Thursday, March 13, 2014

I miss Me

Today was one of those days where I suddenly start reading up my old blogposts, and then get bombarded by these thoughts that I had to write a new post immediately. (in truth, I'm just procrastinating from studying for my final practical exams 8D)

To be more specific, I was looking around at my "From the Heart" tag. These were posts where I pour out my deep thoughts and sudden muses and agony and troubles into. As one of the post stated, my blog functions as a journal for me as well: A way to be remind myself of what has happened in the past, to chronicle these events, and to share it (whether in direct words or cryptic messages) with the public (but we all know this doesn't reach very far, haha, hence why I'm comfortable sharing this much).

Reading those posts from a younger me, I was amazed at the amount of things I've achieved, and the turmoils I had in my heart. Even the immaturity in some of my words and actions were significant to moulding me to what I am now. I was amazed by the way I had beautifully penned down my thoughts and feelings in words, something that had been lacking from me these two years.

These two years had been... lacking. Just like the inactivity from my blog, these two years were bland, compared to my rich high school and college days. I'm now envious of my past self, who was so busy with activities, so filled with passion and emotion. Somehow, my experiences these two years in university has been mostly limited to just studies and some amount of living skills (and fangirling over Korean boys and anime and what-nots). I had little obstacles to overcome (other than exam stress and PIDC Cup stress), and hardly any emotional anxieties. The co-curricular activities that I loved committing myself to was almost non-existent.

Thinking about it makes me really regretful and sad. Despite all the heartaches from stress from all the problems I encounter in the pass, they gave me emotional growth. Here, I have none. Everything has been so superficial. All I had were frustrations from the incompetency of the people here. I suddenly realized that I have been robbed of all these opportunities for growth. Even typing this, I feel numb. Has it really been two years? It seems unbelievable, when I compare it to the roller coaster ride of my one year in college.

My brother once challenged me with a question: What is life to you? What is it you want to achieve in life? Until you find the answer to that, you have not grown as a person at all.

I couldn't answer that. And I think in these two years, I think I have been taking steps backwards from my answer.

I was Tokoh Murid in high school, I got the Principal's Award in college, all for my participation in co-curricular activities. Even with my lacking attention towards my studies, I would still somehow make it with straight/almost straight A's. But now, studies makes up almost 80% of my life in India. I'm investing myself so much into my studies in dental college now, yet I'm barely making passes. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Dentistry, but I'm just really really missing my old life now...

I miss SJBA. I've been out of action for so long, I feel as if I don't belong any more.
I miss TAS. Back then, I'd involve myself in every little detail, but now I couldn't even care less about the juniors.
I miss all the other clubs and members I had invested myself into.
I miss being in love. Heartache, yeah, but those bittersweet stuff gave me experience.
I miss my friends.
I miss the old me.

Must I give all these up for my BDS degree? Would things have been better if I hadn't come to PIDC? Maybe it was a fair trade... Still, it doesn't make my current situation any better. All I can do now is just accept it and try to make the best out of things when I move on to Penang later.

5 more days till home.

Quote of the Day: "I was afraid because I couldn’t see the future. I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I was afraid of the me that didn’t know what he wanted to do. And the days just kept on flowing. But even with all these fears, if I keep on going like this, maybe someday even I can figure it out." - Takemoto Yuuta, Honey and Clover

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Why you should/should not enroll into PIDC + rant

Hello! I decided to be a little more honest and critical about my opinions of Penang International Dental College (PIDC) as a prospective dental academy.

As you may know, I am currently studying in PIDC, India, finishing my second years of study soon. In all my previous post, I had pointed out many times that despite whatever horrible things I wrote about my uni, I was not discouraging people from enrolling. You just have to weigh the pros and cons.

Now, I think if I’m asked by people if they should come to PIDC, I’d say probably not.

It just occurred to me, but if I'm always having more bad things to say, and that all the students have definitely regretted, at least once, for coming to PIDC, I'd say that speaks a lot. :P

I’m gonna just list everything in a pros and cons manner. (then again, please note that this is only my opinion from being in the uni for 2 years, and only experiencing the India side of it)


1. Money
One of the main points why I’m here (especially since I’m not so well-off, and the medical field hardly offers scholarships, unlike engineering and business). It’s one of the cheaper local universities! If you compare it to IMU (RM600,000-ish), the fees of RM240,000-ish definitely sounds more acceptable. (point might not be valid anymore, though. See under cons)

You should also note that this won’t be the end of your expenses, because you’ll have to purchase lots of personal dentistry equipment, which are everything but cheap. They’re definitely cheaper to purchase here in India though. I can’t even start imagining the price for studies+equipment in IMU. .__.

During our vacation on the boathouse in Alleppey, Kerala

2. Living Abroad
Of course, India isn’t the glam-est country to further your studies in. But it really is an eye-opener to live in another country for an extended period of time! There really isn’t a better way to understand the culture of a place than this. If you ask me, my time here has been really humbling and interesting, especially when you see the difference of attitudes in the locals, compared to the people we’re used to.

3. Cadavars and Skulls. Real Skulls.
I feel like I have to mention this, hehe. Even though Anatomy is only a year 1 subject and is not all that important for dentistry. Plus we only get to handle Head and Neck specimens.


1. Money
Why I said this point might not be a valid “pro” anymore, is because I heard that they have increased to fees to RM300,000 for 5 years. That’s a 25% increase compared to what I’m charged for when I enrolled 2 years ago! Of course, other unis are probably upping their prices too, so you may wanna still compare prices before judging.

On top of that, I’m gonna be blunt and say that the management here are borderline money suckers. One, if you fail any of your subjects, to retake one paper, costs you RM5,000. If you failed a second year paper, that’ll suck more because you’ll have to fly back to India to finish off whatever subjects you couldn’t. Two, 80% attendance (I heard that it’s actually 50% now…) is compulsory for you to be able to appear for examinations. But you can pay them off. I don’t remember what the amount is though. I’m not sure if these two points are similar in other unis, but I felt like I should just make a note of it.

2. The Management
Uh. Mer. Gawd. I really think they’re inefficient. And idiotic. Probably because I had grown accustomed to Taylor’s College’s epicly efficient admins. But I can say that more than 50% of the time, I’m unsatisfied with the speed of their work, and the bloody excuses they come up with

The girl's hostel

Take for example, the wifi at the girl’s hostel has been down since I returned after my holidays in October 2013. The one in the boy’s hostel is still functioning though. What does the warden have to say about this? That some cable out there is down and it’s not their problem and they have written letters to the people in charge and they can’t do anything else beyond that. It’s gonna take 6 months before it’ll get fixed. Oh, but you can ask the other girls about how they set up their own personal connections in their rooms. It’s working well and a lot of people have fixed their own now. (she then gave me an estimated number that was laughable because the number of occupied rooms doesn’t even match up)

Oh really now Lady Warden? This company must be defying logic and making miracles to be able to provide us internet even though the cables that previously supplied our hostel wifi is down. Gosh, please I can see the contradictions all over your statements, I’m almost tempted to throw a Phoenix Wright in your face.

3. The Lecturers
This only applies to the lecturers in the dental departments (Oral Biology, Prosthodontics, Operative Dentistry, Dental Materials). I hate their attitudes. I have already ranted last year about the Oral Biology department, which wasn’t such a big deal.

But still, I was really really annoyed by their amazing time management skills, a trait shared by the 4 listed departments, where they don’t even prepare solid teaching schedules and then the fault/burden goes on us in the end.

But a recent event has left me feeling even mad. The Prosthodontics department had claimed that a classmate of mine had been forging signatures for her practical works. Signatures that were penned by themselves. It ended by forcing said classmate to write a letter admitting the crime.

It doesn’t end there. 3 months later, the Operative Dentistry department announces that they found someone forging up to 20 signatures (?!) for their work. Guess who it is? The same classmate gets dragged into the water yet again. And again, she had to write another letter admitting the crime.

Immediately after both these events, I have seen said lecturers rallying their other dental department friends and laughing over my classmates record book. This is all I know about the events, and I’m sure you can judge for yourself.

(I may not have gotten the full story right, so it'd be better to take all these with a pinch of salt. :X)

4. The local’s attitude
Refer to point 2 and 3. It’s hard to explain how the local Indians are… but they are waaaaay more persistent than your typical market aunties and it’s just really hard to win an argument with these people… On top of that you have the language barrier, making your arguments less effective, or they’re your lecturers, by which you lose by default. (in most cases, not all)

5. Social Network and Activities (The University life!)
Recently, I’ve only realized what a big problem this is. Lemme do you the math. We have approximately 40 students per batch, 2 batches a year, 5 years in total. (my class has the most students, at a whooping number of… 42) That makes about 400 PIDC students. On top of that, because we’re a twinning program, our students are divided between India and Penang. Meaning 160 in India and 240 in Penang. But of course, students come and go. But since new students are stuck in India when you’re in Penang, and seniors are in Penang while you’re in India, you still end up with about 500 PIDC students that you can come into contact and socialize with.

To seal the coffin, PIDC only offers one degree, the Bachelor of Dental Surgery. (what’d you think the D in PIDC stands for?) So, unlike other universities, you won’t be able to meet with people from other majors or courses or whatever. It’s just the 500 of us in one institution. This seriously minimizes your social circle. After all, university should be a place where you widen your social circle, and for quite a number, it’s where you find your significant other… oh wait. If you swing both ways, I guess you could take 500 people into consideration. Otherwise, good luck expanding your circle outside of uni, or do that later in your career where you’re probably gonna pick up another dentist/doctor or your patient. (stereotyping here, hehe :P)

On a more serious note, the scale of our uni is just depressing, because this means there are less events going on, and less club activities too (not sure if they have it in Penang, but we have none in India). Imagine all the charity concerts or interesting events that could’ve been conducted by the institution or clubs. With hardly any interesting occasions, little holidays (we only have a total of about 8 weeks off per year, not including weekends) and much studying, the idea of an exciting University Life is just down the drain… I feel kinda regretful about this… not sure if it’s because of the nature of my degree, but certainly wish to be doing impactful things besides my academics, too.

Other points

1. Study Style/Curriculum
Studies in PIDC is really about studying and regurgitating lol. The theory papers have no multiple choice questions. It’s just write write write draw write write with little space for creativity other than regurgitating whatever you memorized from the book in colourful pens. (what did you expect from the medical field?) The practical aspect can be pretty interesting though. But it does get repetitive. And the facilities they have here in the laboratories are just poorly maintained.

Whooh, that was a long opinion piece + rant. They are all just my own opinion, and I might’ve been biased on it.


Last words of advice I’d like to give before finally making your decision to enroll:
1. Do compare with other dental institutions available locally and overseas. There are probably other cheap places too like Manipal, MAHSA, SEGI… I have a friend studying in Indonesia too. AIMST would’ve been my first choice, but even if you’re a Foundation student there, there are not enough spots open for their degree courses. If you’ve decided from SPM what degree you want (which I didn’t), you can make a better choice than I did.
2. If you can afford it, try not to come to PIDC, hahaha. ^_^
If you can’t, just take my word that yes, you can definitely make it through PIDC just fine. Except. It’s just not my ideal image of a university. Hence my long rant.

That’s all I can think of for now. Anyways, as usual, I’m opened for questions so don’t be shy to leave a comment. I hope this post has helped you in even the smallest way!

*back to studying for the exams*

Quote of the Day: "Second place hurts the most." - Mashima Taichi, Chihayafuru

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Ace Attorney Photoshoot!

I couldn't find time to record down most of the stuff I did these past 2 years due to my inactivity on my blog, mostly contributed by the lack of excitement studying in India, and generally having less free time to myself. (even with free time, all I wanted to do was slack around and sleep)

I was trying to type out my "2013 in a Nutshell" post. And while coming across my Ace Attorney photoshoot from back in March, I realized there were a lot of feels and photos and I guess I'll just have to make a separate blogpost to mark that event down. xD

This was a photoshoot that was planned for 2012, and was supposed to be shot in December after Comic Fiesta. Since my group members weren't ready, we had to postpone it till March when I was back from India again. Unfortunately, we had to miss Anthea/Trucy, because she had to go back to Kedah. ;w;

Prior to the photoshoot, I got my hands dirty again to make the accessories for our members.

Apollo's bracelet (which looks pretty good but I had no idea how to put it on. so we ended up UHU gluing them together on Rayhan's wrist for the photoshoot, lol)
and the attorney badges! (not to scale)

Magatamas and the beaded necklace!

March 30, 10:00 AM
Taylor's Lakeside
Photoshoot Site
(image heavy post ahead)

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Animax Carnival 2013

Foreword: So, I had this completed post sitting in my drafts for about 9 months now! It's super late and random and unrelated but... since I've already typed it out, it's a waste not to post it, so here ya go!

Was supposed to go to sleep when the current/internet died, but after I got ready to sleep, internet/current returned. And so now I'm downloading stuff, watching Bloody Monday 2 and typing this blogpost to kill time!

Here's a post on what I've been up to during my 1 month holidays back in Malaysia! From 14 March - 15 April.

Animax Carnival (15 - 16 March 2013)

Day 1

If you know me, I'd never give up a chance to cosplay. C: I didn't have any new costume (or didn't have the time to complete any), so I just took whatever that looks good and could stand on its own. (since most of my characters are quite obscure...)

The second Animax Carnival, in Sunway Pyramid! Wee picked me up to the event early in the morning.

Hannah Anafeloz from Kuroshitsuji II (photo by Forat!)

I met Elaine as Mio!
And also Nick in a Storm Trooper mask, got shocked for a moment there when he unmasked himself

The event area before the large crowd

 It was a small event in the Blue Atrium, but the area was PACKED! The queue was so long, I didn't even bother going into the main event area. Just wandered around the outer circle to take pictures and say hi to people. Nothing much interesting about the event, other than LISA who came and sang 2 songs, but the speakers and open air area killed the performance. Kinda expected this from a commercial event.

We met up with the other TAS people! (I can't recall who exactly, hurhur)

Suzie and Siaw Xie as Himeji and Hideyoshi from Baka Test!
I was supposed to join the group, but had delays for my costume... =(

The rest of TAS went shopping around the mall since the event was kinda boring. I continued to roam around and say hi to the other cosplayers. As usual, I'm still too shy. ^^" Even cosplayers I know already, I can't approach because they always seem busy and I'm afraid they wouldn't recognize me.

I met Grell! Who was excited to see me (although he sliced me with a chainsaw before...)

And I finally found my danna-sama, Alois and the demon butler Claude!

Surprisingly, Claude turned out to be Elle, who I met on the CF forum, who I was supposed to cosplay  Fruits Basket with, who was also a friend of my dad's colleague's daughter! Tiny world.

Wani! :3

Ash! A really friendly guy and committed cosplayer. I managed to chat with him prior to the event, although we had first met years ago in C2AGE 2010. Can't believe he remembers me!

I ended up not taking too much pictures, since it was a hassle taking my camera out.

A funny story from Day 1, though. I kept bumping into this guy in a Scream mask. He wouldn't say anything to me, but he'd sign with his hands to "communicate" with me and I'd respond back in words. At the end he came to me to tell me that he was leaving. After saying bye, he took of his mask, bowed and left, without a word. I didn't get a name, or hear him talk, I only had a glimpse of his face and he was kinda cute. :P

Day 2


This, folks, is how a cosplayer looks like, prepping up for the day. Concealed eyebrows, hair in wig cap, pyjamas, and my forehead in all its glory! Here, you can see my new lenses clearly! Luxury Babe 3 Blue. I opened them on day 1 for Hannah, too.

Sice from Final Fantasy Type-0

Whipped out my scythe to grab attention, wahaha. And I finally got to wear my new heeled boots from Taobao! They look really good, although it hurts really bad, haha. I've spent some time to style my wig too. But since I'm not good at it, it's only made a bit of difference, haha. At least I've got some spikes poking out of my head instead of just my clip-on ponytail.

I think this picture captures my styled hair best

More pretty pictures!

Met up with TAS again!

And Sunny was there too!

Rebecca and Jing came to visit too! :3

With Xan! We've only found out 1-2 years ago that we were both from the same primary school, ahah. |D

My legs were hurting really badly since it's been two long days wearing closed-toed high heels. My toes were numb even after 2 days. And until know, my big toes are still blue-black. Ahhh, the things we do for cosplay.

Unfortunately, this was the only cosplay event I could attend since there was nothing else lined up. I cosplayed and helped out at Taylor's Lakeside's recruitment drive though! But that's a tale for another day...

Quote of the Day: "I really hate two faced people, it’s hard to decide which face to slap first." - Yong Junhyung

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy 2014!

Happy New Year peeps! I had a good new year's celebration in KL yesterday, in a suite room in Mandarin Oriental overlooking KLCC, with the best view of the fireworks from 20 stories high, with my family and my brother's friends!

2013 was pretty normal to me, in comparison to its predecessors, hehe. 2011 was new college year, 2012 was new uni + India year, but 2013, I had already adapted myself to mostly everything (and the uneventful life in India :X).

It has its highlights though!

I started dancing a lot, just normal copy-choreography-from-Youtube/Kpop dancing. I choreographed a cheer, flash mob and class dance that I was really proud of. Thanks to that, dancing has become my exercise and I think I've been able to shape up a little, haha.

I passed BDS I and I'm in my second year now! Loving operative dentistry, but not prosthodontics please, ughhh. The theory subjects are no doubt tough and dry, but the biggest motivation to complete second year successfully is so that I can move on to Penang in April! :D

This is the first year I didn't participate in Comic Fiesta's Group Cosplay (since 2008), and first time I won't be appearing on a magazine article. |D I did my first crossplay though! And I had to bind my chest twice for 2 days. Oh, and I had a trip to Langkawi just for a Chrono Cross photoshoot, that was a blast. (YOLO) It was somewhat of a small break from cosplay, these 2 years, but hopefully 2014 will be different.

I got a Nintendo 3DS from my dear TAS. Thank you guys so much! Thanks to that, I've also bought my first game, Pokemon X. Huhu...

I've also started picking up Kpop (EHMERGAWD?), thanks to dancing. I was a half-closeted BEAST fan, and I've just bought my first music record ever. Hard to Love, How to Love! Lots of time and obsession was poured into this fandom, haha. B2UTY foreverest!

Hoping that 2014 will be a more exciting and productive year! I hope to build my character more, to learn more about life, and to find more goals and objectives in life. Really hoping to be able to make more difference when I get back from India.

Wishing you all the best for 2014 everybody!

Quote of the Day: "People who challenge themselves are beautiful. You can make it." - Yang Yoseob

Monday, August 19, 2013

Where has Suzanne been?

Suzanne, why you no update?

As usual, I apologize for the lack of updates. Reason being, with so many social networks, I find less and less time and reasons to update my blog. =( I'm not even updating my Facebook much any more! (but I'm still always on it) I'm usually just posting pictures and updates on FB via Instagram. Or personal fangirling and ranting on Twitter. And I mostly lurk on Tumblr these days, which I've just started an account on it in late May! (visit my Tumblr if you want to see my spazz about Beast)

Just thought of giving some updates about what I'm doing. I'm actually really slacked off for year 2. Even for my recent exams, I've put in so little effort into studying (bless my last-minute-studying skills). I'm probably the chillest student in PIDC. Who turns on her laptop the minute she wakes up, the minute she's back for lunch, and the minute she's off from class. It's like I don't feel safe if the laptop's not on. :P Then I'd stuff my face on the internet, lurking on Tumblr for Beast goodies, watching YouTube videos, watching anime/drama, and generally wasting time. Like what I'm doing now. |D

What brought me back to my blog is because a classmate of mine mentioned to me that his mum found a blog describing PIDC really well (hi aunty!). Turns out it was gula-melaka. :P When I checked my blog again I found that I had two comments, a month and 2 months old from prospective students. I've had a few people who approached me on Facebook after finding my blog because they wanted to know more about the uni. Being the nice person I am friendly, I would always try my best to help others out, and by blogging about PIDC. I'm glad people found my blog useful. I hope people would be educated before making their uni choice, because there's too little information about us out there. With a busy schedule, 15 batches to date, and approx. 40 students per batch, who's so free to write these stuff? Heck, who even blogs these days? (oh wait...)

Yeah, I'm just going to leave a note to prospective students: I will do my best to write more on PIDC here. If you need more information, don't hesitate to look for me on Facebook. (I should be really easy to find, my information is all public on the internet, haha) But please add a note and send me message when you add me! I won't approve unless I know you personally or we're affiliated somehow and I need benefits from you. I'll do my best to answer your doubts.

Thanks for reading! :D

Quote of the Day: "It's okay to protect what you love. It's okay to cry and express your feelings" - Yong Junhyung

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Lens Update Again

Yupe. I'm on a roll now, so I'll start by updating my lenses from 2012/2013. I've been cosplaying less since I entered uni, so naturally, I'd have less lenses to review.

I forgot to take pictures of the lenses in their bottles, hehe. ^^" The following pictures are either raws or minimally edited for lighting, or just to cover up flaws of my skin, hehe.

EOS Sugar Candy - Pink

My first pink lenses! I bought this from nurin lens. If it's not because EOS dealers were hard to find, I wouldn't have ordered from her. Her prices aren't that good, and her batches are pre-order wayyyy slow, and always delayed. These were meant for my Ayase (Guilty Crown) cosplay, but they arrived 1 day late, so I wore my EOS A3 Grey lenses to Comic Fiesta instead. .__.

Comparison shot! Sorry if my falsies freak you out abit |D

I love Sugar Candy for its enlargement. But of course, for casual wear, the outer rim is too thick, and the colour is is a solid ring without any blending patterns. But it's a good thing for cosplay, since a lot of characters are drawn with eyes that resembles Sugar Candy lenses. The colours are quite noticable, but it's main selling point is its enlarging/moefying feature. It give an illusion of really huge pupils! Which is also why I insist on getting EOS Sugar Candy lenses instead of others.

EOS Sugar Candy (Outdoor natural lighting)

If you look closely, EOS Sugar Candy lenses are different because the colour just fades into your natural eye colour without too much patterns. I like how it blends in too, kinda like jelly! Other brands of Sugar Candy  has a sunray pattern, which sacrifices some colour, and doesn't look as natural and doesn't blend well, I feel.

Luxury Babe 03 - Blue

Bought from Mochi Mochi, who's pretty fast! I chose these for my Korra cosplay, mainly. I needed a blue that was of a lighter tone. Most blue lenses were dark blue like the ones above.

Indoor natural lighting

These lenses were definitely of a light tone, but unfortunately this blue wasn't saturated/obvious enough. They looked really grey in most lighting, or just slightly blue. Despite having blending patterns, it's almost unnoticeable. You only can see some thin lines if you zoom in. So, the lens looks really solid without much blending, which fits some characters (like Korra!) but it can look a bit freaky if you stare straight on at the camera. Kinda like how Dolly eye lenses do.

Indoor natural lighting

(Right eye) EOS Dolly Eye Brown

In fact, now that I think about it, these lenses are exactly like Dolly eye lenses, except that the pupil hole is larger, appear to have a larger diameter, and the black patterns are almost non-existent. Yeah... my only disappointment would be the low saturation of blue.

The Dolly Eye Dreamy.i  - Brown

Bought as my casual/neutral lenses, which I used for Mia Fey! I forgot to take more pictures of these, so the ones here are a little blurry, sorry!

In the bottle, upper right vial!

Outdoor Natural lighting

Close up, room lights

Most brown lenses always has too much of a yellow/golden hue. These lean more towards a chocolate tone, which is more natural! The enlargement isn't that big, and the pattern is quite simple. Just a blending radial pattern for both the outer rim and colour ring. Blends well with Asian eyes! Definitely fit for casual wear. My only problem with this is... I can't differentiate which is the right or wrong side, haha. |D

That's all. Thanks for reading! :D

Quote of the Day: "You really should come with a supply of cheese to match your vintage whine." - Miles Edgeworth, Ace Attorney

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

PIDC-ians Guide to India

PIDC Batch 13!

This isn't really a full guide, more like a few notes. I've planned to write about India in more detail so newcomers would be more prepared. But I kinda have a feeling I won't be completing this post, so I'll just post up whatever I had scribbled about for now, heehee.

I hope you'll find some use of it! (if you even found my blog at all)

- Rain is sparse. If it rains once in a month, that's a lot for Salem. Unless it's the rainy season, around September - October

- India, especially Tamil Nadu, gets blackouts frequently.
- During the blackout, the hostel, hospital and even shops in town will use generators to supply electricity. It usually takes about 1-5 minutes to turn on the generator, which is noted by a loud machine noise.
- If blackout occcurs in the afternoon, high chance is they won't be wasting diesel for you. Unless many people yells for the generator to be turned on ("AKA! GENERATOR!") or it's lunch time
- Public wifi, especially the ones in Penang Block, will be down. (personal wifi is still usable) - Aircond is usually off in Penang Block, and is requested to be turned off at the Senior Hostel
- If electricity is cut for a few seconds before coming back on, this means they have turned off the generator and returned to normal current.
- Current fluctuates a lot here, so if you care for your electronic gadgets, please unplug them during the blackout, or buy a voltage regulator.

- Paper rupees often have scribbles on them. Don't be alarmed, they are usable. (Rs1000, Rs500, Rs100, Rs50, Rs20, Rs10, Rs5)
- Coin rupees are confusing with different sizes for each value. I can't help you with that. (Rs10, Rs5, Rs2, Rs1)
- Rates range from RM1 for Rs15-17.
- My personal estimation formula: Rupees x 6 / 100 = Ringgit (Rs100 = RM6)

- New students will set up a Punjab National Bank account upon arrival, which 90% of the students don't use, and leave empty - We usually use Western Union. Parents set up an account in Malaysia, deposit Ringgit into it under your name and passport number. You will be given a code, which is given to the Western Union guy here in India, who will come to the hostel to deliver you the money - Please ask seniors for the agent's name (Prabu), who is also our money exchanger Telco
- New students will each get an Airtel SIMcard. - There are many other telco out there, which I can't help you with because I only use Airtel
- You can SMS Pandian (ask for number) for any sort of top up, and he will come to the hostel around 9pm to collect the money
- Data plan is Rs98, 1gb, 21 days.
- For talktime reload, I suggest asking for "full talktime". The amount is different everyday, but what it does is you pay Rs100, you get Rs100 worth of talktime. Usually this is taxable. Credit expires 20-40 years later, by then none of us would be in India any more.

Hostel General
- Two hostels: Senior Hostel for the boys, Penang Block for the girls
- Two to a room
- Room cleaning everyday (provided the aka doesn't slack off)
- Electric and water bill is collected every month, about RS600 per person
- If you have room complaints, make a constant effort in reminding the warden, she delays work, a lot. As your last resort, get your parents to call her. They are scared of parents.
- Public fridges available. However, beware of thieves. You may want to purchase your own fridge, share it with your friends, and chain it securely.

Penang Block
- a.k.a New Malaysian Hostel a.k.a Ladies' Hostel
- Boys, NO ENTRY
- Two wifi ports: PENANGBLOCK downstairs, and PIDC LINK upstairs.
- Depending on the location of your room (like room 106!), you can tap into this wifi comfortably from your study table. Otherwise, best spots are the lobby.
- Gym with treadmills, elliptical machines, weight machine, almost-full-lenth-mirrors. Not well-maintained though. Bring your own extension cords and magnet for the treadmills!
- Pantry with public fridges, microwave oven, oven, hot plates.
- Curfew is 9.30pm. After which the aka will make rounds to take attendence. Answer with "TWO!" (even if your roommate is not in) if you and your roommate are present
 - File your room complaints, be it your tap, burnt out light, aircond etc. in the respective complaint logs found in the reception desk.

Senior Hostel (can't give much pointers since I'm not familiar there)
- a.k.a Old Malaysian Hostel a.k.a Boys' Hostel
- 9 blocks. Each block has slightly different room layouts and furniture
- Volleyball court, ping pong table and badminton net

Wow, that's really little. xD

Quote of the Day: "It takes a ton of pressure to make a diamond." - Godot, Ace Attorney

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Second Year in Uni! (fangirling inside)

I’m in Year 2 Dentistry!

This is old news though. It’s been 2 months since my finals, over a month since I’ve gotten my results, and 3 weeks since I’ve gotten back to India. I’ve sailed through Year 1 without much obstacles, and achieved slightly above average results, as usual. I’m completely honest about being a just a “Jill of all Trades, Master of None”. xD I managed to get a distinction for Anatomy (my more favoured, strong subject), but that’s nothing next to the others in my class who were hard working and achieved better than me, especially in the Theory papers, because I suck in those. To make matters worst, when I called my mum to deliver the good news, she said “hah? 1 distinction only? Why not more?” Haha… family expectations. |D (my eldest brother had the same reaction)

On a brighter note, we were the first batch in not just PIDC history, but Vinayaka Missions University history with a record breaking 100% pass rate for all subjects! No one failed anything. No one had to retake any subjects. No one had to drop batch. It was great. ^^ Except for the fact that we’re getting two new classmates from the previous batch, and one of them is uhh… not someone you want to be too friendly with…

It's been 3 weeks since I started class. Due to VMU vacations, we had to join our seniors for Microbiology and Pathology theory classes. Imagine our lost faces for the first few classes. I'm fortunate and grateful I have a good command of English, and hence a better understanding of the classes and words used by the lecturer. Most of my friends don't even know what a "chisel" or "stylus" is! o_o

Despite the new year resolutions I've set at the start of this year, my new goal is just to sail through year 2 with minimal effort and stress. I don't really want to bother about overachieving in my academics anymore. I just want to pass, that's all. :P

On a side note, it's Malaysia General Elections 13 today! (I wrote this on Sunday hurhur) More and more youths are getting politically aware, and everyone's getting frustrated with the current government. I can't tell if changing the government would make matters better, but it's hope. And it's definitely better than allowing those in power now to think that they can get away with their dirty tricks. I've just turned 20 last month! So according to Malaysian laws, I can't vote yet (voting age in Malaysia is 21). Personally, I'm not interested in politics, but I do agree that it is time to change. I'm not too sure what's the latest news, but apparently Ubah is going to fail, thanks to our beloved government's amazing tricks. I wonder where they find the guts to do such things when the generation now is much more knowledgeable and informed and they find the need to publicize and take action on social media regarding such behavior. Oh well, life sucks...

Anyhow, it's been a very relaxing 3 weeks for me. There's no class tests to study for, just some homework here and there. Attend class, come home an hour earlier, internet, anime, drama, gaming, kpop, dance, basketball... that's pretty much my life now.

While I’m at it, I’ll be updating on what I’ve been up to since I came back to India. Mostly on my interests and fandoms, hehe. A fangirl needs her platform to spazz. :P I’ll write on how my holidays in Malaysia went, some other time.


Friday, March 01, 2013

P12120 - 59562

It's that time again. I've never studied so hard, so consistently in my life before Dentistry came into the picture. I take pride in my last-minute-studying skills. Yet this time, for once, I couldn't summon that power. Instead I've been studying at a slow, carefree speed, yet in my mind I'm yelling at myself, wondering why my Limit Break was not activated. I can only hope that this is a sign that my consistent studies are outweighing my need for no-sleep-cramming-all-day. But whatever it is, I don't feel comfortable not entering what I call my "study zone". And honestly, it's breaking me, because I know that this is not my usual standards.

About 11 hours till my Anatomy exams, my first paper. All I can do now is to give it my all.

Let's go, Batch 13! Let's go, Vikings!

Quote of the Day: "Who cares about answers? There aren’t any to begin with. All that matters is whether you tried until you were content." - Honey and Clover
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