general feedback I got from everyone about my Korra cosplay was really motivating and uplifting. ;w; I'm really looking forward to working on a new cosplay soon! Maybe even cosplay more versions of Korra! I can't wait to be attending another event with Anthea too, and hopefully I'll be able to come up with a money making strategy for myself as well, haha.



Quote of the Day: "How can the dead truly be dead when they still live in the souls of those who are left behind?" - Carson McCullers, The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Pre-CF Mini 2014 + Korra Costume W.I.P!

I thought I'd start being more active at blogging, but as usual I got lazy... :P But I'll still try my best!

Since I'm in Penang, it's only natural for me to start attending cosplay conventions here up north. Finally, last weekend, I made my Penang cosplay debut at Comic Fiesta Mini! And I was joined by Anthea, who's just 1.5 hours away from me in Sungai Petani! :D

Together, we shall conquer North Malaysia! :3

Anthea was staying at my place for a few days for the event. I was gonna debut a new costume and Anthea's opening her booth, which I finally got a chance to help out at.

First of all, we've gotta talk about my cosplan. It's been almost 5 months since my last cosplay, and about 10 months since I last made a new costume. Since starting university, my cosplay has gone into a hiatus. Here's a cosplan that suffered tremendously due to my leave.

Korra (Northern Water Tribe/Book 2 Version)

Ever since the next Avatar was announced to be a girl, and her front profile was shown, I knew that I had to cosplay Korra. (same reason why I'm automatically casted as Katara, haha) But Korra is the Avatar, and she was such a tough, spunky girl with an attitude, it was like she was made for me! I had this cosplan in 2012 before going off to India (I wanted to be a hipster), but clearly I didn't make it. :P When the next book was announced with her new outfit, I wanted to make the new outfit instead (and be a hipster again)! I had the top tailored but in the end, did not cosplay Korra in 2013.

Finally it's 2014 and I'm back from India! No more excuses, I've gotta make this costume happen! What better motivation than to set my debut for Comic Fiesta Mini. During my Raya holidays back home, I procrastinated the construction of my costume, again (but that was because I had insufficient materials! ;w;). One day, I was musing with a friend that the costume I was making is one  that Korra doesn't wear often anyway. Guess what the Avatar Gods gave the fandom the next day.

Mulan inspired Haircut of awesome

THANK YOU, AVATAR GODS. I knew I had to cosplay this, too! I mean, she has the same costume as the one I'm working on! Except for the slightly different butt cape and that belt. But I knew that I will definitely make a new butt cape.

Fast forward to Day 1 of Comic Fiesta Mini, Cappy tells me that they released a trailer. WHAT. But I checked Youtube and Tumblr before I went to sleep at 2.30am impossibruuuu! D:

"I can't believe it... Toph?"

I immediately started stealing screenshots of Korra in her dark blue outfit from every angle to make sure I was gonna get her Book 4 costume right. You can't imagine the motivation and excitement I had to complete the "new costume" within that night!

Cut back to last Wednesday, when Anthea arrived in Butterworth! I had a really busy week last week, with lots of work and exams. So in between all that, it was hard to find time to work on my costume.

The usual suspects

We went to Tesco and shopped for groceries for the week. I also bought more materials for my cosplay! We took the Rapid Penang bus and it was the first time for both of us. It was quite an experience. xD It was nice having Anthea around! She cooked breakfast and dinner for me, uhuhu. ;w; (even made breakfast for my housemates!) Although it's mostly just pasta and sandwiches, but it's good! Then while I'm off at school, she's slacking at home watching Gekkan Shoujo, hmph.

I didn't really take much pictures of my work in progress. But I'll still be sharing here how I constructed my costume. (since, like my Fang costume, I'm pretty happy about my handiwork! :D)

Korra Costume W.I.P

Blue Top + Pants
I always wanted to sew my own costume, but I can't draft patterns, so I opted for a tailor. |D My pants on the other hand was a slim cut elastic pants from Giordano that was given to me. I wear it to class, haha. It was just a temporary replacement for my costume. I'll get proper baggy-ish pants for Korra later. Other than these two items and my boots, I hand-made everything else!

Blue Lens

I'm using EOS Fay Blue! (will post a review for it soon) You'll see more of it in my other pictures. It's rather pretty! My previous pair of blue lens for Korra expired, and Luxury Babe's lens design had some changes, so I got these.

Hair Loopies (whatever you call them)
I referred to this video tutorial, where the owner claims that her technique makes the best hair loopies, and I agree! They are light, so they won't fall, and they hold the hair pretty well! Even with my notorious thick hair, my loopies never fell off through the day and I never had to retie them.

Made with the leftovers of one of my favourite things in the world :D
(note the Pokemon in the background, ohoho!)

Cut the plastic straw to length, then glue the fabric on!
(I used UHU glue cuz ain't nobody got time for fabric glue
[actually, I'm just poor, that's why] )

Ta-dah! I'm using my real hair for Korra. :D
(the white strips were made using the rounded elastic bands for dimension, like the real thing!)

I used a pair of dark blue pantyhose, bought from Daiso. I cut off the panty part of it, measured the lengths, then sewed one end of it so my thumb fits through so it resembles Korra's half gloves. The grey parts were made with regular grey cloth (uniform-ish material for body), and fastened with metal clip buttons.

Butt Cape (whatever you call that fur thing that wraps Korra's... butt)
I used brown felt bought from Daiso so that I didn't have to serger/overlock or sew the edges, hah! Plus, it had a fur-like consistency, but was thin and easy to use. But I feel that working with some sort of cloth would be better, so that the cape will resemble more like a skirt and would move better when you twirl around with it (if you know what I mean), especially for the book 4 cape which looks like a circle skirt of some sort.

Had to join two pieces of felt together because they were too small for my butt

White fur also bought from Daiso! It's a type of shawl that's kinda stretchy. Blue waistband sewn from my waterbending cloth, and it runs through a hole in my butt cape.

Butt Cape ver.Book 4
As mentioned earlier, Korra's butt cape in Book 4 differs from her usual one.

Look at that odd shape!

Note how the cape flares up so nicely. And all that white fur underneath! (not seen in the previous butt cape)

I ended up sewing a new butt cape out of the same materials: brown felt and fur shawl thing. As mentioned earlier, I think this butt cape appreciates the fluidity more than the previous one, hence my circle skirt comment. It also comes with a belt thingy that has some sort of emblem in the center.

The new cape! The emblem was cut out from strong cardboard, with blue fabric and white felt glued on it to follow the pattern. The blue belt was sewn onto the felt.

Blue Apron
That thing that comes in between the fur cape? It's just blue fabric, cut into shape, then tucked into my pants or safety pinned in place. Mwahaha. :P (was planning to give it a shoelace waistband, but I was lazy) I was lazy to sew the edges, so I just burnt it, MWAHAHA.

Protip: Use a candle with a burning flame to burn those edges so the cloth wouldn't fray! :D

I actually found a rather awesome tutorial on how to make Korra's boots. But I couldn't find the right materials to do it, so I ended up getting a second hand knee-high boots, which I folded down and added the white fur trimming (using white felt). And for the book 4 version, I just removed the white trimmings and pulled the boots up high. :P

Using Rianka's picture as I forgot to take close up shots of the boots. :X

I really loved the boots because they made me look so slim and tall! (platforms ftw!) Especially from the front, because you can't even see the heel. But I'll probably sell this off again and find a new one on Taobao, as these boots are slightly small and squeezes my feet badly and really hurts it from all the concentrated pressure at the front half of my feet. I spend 50% of my time complaining about how pain my legs were, probably, haha. A shame, really. =(

Waterbending Prop
I had a few ideas on how to represent waterbending. Initially, I wanted to attach cloth to chinese fans and use them either with the fans closed or open (ala WCS China 2011). There's the gymnastic ribbon idea too. THEN, I came across THIS a month ago. It looks bloody amazing! I learn that they were called "poi", and I've actually seen a lot of cosplayers use it for different sort of sketches. One of the deviantart artist I follow used it for her Azula cosplay too! There's even a tutorial on how to make it! I knew that I just had to make these! One of water and one of fire, no less!

Of course, by the time I found the tutorial video, it was too late for me to start hunting for materials. During our trip to Tesco, Anthea and I managed to pick up a yoyo and a nice flowly fabric to use for the mean time. Which worked pretty well! I just had a 2 meter-ish cloth and tied it to the yoyo. I shortened the yoyo's length to my arm length, and started twirling the cloth around with it. It helps that the yoyo's string was white, so it usually blends into the background and makes it look like I'm bending. :D The yoyo wasn't heavy enough to carry the fabric's weight though, so I couldn't do much stunts with it. But it's good enough for pictures!

LOOK AT THAT FLOW *crying for the awesome*

And that, is how you become the Avatar!

Since I didn't want to clutter everything into the same post (I hear the crowd yelling tl;dr! Well, DEAL WITH IT. B) ) I'll be writing about the actual event in the next post!

Quote of the Day: "When we hit our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change." - Avatar Aang, Avatar: The Legend of Korra.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Good Luck, Baby Good Luck to You

It's been 11 months since BEAST's last comeback, and about 13 months since I became a B2UTY. I can't hold it in, I just have to let out all my thoughts about their latest album and title track, Good Luck.

This time around, CUBE has been actively promoting their comeback with constant teasers. Unfortunately, the album was leaked 2 days before the released date too. I downloaded it, but didn't listen to it till the release, because it felt like a sin if I heard it before then. ;w;

Anyway, my thoughts about Good Luck's MV!
  1. The first 40 seconds-ish was like a summary of all their teasers. I liked the sound of the strings, but the real song was WAY BETTER.
  2. I kinda preferred Shadow's artsy MV. It was aesthetically more pleasing. Then again, the pace of the song was slower, so we were able to appreciate the "art" of the video better.
  3. I know Good Luck's MV was about betrayal/break up/trust issues and stuff, but I felt that putting in references from 2 different sources (2046 and the Last Supper) was too much? It didn’t mesh together much. (just my opinion) But the sets were beautiful. And the boys were gorgeous.
  4. Other things to point out about the MV:


    Hyunseung body tease okcan

    And of course, the butter knife murder weapon (whut). The girl even took it from the sharp edge lol.
  5. But Good Luck is a really great upbeat dance track. Love love the beats! (got me bobbing my head throughout) The piano parts are beautiful, the backing track, the howling sounds… It really has a Junhyung feel to it that reminds me of Shadow and I am a Man.
  6. THE CHOREOGRAPHY. IS BLOODY AWESOME. And that reverse V sign, which in certain places in the world, is actually an insult. I like to think that the choreographer intended for the gesture to mean that. So for me, it kinda adds to the attitude. Me likey. :D I’m definitely going to learn this dance, once the stage ver. or practice ver. or dance mv (I hope there is one!) releases.


    Sleek dance moves that we haven't see from BEAST for quite awhile!
  7. Back to the music, I LOVE EVERYONE’S VOCALS. Yoseob’s powerful opening, the syncopated falsetto parts, and the way Doojoon’s line led into the chorus, the impactful chorus, Dongseob’s bridge part, and Hyunseob’s background ad-libs really did it for me. Junhyung’s rap was as usual, and left me wanting something more. Everyone had quite an equal line distribution! Except Junhyung I feel… I think the whole song really blended and flowed well! It left no time for resting, other than the short dance break. They took my breath away. ;w;
And some general comments about the whole album:
  1. THE ENGLISH IMPROVED. I couldn’t find much grammar mistakes or cringe-worthy pronunciation (other than some of Junhyung’s rap, especially in We Up, and “Hands up Thumbs up” whut?) but it wasn’t too bad! This is significant, because we've had really cringe-worthy Engrish from BEAST before this ("Make a love baby"). They even have a song completely free of English (No More), I was really surprised. Maybe they hired a proofreader for their English lyrics. Good job, CUBE.
  2. The music style is really diverse for this album. We have an 80s dance vibe (We Up, Dance With U), modern dance beats (Good Luck, Sad Movie), ballads (No More, Tonight I’ll Be By Your Side), and R&B (History). And this is only a mini album, people.
  3. Resident composer Junhyung and the birth of composer Kikwang. So proud! Junhyung is really setting a distinct style that can be identified among his current and previous compositions. (I find I’m Sorry and No More; Just Do as You Always Did and Tomorrow I’ll Be By Your Side, to be pretty similar) And Kikwang clearly gotten his influence from his American idols like Chris Brown. The lines “Take it Slow” and “Relax Your Mind” are like shout-outs, haha. I’m loving History wayyyy more than Let it Snow.
  4. And I need to mention that No More is a beautiful song, with a creative concept for its MV, that carried a touching message. Really, you have to read the lyrics, and interpret the MV. I think it told a pretty deep story. So much feels. ;___;
So far I don’t think it’s exceptionally great, but Good Luck has its charms and it’s still good album! I’m really loving it. And you can clearly tell that BEAST is improving so much, in terms of creativity, style, vocals… It’s a nice evolution.


Good Luck is a unique album which shows BEAST's growth as an artiste. Enjoy the MV, enjoy their new album! :D BEAST fighting!

Hoping to buy their album sometime later, heehee. (apparently they come with photo cards... of the members' lips!)


Quote of the Day: "Why do people take notice of first snowfalls but not the last days of snow? Remember the last too." - Yang Yoseob, BEAST

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Comic Fiesta 2013!

Comic Fiesta was half a year ago. But I don't give a crap, and shall be blogging briefly about my CF 2013 experience. Hah. C:

Like the previous year, I was on my Christmas holiday and left India for home a day earlier. But this time, I was pushing the limits. I arrived home less than 10 hours till the event. 8D What can I say, I love living life on the edge.

Just as I got home, immediately I was preparing my luggage and stuff for Comic Fiesta. Less than 10 hours till event, I should be sleeping, right? Nope, I was making a new prop. 8D

Soul Staff from Ragnarok Online!

I tried my best, huhu. Luckily mum helped me gather up all these materials before I got home (because I know I won't be able to, since I'll be reaching home at midnight). Considering that it was a rush job, and that I made it within 2 hours, it's quite an achievement, hehe...

For those who are curious on the construction of my Soul Staff (unfortunately I didn't take any WIP photos), the stick was salvaged from a mop (it was really obvious by the pattern if you looked at it in real life lol). The orb was a Christmas ball - couldn't find a blue one in time. The wings were designed and cut out from foam sheets, which I got in A4 size from Popular! They come in many different colours.

RO Signages!

I also made new signages while I was in India, as my previous one went missing at Taylor's Lakeside. I didn't carry them around though, since I left them at the booth for advertising purposes, haha.

Day 1 - 21 December 2014

So, done with my weapon, got some snooze, packed my stuff, did my make up, wore my costume, and was off to Anthea's house! Together, we headed to KLCC for the event. Since I wasn't joining the group competition this year (first time since 2008), I bought Artist tags along with Anthea's doujin booth. The pros of the Artist tag? I get to enter and exit from any entrance I like, and go against all traffic, mwahahaha. :B This is vital, because as the years pass, CF has grown so large it now occupied every single hall in the Convention Centre, and the lines are just legendary. And previous years, in certain locations, there were one-way traffic, and this made it really hard when you needed to meet someone in the earlier halls. You'd have to walk out from the exit on the east end, and run all the way back to the west entrance. Thank goodness I never had to face all the traffic, thanks to the implementation of Guest passes since 2011. (despite getting all these free passes, I still bought the tickets lol) Which was why I hardly enter from the entrance, and also why I never knew of the existence of Hall 6 on Day 2, where most of the cosplayers/photographers were camping at. .___.

Since I didn't have to waste spend the first half of my Day 1 busy-ing on my cosplay skit, nor did I have a cosplay group unlike the years before, I spent quite a lot of time at Anthea's booth, which was shared with Chia Mei and Chia Yuen. Both my cosplayers for CF was a pair cosplay with Anthea, huhu. Unfortunately she was busy with the booth to be hanging out with me much. Sadz.
(whoah what's this I just realized I didn't take any photo of Anthea's booth)

Day 1: Ragnarok Online!

Unglam shots are totally necessary

As per tradition, I'd carry my little bag and shop around the doujin booths. I carried along my Nintendo 3DS too! For it's front camera for selfies, and to StreetPass! Whoah, I had like 300+ StreetPasses! Meanwhile, I said hi to many of my ACG friends, and handed out coscards.

Don't really have much pictures to show because they were mostly just selfie shots lol.

Isabella and I! :D (in the highest-def pic my Soul Linker was captured in, lol)

Frames on! I love how we compliment each other, somehow. Heehee.

With Wei Qi and his first cosplay attempt. Met and chatted with his uni friends too


Me and Wee! I did his make up but gosh, so embarrassing though ;w;

Irfan and Suzie!

Hani! One of my earliest cosplay friends ;w;

Zend! Now Hani's husband :3

This happened really quickly. I was like "AARON! Eh selfie. *snap* kbye" |D
but I like our expressions huhuhu

The Ling brothers!

Felicia and Pa-no! My D.Gray-man groupies! C:

There was a room for handheld and console games, where I spent quite some time at, too. There was a Pokemon tournament there, which Irfan and Xing Yu joined! I also met Tze Han!

Besides that, nothing exceptionally interesting happen. Not that I could remember, at least. .w. Recently, I've been less enthusiastic at taking pictures, and cosplayers are getting so numerous, and the quality is just so amazing nothing really stands out any more, plus there are way too many awesome cosplay photographers. So I can't entertain you much without reference media, haha.

I managed to take a picture of Professor Sycamore though. Professorrrrr! ;w;

Day 2 - 22 December 2014

I managed to get more sleep this time around! Hehe. We went slightly earlier this time around to set up the booths. Meanwhile, I helped Wee with his make up again. Day 2, I debut a new cosplay, N from Pokemon! Also, it was my first time crossplaying! The costume itself was really simple, and was put together from existing clothing, but it was still a new and refreshing experience.

Photo by Raz!

The hat and wig was from Taobao. The shirt was mine, and pants were my brother's. The black turtleneck took me so much effort to find! I finally bought it from an online shop in India. The shoes were Bata, which I found in the Shoe Warehouse at Subang Parade, which I've eyed on for half a year before finally buying them, hoping the price would reduce (but it didn't). The design was just perfect! Except that I'd prefer the green to be brighter.

The black bracelet was put together by my mum, who taped up her adjustable bangle with black tape, and I stuck on the white parts with paper and marker pen. Ghetto's the way to go! The Pokeballs were bought from Korea by my friend! It was an official merchandise which contained Pokemon erasers in it. The Snivy was from Taobao.

The other accessories were all made while I was in India! With cardboard, stone powder clay (from Daiso), and leftover paint from my sports cup. Made them within 2 days-ish.

Work in Progress!

I peeled out all the sticker from a Rubik's Cube and replaced them with gold-painted paper

Final product!

Since it was my first time crossplaying, I wasn't too sure what to do with my make up. The chest binder wasn't as bad as some people described. While crossplaying, I tried my best not to smile with my teeth as somehow, it made me look more feminine, haha.

Day 2: Pokemon

Halfway through the day, I managed to drag Anthea out of her booth, and we went doujin shopping together. And visited the other halls too. I found out that there was quite a good amount of people who identified me as N, and it made me happy. C: The one thing I didn't like about our cosplay was our caps... Like they're cool and all, but they always cast a shadow on our faces and that's totally not picture friendly. D: Oh well...

Some of my favourite faces :3

BRENDEN AND MAY (or Ruby and Sapphire) Bloody cute couple omg

Of course, a group selfie was a must

With Xsaye as Mi!

A really cute Armin cosplayer who ran up to us and was like "OMG I SHIP YOU TWO"
The perks of cosplaying is meeting fans of the same series like this xD

Found a really good Green/Gary cosplayer too! ;w;

Mega Blaziken gijinka! I didn't really notice it until the guy mentioned it actually...

Close up with my 3DS

Thanks to Raz for the mini shoot! Otherwise I'd have no nice pictures of my N cosplay to show ;w;

All in all, it was a rather uneventful CF for me, if you were to compare it to my previous years. Hardly any pictures taken by others, or a group that I walked around with. But that's no measure of whatever fun I had otherwise.

My loot!

As usual, the first item I'd pick up from the doujin booths was zeiva's newest game, Area-X! Gosh the graphics and storyline, and how much they've improved since their earlier games... it's just admirable, and beautiful. ;w; I left her with a word of encouragement and support, since I know it isn't easy as an artist to keep up your hobby while making it a sufficient source of income.

I controlled myself from buying too many badges, because those are my weakness, and I end up not having enough place to pin them, or I'd buy designs that I don't really fancy that much. ;w; The "B2UTY" badge was a limited item that Anthea made, hehe. And the Avatar badges, wooooh! I didn't buy any lol, the whole set belongs to Jen Sion. xD

So that's my CF! Sounds kinda boring eh... Since I don't really follow much of the events/schedule that was happening in the hall. |D And it happened so long ago that I'm probably not recalling all the little interesting bits, haha.

Anyways, hope you somehow enjoyed this entry. :X Doing my best to update the blog as much a possible!

Quote of the Day: "It doesn't seem right to let a girl choose me. I would rather choose the girl I devote myself to." - Mashima Taichi, Chihayafuru
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