Monday, March 28, 2016

Final Fantasy Trading Arts Mini - Review

A few months back in October 2015, I asked my friend, Wei Xian, to help me order two items from the Square-Enix store in Japan. But I didn't get them until in February/March when Wei Xian came back from Japan.

Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross Arrangement Album and Final Fantasy Trading Arts Mini!

The album was a gift to Raz, which was mailed to me by post in February as it was urgent. I just collected the FF figurines on Saturday from my friend, which is what I'm going to be writing about today.

I bought my figurines from the Japan Square-Enix e-store when it was first released in October.
(which had a limited edition FF:AC Cloud rubber strap as a complimentary gift for early birds, but I missed it ;__;)
Here's the link to the North American Square Enix Online Store.

The store says that it's a "set of 5", but it comes in a box set with 6 individual mini boxes. Since the collection only had 5 different designs, the set includes 5 unique designs as listed, with 1 duplicate. Mine was Squall. I'm not sure if the duplicate is always Squall, or if it's random.

The mini boxes. I've already unboxed them upon collecting the box set and before taking photos because I was too excited.

The packaging in each individual box, with instructions for assembly

The figurines each come in 3 parts, and once the head is fixed to the body, it is very hard to remove (at least for me. I wouldn't want to risk destroying my figurines trying to dissemble it.) The head part has a joint so you could tilt the head slight around, much like other similar mini figurines. (the Hakuoki ones, in particular, that I've also bought before)

Assembling the parts

I wish the parts were interchangeable so I could do this ;w;

The line up!
(please excuse me for lack of stable flat surfaces)

I really love this style of chibi when I first bought one of the Final Fantasy Trading Rubber Straps. The same art style is also used in the upcoming World of Final Fantasy game.

Considering that the figures are really small (shorter than the thumb), it is really detailed. At first, I thought their eye colour were the same. But then I realized Cloud and Sephiroth had mako-infused blue-green eyes while Squall, Lightning and Ace had blue eyes. I really love the detail on the swords, especially the gunblade and Buster Sword.

I was really excited and happy when I first opened unboxed these. But the more I looked at my figurines, the more I realized that they were slightly flawed and defected. It wasn't just on one figurine, which is why I was rather disappointed, and decided to write this review in the first place.

Here are the list of defects on my set.

Squall had the worst hit. At first I thought it was some rust effect, but this gunblade has blotches of black ink. It looks completely normal on the other side, and on my other Squall

His hair here had patches of uneven colour

This is minor, but Lightning has some bumps on her hair, some of which I've already scratched off. This small dot, I couldn't scratch off.

The Buster Sword has a gash on it, and a little grey hole on the brown handle

Sephiroth's hair has these rough bumps that I can't remove by scratching. Even his bangs have a weird hole and irregularity on it.

Sephiroth's belt buckle has a crack line

Ace was fine, so no up-close shot.

I've compared my figurines to other images and videos I've found online from other owners, as well as the promotional images. The defects I've listed out are not seen in other figurines. Maybe you could argue that the figurines are mass produced and made in China, so defects are normal. But how could my set have so many defect? And these aren't knock-offs or bootlegs, too. They were purchased from the Square-Enix store, so I expected quality for the price I am paying

I dunno if I'm the only one experiencing this, so I wrote this post to see if there are others. I'm disappointed in the quality of figurines I have purchased, despite the initial excitement. But I will still treasure these although they are less than ideal.

Quote of the Day: "Happiness can be found in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light." - Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Notice Me Senpai!

I've been playing Neko Atsume for about 2 months now, and recently there has been a new game with a similar concept. But instead of virtual cats, you get to collect virtual boys.

Kind of going to make a game review here, because I actually want to share more of the game contents later, because there's not much of it on the internet yet. :'( Apparently, the game was only first released last December, so that's understandable.

Notice Me Senpai! The human Neko Atsume, now on Android and Apple.

It's a mobile game where, according to the plot, you're the first female student in a boy's school and you've taken over a cafe where you can lure in senpais (what's the plural for senpai anyway?) with coffee and other cafe decorations and goodies. When they leave, they will leave you money (or gems) which you can use to buy different coffee and goodies with. Kinda like Neko Atsume eh? Even the tutorial makes you buy a pre-selected item from the shop, exit, and re-enter the app where a senpai would be waiting for you.

All the red hearts should tell you how much I've been playing this game xD

Each senpai are attracted by different goodies, and you could take snapshots of them interacting with the goodies, just like in Neko Atsume. However, they usually have a default animation where they just stand beside the goodie and wave their hands, but not really interact with it (which is kinda disappointing). But I've noticed that every senpai has a "special animation" with certain goodies where they would -actually- interact with the item! (e.g. drinking tea from the cup or actually playing with the chessboard)

But what makes "Notice Me Senpai!" special is that all the boys have different personalities and traits (they even have an introductory excerpt!) and distinct visuals (other than their beady eyes and chibi forms).

The first senpai that you will meet

On top of that, each senpai has an "Interest Level", with a maximum level of 5 that increases after a certain amount of visits (I think). When you reach different levels, a different event will trigger!

At level 2, you get to change their nickname from a list of 4! (the -senpai is default though)

At level 3, they will leave you a note! All the senpai has different notes and a message that goes with it that reflects their personality

At level 5, you get a confession scene with a CG

Thanks to these elements, this casual game is a borderline otome game. :'D It's actually interesting and exciting to see their notes and confessions! Most of them are really cheesy, but oh well. xD

Also, I noticed the senpais at the end of the list have 3 collectibles instead of 2. I'm still trying to rack up the visits to see what happens...

It's also possible to change your cafe theme (which is your backdrop)! There's 5 available (including the default) and I've already bought 2 of them.

I'm kinda lazy to splice the images together, so here you go :P

Besides snapshots of the senpai, you could take images of the cafe. But it automatically brings you to the option of sharing it onto your social media without actually saving it into your phone gallery, which I thought was pretty lame. Also, they have banner ads on the top of your screen which messes with the screenshots. I get away with them by temporarily putting my phone on Flight mode, so that it wouldn't access the internet and load the ads.

Evil banner ads spoiling the mood of the confession! ;w;

Also, I find that my phone crashes a lot when playing this game, especially when I'm scrolling through the shop. But that might just be my phone's issue...

Currently, there's only 20 collectable guys (some not actually senpais, eheh) but they'll be adding 3 more guys for the Valentine's update! I would really love to see more added content for this game, and more fixes here and there.

I'm kinda hesitant about posting too many photos of the rarer guys, because I realized that some people might find that as spoilers, since it might be spoiling the joy of collecting the guys and seeing their notes/confessions and stuff on your own. (in fact, I might've already spoiled some of it here...) I'll probably include them in a later post with a spoiler tag, haha. I definitely wanna share more about this game because I'm quite a sucker for these sort of games, haha! Besides, you can find a lot of information about Neko Atsume online, but not this. :'D

Quote of the Day: "Sometimes all people need is a good listener." - Shiki Misaki, The World Ends With You.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Exam Season is Back

I forsee a lot of being stressed out, breaking down, unable to finish studying everything before the exams, spending lots of time spacing out from denial and refusal to continue studying.

It's 4am and I should be studying. Yet, I've been staring at my laptop and phone for longer than I have at my book.

BDS 4th Year was a crazy year. With 5 heavy subjects and so much work and records to complete in between.

I was just musing on how I was able to blog so much in high school and college. I had so much interesting stuff going on every week, and took loads of pictures with my semi-professional point and click camera, and find time to upload all pictures on Facebook and later blog about it. Right now, I don't have the time or motivation to do any of that.

So I'm typing this down right now in this boring blogpost because, hey, my blog is a space for me to write whatever I want and put down my thoughts in words, right? I'm also typing this in hopes that I'll get back into the habit of blogging more and fulfilling the purpose of this space being my "journal" of sorts.

Hopefully after my models exam, I'll be able to spend some time to at least blog about Comic Fiesta 2015. And perhaps work on my long delayed Japan Trip vlog. ...after I figure out how to install Sony Vegas Pro on my (new) laptop.

See you guys around! Please do let me know in the chatbox or the comments section that you're reading this and still following my blog. It feels kinda lonely here with no feedback from you guys... :'(

Quote of the Day: "When people appear in your dreams, it’s because of their feelings of wanting to see you that they escape their bodies and enter your dreams." - Miwako, Honey and Clover.

Saturday, January 09, 2016

2015 in a Nutshell

It's been a long time since I last did a nutshell/recap post. 2015 has been a year of new experiences, so I think it deserves this treatment again.

First, I actually did a short review of 2014, which followed with a few of my 2015 Resolutions.

  1. To be more decisive
  2. To take the initiative
  3. To be more active and enthusiastic in doing things
  4. To lose some weight
  5. To be more conscious of my image

I don't remember setting so many resolutions! I think they were a lot of hits and misses. I wouldn't say I met all goals, as there are still so much room left for improvement. But at least, I did try, right? Not at losing weight, maybe... |D" But the good news is, for the second year in a row, I'm less heavier than I was the year before. I think that's a step in a good direction... right? For number 3, I was actually planning to be more participative in activities at my university, namely the Toastmasters. Then... I kinda got lazy and decided not to. ^^" Also, I've been more adventurous in my style of dressing in 2015, and even the clothes I buy. At least, that's what I'd like to think of myself... |D

12 Months
365 Days

Time to look back at the year.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Cosplay Plans 2016

Comic Fiesta 2015 is over! Which also means the end of the year is fast approaching. Which also means this is a good time to update my cosplay plans for next year! Just something simple before I move on to blogging about my Comic Fiesta experience. ^^

For 2015, I wanted to DIY more of my costumes and to also make money from doujin. I think I half-achieved those goals? As usual, I didn't manage to finish up half the plans I made, and pushed them further back, again. I did handmake most of my Franziska costume though, and I'm really proud for that.

I cosplayed two characters this year, who weren't part of the original plan. Tsunemori Akane and Kinomoto Sakura.

Hopefully, I'll be able to keep my resolutions from 2015 throughout 2016 as well.

Confirmed Plans

1. Yoshioka Futaba [Ao Haru Ride]

Just a simple school uniform cosplay from a beloved shoujo manga. ;w; Seriously, this manga gives me so much feels. I have my Kou already, hehe.

2. Alex Benedetto [GANGSTA.]

Alex has a lot of different outfits, so the plan is just to get a dress that is Alex-like and cosplay. xD Raz is doing Nicolas so here I am as Alex.

3. Pyrrha Nikos [RWBY]

I really love Pyrrha's costume design, but it frightens me as well. All that armour and details everywhere. I'm so worried that I don't have the skills for this and that I'll end up not cosplaying this... :'D But I really love Pyrrha's character, so I'll do my best! Hoping to gather a Team JNPR! So far already have Skylar as my Nora and Zheng Yaw as Jaune! Looking for Ren!

4. Katara [Avatar: The Last Airbender]

Was supposed to do this for PAM but ended up procrastinating, as usual. Ahah. :'D

5. Creator [Ragnarok Online]

This plan has been around for awhile, and was supposed to be for PAM as well. In the end, didn't find the time to create the costume. I probably should get a tailor of the dress if I want it to turn out amazing. >w<

Keep in View (KIV)

6. Kinomoto Sakura [Cardcaptor Sakura]

Another Sakura plan! She has so many adorable costumes, and this was the other outfit that really caught my attention. If I give in to the temptation, I'll definitely make this dress. :'D

7. Edea Lee [Bravely Default]

A really interesting game by Square-Enix for the 3DS. And Edea is just super adorable and awesome! I can't resist being attracted to characters like her and games that usually don't get enough attention, hehe.

8. Hsien-ko (Lei-Lei) [Darkstalkers]

Still hoping that I have the motivation and skills for this cosplay.

That's all for now! All plans from the previous years are automatically under KIV. I definitely foresee changes in this list, hahaha.

Quote of the Day: "The world ends with you. If you want to enjoy life, expand your world. You gotta push your horizons out as far as they'll go." - Sanae Hanekoma, The World Ends With You

Sunday, September 13, 2015

YOLO + Chrono Cross Photoshoot!

(This was sitting in my drafts for almost 2 years now. Since it's already half-written, might as well finish it up... |D And yes, this is from 2013, lol)

In December 2010, I first cosplayed Chrono Cross with Ikki as my Serge, and just two other Chrono Cross characters. We were supposed to do a photoshoot in April 2011, but Serge fell sick so it got cancelled. ;__; Then 2013, Serge came across a voucher for a place in Langkawi and so we decided, let's go there for the holidays and shoot at the same time! With some cosplay friends too!

Because... YOLO right?

Disclaimer: This blogpost will be a combo of both my Langkawi vacation and my Chrono Cross photoshoot. C: Photos are either mine or Raz's.

(Raz, me, May, Narukids and Ikki!)

"The sea never changes, does it...?
It's been rolling in and out, like this, since long before we were born.
It's been here for eternity, it seems...
It's probably seen many things... Heard many things...
It'll probably keep rolling in and out, in and out, long after our lifetime...
Without a single change..."

Chrono Cross
Serge by Ikki
Leena by SugarGaL
Photographer: Raz Hoe
Album here

(yes, this is a very old post, but late rather than never, right? :D)
(Post is image heavy)

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Penang Anime Matsuri 2015

This was like 4 months ago, so I'm gonna try to be brief about it, hahaha.

It's the first installment of this event, a day and night event in Penang, organized by Anime Festival Asia (AFA)! Naturally, being in Penang, it's silly not to attend a Penang event, haha.

I had a few goals that I wanted to achieve this year, in terms of cosplay. I wanted to challenge and improve myself in costume-making, which I did for my Franziska cosplay. Secondly, I wanted to make some side income by making my own doujin products at conventions, so that this hobby could a little more self-sustaining. ^^"

I can't really draw, so all I could do with my designs are by manipulating vectors, texts, shapes, tracing pictures with my mouse, and some wit.

My badge line-up for PAM!

As usual, Skylar was staying at my place and was joining for PAM! This time, she brought her car, so things were fun, hurhur. The night before the event, we had dinner at Winter Warmers with Celine, Kiku, Rachel, Gin Min and Roland!

As Skylar was sharing booth space with the girls from Dreaming Dreams, there's no more space for me. :'( I ended up sharing the booth with Raz and Matrika! We reached Dewan Sri Penang early and found a parking next to Esplanade, which was nearby. But we didn't have parking coupons, so we somehow bought 1 hour worth of coupons from a friendly passerby, before heading to the hall to set up our booth. We need our wares displayed before the crowd comes!

Mari Maro booth!

An hour later, Skylar and I had to repark the car with a new 1-day parking coupon. ^^"

It was quite a slow day, and since it was hot and stuffy outside, I spent most of my time indoors at the doujin booths with air-conditioning. The event was dubbed "the hottest event in town", because of the crazy heat. It wasn't a convention hall, so it was lacking in many ways. Sales weren't so good, but I managed to sell about 30+ badges for both days. And surprisingly, my TWEWY badges were the best seller, hehe.

I managed to get nice pictures of my Soul Linker cosplay though! C:

Photo Credits: Blurmage

Got to catch up with a bunch of my KL friends too. Even met some Singaporean friends that I haven't seen in years! Even the TAS bunch came up to Penang! I didn't take any pictures, so none to show you guys. |D

Day 2 at the booth!

Day 2 was exciting because I got to debut my Franziska cosplay! It's always a surreal feeling when you finally debut a cosplan 2 years in the making, from a series that you absolutely adore, and you've been working at for awhile. Oh, and thanks Quist for the whip! Had a mini shoot with Raz. Love the pictures!

Hoping to be able to cosplay Franziska in a group in the future. It's kinda lonely cosplaying solo, you know. ;w;

In the evening, we joined the Matsuri part of the event for a short while. I even changed into my new yukata that I bought from Taobao. The concert was pretty awesome! It was even attended by Datuk Lim! Other than that... it was kinda normal, haha.

Next day on Monday, I got off from uni early and joined Celine, Kiku, Rachel, GM, Roland, Junnie and Xenon at a cafe for lunch before they left back for KL.

Because I damn lazy to write the details, here's the post that I posted up on FB, hurhur.

Penang Anime Matsuri was over last weekend! 2 weeks ago, I decided to work on my Franziska costume from scratch. It was my first time sewing a top, and I ended up completing 80% of the costume by hand! Achievement unlocked! *^*
Despite the rush and challenges faced, it was a very rewarding experience and I'm glad I started on this project. ^^ I look forward to taking up more challenging projects and making costumes on my own! Thanks Raz Hoe for helping me with my vest! And Quist Chan for the whip, huhuhu... Wish I could spend more time with you Quist! But thanks for making the event possible. heart emoticon Jason Sim too! (ENG AHHH)heart emoticon Jason Sim too! (ENG AHHH)Also, I opened a booth at the Creator's Market and sold my own badge designs for the first time! It was just 8 designs, but it was a good start. Thanks to my boothmates Sasha Nehru (and for your aglio olio!) and Raz for letting me join you guys! And June Wong for the snacks and help at the booth on Day 1. And thanks to all who supported my badges! Han Bing,Zheng YawKenneth Chang (FOREVER 18 GOUKON TEAM!) Glenn Yoongand others that may slip my mind. orz
Skylar Eun came over to stay at my place as usual. Thanks for driving us around, huhu. colonthree emoticon We didn't spend as much time together for this event than we do usually. Special shout out to KUMO Badge Printing for printing my badges! heart emoticonMet all my dear ACG friends over the weekend! Had Friday dinner and Monday lunch with Miiko ThngTea Kyandy, GM, Kikuza KuraRoland MosesJunnie Tsukimiya and Xenon! It's always amazing to see you guys and chat with you all again! Fangirling over Miiko's Yuna, HNGHHH. Paiseh didn't manage to use the black PVC cloth you passed to me. Thanks though! ;w;
Other people I met - Thomas Kuan William Chong Jingkoes Ghain thanks for the pictures and chat! And Valkyrie Holic May Alex Strife. FF couples for both days. ;w;b Cute until~ heart emoticon And, no thanks to Micho Teh for taking my hoe. D|
Surprisingly bumped into people from my Chrono Cross shoot at CF 2010,Claude Leow and Shane! Claude wins a cookie for identifying my Soul Linker costume. My RO fangirl is happy. ;w;
Events like these give us an opportunity to meet up with each other and ber-kisiao. I can't wait for the next chance to meet you guys and cosplay again! heart emoticon
(will probably write a blogpost on PAM later, haha!)

Yay, done. :P

Quote of the Day: "I finally know why I started pedalling that day, wondering how far I could go without turning back. I just probably wanted to know how important all the things that I would leave behind would be." - Takemoto Yuuta, Honey and Clover

Thursday, August 20, 2015

PIDC Penang

It's been a long while since my last post on PIDC! I've been back in Penang for over a year now, and am currently halfway through Year 4. Finally decided to update you guys on my experience in PIDC Penang as a student (for prospective students and returning students) and also how the PIDC clinic operates (for those looking for treatment). Unfortunately, I don't have much photos taken for this post. ^^"

If you haven't already, check out my PIDC Salem (India) posts for more on the India side of it.

View of PIDC, Butterworth (multi-story building) from my condo, with Penang Island visible behind. C:

Disclaimer: This post is abit wordy and might not make enough sense to you. Everything written are all personal opinions, so do take them with a pinch of salt! Also, unfortunately, I don't have much photos taken for this post. ^^" Plus, photos are not allowed in the clinics.


PIDC Penang has 6 batches of students, about an average of 220 students at any one time (the other 160 are in India). We occupy floors 18-21 of NB Tower, which is just walking distance from Penang Sentral - the bus station, KTM station, and ferry terminal.

Classes are 8am-5pm (depends on your batch schedule), with minimal theory hours and mostly clinical postings. There are 8 different departments, with lecturers from India. Only our current Dean is a Malaysian. Our lockers are 2 times smaller than the ones in India. We have a library with computers, printing/photocopying service, and minimal textbooks and journals for loan. We have an eportal for PIDC Penang, for downloading lecture notes, getting subject information and other stuff.

We have a laboratory for making appliances such as dentures and orthodontic appliances. There are equipments bunsen burners, trimmers, acryliser, boiling water, vibrator etc., much better than back in India. Also, materials are all supplied (acrylic powder and liquid, wax, acrylic teeth, dental stone, dental plaster...) so you only need your tools! But for typhodont teeth, you're on your own.

In the clinics/laboratory, personal protective equipments (masks, gloves, aprons) are provided, so you don't have to bring the ones from India back here. Most equipments have to prepared by you and sterilised (with help from the nurses) on your own. It's your responsibility to prepare them. Only certain equipments (extraction forceps) and handpieces are provided by the clinic.

On the 3rd floor, is more rooms, staff rooms, student lounge, and also the cafeteria. There are snacks, breakfast and lunch prepared here. Also, 2 vending machines are available.

There are no dormitories. Accommodation is on your own. There are condos (Sea View and Ocean View on Jalan Harbour Place) nearby, where most of the students stay. You may choose to rent a landed unit as well, but safety is a concern (I had seniors who almost had a break-in).

Examination System

We go by year (kinda like public school), not a semester system. We have 3-5 subjects a year, which ends with a Final Examination. There are two Unit Tests and two Models throughout the year (and other assignments, practical work, tests and assessments), which marks are allocated to our Internal Assessment.

Things are more strict back in Penang. If you do not secure:
- 80% Attendance
- At least 35/70 Internal Assessment marks
- At least 40/80 Theory exam
- At least 25/50 Practical exam
You will be barred from appearing at the Final Examination/fail the subject. As usual, failing more half the amount of subjects you're taking means you will be retained, and dropped into your junior batch.

Theory Classes

The following are the subjects taken from year 3-5.

Year 3
Oral Pathology
General Medicine *
General Surgery *
(* practical sessions done in Penang General Hospital)

Year 4
Oral Medicine and Radiology
Community Dentistry

Year 5
Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
General Dentistry *
(* only clinicals)

Every subject has 1 hour theory class a week. But we have 5 hours a year for subjects we will be taking in the following years. (e.g. Year 3 students have 5 hours for all eight Year 4 and Year 5 subjects, Year 4 students have 5 hours of three Year 5 subjects to complete)

Oral Pathology doesn't have clinical postings, but instead has 3 hours practical session a week.
General Medicine and General Surgery are done in Penang GH on the island, where we have a school bus ferrying students there for each session on Thursday and/or Friday.

All lecture notes are uploaded to our eportal. And there are Problem Based Learning (PBL) sessions, about 2-4 sessions a year, that has a video assignment as well.

Clinical Postings

I think this makes life in Penang much more interesting in India. As Year 3-5 students, we get to come into contact and treat real patients! It's almost as if we're working at the PIDC Clinics (except that we don't earn anything and we're paying tuition fees. DX)

Students from each batch are separated into 8 groups according to role number. For 2-3 weeks, we are posted at a department with students from other batches. For Year 5, the batch is separated into 4 groups and are posted at the four Year 5 subjects. We are supervised by the lecturers of those departments, and are required to do a certain treatment, or do pre-clinical practices and other practical works, all having a quota to complete. Other than theory hours, (and practicals for Year 3), we spend the rest of our school hours in the clinics.

Gonna give a little overview of each department and what is expected of you. (trust me, you're expected to know ALOT of stuff, and all lecturers will expect you to know what you're supposed to be doing and the general jist of the subject)

For those interested to visit PIDC Clinic for treatment, please read here as well!

Oral Medicine and Radiology

New patients and returning patients with new complaints will come here first, straight from the registration. Consider this the "General Diagnosis". You will have to ask patients questions and record their case history. Find out what's bugging them, how's the pain, what symptoms they're having. Then do a thorough examination of their extraoral and intraoral status, recording decayed/missing/filled teeth, and other findings. If radiograph is required, we'll have to take them too. After that, diagnose the patient, and send them off to the next department for treatment.


For the realignment of teeth. Usually, the lecturer is the one treating the patients, while we bend wires, make appliances and do other pre-clinical works.

Wire Bending

Orthodontics Appliance (untrimmed)

Impression taking and cast

Community Dentistry

No "clinics" involved. Mostly assignments, how to record indices, doing a presentation for an Oral Health Talk, and joining dental camps for community service.

A health talk done by the Community Dentistry department for senior citizens


For making dentures. We do pretty much the same thing that was done back in India. Making pre-clinical complete denture, special tray and crown preparation exercises. Year 5 students have to take patients, and make custom dentures and crowns.

Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics

a.k.a the Penang version of Operative Dentistry. Involves all restoration/filling of tooth and root canal treatment. Mostly only Year 5 receives all the cases.

Cavity preparation and access opening for Root Canal Treatment (pre-clinicals)

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Tooth extraction and minor oral surgeries such as cyst removals. Mostly Year 5 students do the extractions, while the others observe or assist. There are 2 assignments to be done as well (which involves alot of copy-writing by hand).

Hello dere


Scaling, polishing, curettage and root planing. Mostly scalings. We start with hand scalings first before moving on to ultrasonic scaling.

Pedodontics/Pediatric Dentistry

Involves all and any treatment for a pediatric patient. Meaning, we deal with kids. We do scalings, restorations, extractions, pit and fissure sealants, fluoride application etc. Certain treatment such as pulp therapy is usually done by the lecturer.

General Dentistry

Year 5 clinicals that involves any and all treatment, having to follow up with their patients. Also has pre-clinical exercises of pulpotomy and pulpectomy.

Co-curricular and other Activities

Just like in India, we're lacking in this department. We still don't have a big enough community to have clubs and societies. There are only 2 clubs in PIDC - the Toastmasters and the SCOP (Student Council of PIDC). Other than that, we have sports activities weekly. There's volleyball, futsal, frisbee, basketball, badminton etc. The leader for these "sports clubs" will call for games, and anyone is free to join (even lecturers!). Money is allocated to these clubs, so for courts that need to be booked (futsal, volleyball, badminton), it is subsidised/payed for by the university. There are competitions yearly for the ball games as well.

Other than that, we still have our month-long PIDC Cup! But with much more activities and many added indoor games. It is no longer an interbatch competition. Everyone draw lots and are sorted into 4 teams who battle each other for champion!

PIDC Cup starting off with a Jogathon!

My team last year. Spiderman!

Face Painting (more like a full-blown cosplay competition with costumes, props and skits!)
The finale of the PIDC Cup, which is the most anticipated event

Of course, there's PIDC Night too. Our annual "prom night".

A night to feel glam :P

Other notable events are the Dental Intervarsity Games. This is a sports competition where all dental faculties in Malaysia are allowed to participate. The last games in March, PIDC came in 2nd! :D In 2016, PIDC will be hosting the intervarsity games.

The PIDC team!

I hope this post has given you an overview of what PIDC Penang is like! Personally, I feel more at home (literally) and excited back in Penang. The reality of being a dentist is starting to sink in. Everything we learn and do is starting to show importance to the career we're pursuing.

If you have anything you'd like to know about Penang International Dental College, please feel free to comment on my blog or this post! I will reply you as soon as possible, and give you as much help as I can. :D

Quote of the Day: "Only by allowing strangers in, we can find new ways to BE ourselves." - Joshua, The World Ends With You.
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