Monday, May 26, 2008

EXAMS ARE OVER! WOOHOO! =D Now I'll have two weeks of freedom! Must make full use of my time~

I think I did okay for my exams this time. I scribbled and doodled a lot on my question papers after finishing my exam. I'll take some pictures of it if I'm free. X3 I got 38 out of 40 for my Mathematics paper 1. Yeah, that's the only result I gotten back. The only time when I'll fret is when all the other results come back. XP In the meantime...


I intended to write this post much much earlier, but procrastination dug in. XP Including the fact that there were tons of photos to upload. So here it is! Brace yourself for lots of pictures and a loooong post.

So, I had two meetings for TDC last last Sunday. One for the programmers(at McD!), and one with the whole committee. Let the photos do the talking!

The TDC committee! From left: Yee Leong, Daniel, Shaun, Yan Meng, Swea Phin, Aivee

Finger food, the essential item for TDC meetings that encourages brainstorming. Provides me with the sugar I need. X)

Joey on the other hand finds refuge in his pink Hello Panda!

Meeting in progress. TDC participation has increased to 90. And has immediately been filled.

Adrean can't get away from all the money. He's not the treasurer, by the way. *gasps*

And then Yee Leong gets bored and steals my camera. .___. He thought me lots of tricks to do special effects with the camera. But I'm still quite blur at it. But I'm improving! =) Either way... More photos!

Shark gummies can help you be enlightened! ...not

Dunno what Yee Leong was doing. But yay, gummies! X3

It was Wesak eve that night and we were in charge of marketing. So after all that meetings from 11am - 5pm, I still had to stay back at the temple 11pm. X3 It was tough job giving out fliers! I mean, it's hard to approach someone and say "hello, are you interested in the Wesak Internation Film Festival?". I was rejected like, twice. .___. One simply said "no", and the other waved his hand and walked off. How rude! ;____;

The Youth Section booth!

They even have a room where you can dump - uh, leave your kid at while you do your other errands.

That was basically my exam week, with lots of studying for exams. .___. Now all I have to worry about is planning my schedule for the holidays! Ohohohoh... there's so much things I want to do! I've got my plans for TDC, lots of catching up to do with my best bud, trips to Sunway Pyramid, cross stitching, doujin stuff, cosplay costume... Waaaah~ So much to do in two weeks!

By the way, after much procrastination, I finished yet one more cross stitch in forever! This is Neku from Subarashiki kono Sekai, or better known as The World Ends With You. This game is made by Square Enix, therefore the resemblance to Kingdom Hearts. X3 This was a commission by Reina-Sugar(Amelia).

I'll post it on deviantART with a better picture of it. X3

The size of it is just 5cm x 9cm, but it has almost 2000 stitches. Oh my God, it sounds scary when I say it. o__o Anyways, it really takes lots of effort and eye power. (business voice) So if you like what you see, call 1-300-xx-xxxx and order your own limited edition cross stitch from Suzanne! For 2000 stitches, it'll cost you just RM10! Sizes can vary depending on your preference. From keychain size to photo frame size to bookmarks and anything you'd like to request. So what are you waiting for? Call 1-300-xx-xxxx! (end business voice)

Yes, I am cross stitching and selling my work. So If you are interested, do drop me a note. =) I'm doing this for Comic Fiesta, which is a Anime, Comics and Games convention. So yeah. X3 For further information, visit Fiametta-ink or my deviantART page!

Some of my upcoming projects, along with Bleach bookmarks that are not seen here.

And then came the teacher's day celebration. It was on the 23rd because 16th was an exam day. So what's so important about it? Because the almighty choir team led by Anthea is performing! Suzanne put the "A" in "Alto"(the lower-sounding part in a choir) literally because I was the only one who projected her voice loudly. We had a wonderful conductor, Tabitha leading us too! And she can sing really well! I'm a conductor-to-be, so watch out.

We didn't practice much, had lots of issue, and only have 14 members. Yes, 14! Somehow, the choir performed rather well! With some rather bad bands performing before us, along with a cheesy sing-a-long session by 5 Bakti (no offense, Wai Hong), our choir looked rather professional and good. XP

Wish I had videos and pictures to show. But if you'd like a better story on Teacher's Day, visit Debbie's blog!

Think I'm done? NOT YET! There's a Taekwondo MSSD competition thing coming up soon. I'm gonna join it with Nurul. Any advice? I'm afraid I might hurt myself, haha. It's freaky to do sparring, especially after that scary class from my trainer explaining about the serious-ness of Taekwondo.

I had another TDC meeting yesterday too. But no photos to show, so yeah, you got away with this one. XP We had a first aid class though, so if you're participant, fear you shall not! Most of our programs are almost done too! But there's still alot of changes to be made. Expect me to be busy with lots of meetings to come!

Today, I went to Anthea's house for a Fiametta meeting. Basically it's to discuss stuff for Comic Fiesta. Cycled around, ate, discussed, procrastinate, played some games. For the whole story, go to Fiametta-ink's blog!

Lots of words and linking! Blogging is just fun. XP So uh, glad you loved this edition! Happy holidays!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Chain mails. Don't we love them? Some trust them and press that dreaded "Forward" button to their list of contacts. Others decide to take chances and delete the mail. I've done the latter, and I'm supposed to have 39285729502 years of bad luck, have clowns sneak under my bed and kill me, be skinned alive, have my parents killed (touch wood!), have deceased children come back as ghost to scare me when I sleep... yeah, you get the idea.

Here's one my father received on his handphone yesterday:

URGENT NO JOKE! Pls switch OFF all ur handphone 2NITE. According to Metro TV , there will be a BIG RADIATION WAVE circulating thru the handphone towers at 11PM 2nite which is very DANGEROUS to humans. Pls inform ur friends NOT 2 keep their phones with them. Please FOWARD...
- A Poor Soul
ZOMG! WAD AM I GUNNA DO WITHOUT MY HANDPHONE? @___@ (for those who know me, they would know handphone isn't really my life. =P ) Wait a sec... What's this Metro TV anyway? With a quick search on the net, here's what it say:

Metro TV is Indonesia's first 24-hour news channel based in West Jakarta.
- Wikipedia
Ookay... How did this come to Malaysia? Alright, let's say it's true. Let's be safe and turn off our handphones. But since this is so interesting, let's check it up. I still have half an hour before 11pm... A quick search on Google would do the trick. "metro tv radiation"...

Hmmm? Blogger's are talking about it too! Oh wait... It's a Thursday blog post. So, shouldn't we all be dead already? Gosh, imagine all the people who believed the message and was spreading the message around to their beloved friends and family. And in turn THEY would spread it to THEIR beloved friends and family. And we know how it goes on. The handphone companies must be happy.

Second chain mail circulating around! Here's how it goes:

To all beloved friends. If you receive a call with long numbers, such as +62852731520946, in red, do not pick it up, as there is currently a group of Indonesian students, who are also black magic practitioners, testing their power via handphones. Whoever answers the call will start to foam in the mouth and die shortly afterwards. In Indonesia, there are already nine deaths, and last night, two more died in Puchong. These incidents happened. Please forward this message…

This one I heard personally from a friend. Apparently, her aunt's sister-in-law was victim to this. I don't want to say anything bad, or claim that she is a liar since I know her personally too. But if we think about it... If those people died from the phone calls, then who was the one who informed us about the phone number? I mean, if I was a victim to this (touch wood again!), I wouldn't be around to tell everyone what killed me. And with a quick search on the web (thanks Google!), I learnt from a website(I forgot which) that bomoh's who practice some sort of healing magic claim that black magic cannot be sent through the handphone because it doesn't meet the criteria for black magic.

With another quick search, I found an Indonesian website explaining all this. Apparently, a boy started this joke to his friends. He couldn't believe that it spread like wildfire.

It's on Indonesian newspaper! TAKE THAT!

And here is a website with more info too.

But still, for cases like this, it will be safe to keep an eye on it. I mean, red numbers are telling you something! And long numbers are international calls, which would leech money out of you if it doesn't kill you first. Avoid picking up these phone calls, obviously. But I would advice you to save a hole from your parent's pocket by not SMS-ing these chain mails. Internet chain mails are bad enough, you don't have to pay Maxis to annoy other people.

If you enjoyed reading, you can go to another blog which sums up this case really well(with humour on top of it!), go to Crystal's Corner (not the SJBA Crystal, but some random blogger online).

Ah... The wonders on internet.

So uh, thanks for spending your time reading my crap. I hope my crap was entertaining enough. X) Now I shall go back to my camp-planning and exam-revising streak. MSN conversations are great brain stormers. X)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Teen Dhamma Camp. Is. Officially. FULL!

In less than two weeks, we've got 80 registered participants already! How amazing is THAT? XD TDC is hot! Sad thing is, we have to reject a few interested participants. Sorry, Aik Hean. .___.

Anyways, this is great news! ^^ No need for promotion tomorrow at Wesak! Either way, I have to be at the temple tomorrow for meetings, with the "s". Mum's not very happy with me going in and out, up and about, and not revising. .___.

My exams has been rather good, I think. X3 It only gets bad when the results come back. I think I did quite lamely on my Chinese exam... I tend to write childish essays because my vocabulary is terrible. .___. Oh well. I'm not one to dwell on my performance for the past exams. I'm doing questions for Maths now, and it's getting quite addictive. Mostly because I can answer them all. Yay~ :3

Hmmm... I'm lost for words? I think I just needed a reason to get away from revising and be at the computer. X3 Plus, my mum and dad are out for dinner with my aunt and uncle from Malacca, so yet another reason to be doing so! XP

If my mum reads this, she won't be happy. So uh, sorry mummy. *hides* =X

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I just had to post something. =X

76 words
Speed test

No mistakes too! But bleh. My friends can do better than me. But at least I improved in just less than half an hour. X3

More people coming to TDC! I'm so happy~ Can't believe how hot it became. The unfortunate part is that the addition of so many 15 year old would make the age group a little unbalance. Either way, yay. XP

My exams are here! It just started today. I had Malay and Physical Education. I think I did quite good, except for my BM 1. Gosh, tatabahasa killed me. @___@ I liked my Paper 2 though. And P.E. was soooo funneh. I mean the questions they asked were like "Rumah ____ menang Sukan Tahunan 2008 SMK USJ 13." and "Setiausaha Sukan SMK USJ 13 ialah ____.". I could answer some, but the latter stunned me. o___o

History and English papers tomorrow. Dieeee... Didn't study for History... I've been reading since afternoon but I've only read one chapter. Super procrastination! And yet, here I am online, typing this blog, and reading some manga(Emma is good!). =X

Mum nags at me alot these days. One of the main reasons why I hate to tell her I'm having my exams. She's having her evening jog right now, that's why I'm online in the first place. XP

Okay, I better go back studying. So expect me to be away from blogging for awhile. Study study study!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Had nothing else better to do, so I'm posting this after my super long post just now. This is just random by the way. X3

62 words
Speed test

Try it out! It's challenging. The average is 72 words per minute. o___o And I'm getting worst every time I attempt it! Waaaah~ Must. Train. More. X3
Blogging is addictive. XP

My family planned to have a dinner on Saturday night. At least, my second brother suggested it. My mother wanted to eat at Margret Yong Tau Fu(which is liek a no air condition, random shop at USJ somewhere). Everyone knows what day it is the next day. So of course we can't settle for a no-air-conditioning-under-class-Yong-Tau-Fu shop!(no offense to shop owner) Dennis demanded somewhere more high class. So all of us wore our jeans and had to make a decisive decision. You see, my family ALWAYS have problems deciding on where to eat when there's an occasion and it calls for a special dinner. We would sit at home and ponder for an hour. And when we leave home, we still ponder. And when I ask anyone where we're eating, I'll get scolded. =.=

Anyways, we finally came to a decision after the old fashion "Pick the Paper from the Hand" method. We went to 1 Utama, still no idea on where to eat. Wander around, went to Chili's... CRAZY QUEUE! We lined up for 20 minutes (we lasted so long because my brothers met someone they knew) then we left when Dennis found somewhere else suitable with no queue at all. And that is...


That's TGI Friday's, for those who are uninformed. I called salad.(hey, it came with cajun-fried chicken and it's large and it costs RM22 and I SHARED) But we picked everyone's food here and there, of course. And throughout our 1 hour and 30 minutes meal there, we heard the birthday chant go off (for those uninformed again, the TGIF staffs have to surround the birthday boy/girl, make them stand on the chair, and do a birthday chant) for not once. But FIVE TIMES! And there was a pair of twins too, so that makes six birthday boys and girls... "Coincidences" just happens, eh?

Anyway, that was "Mother's Day" dinner. 8D Just had to write about it. At least one day when i check my old blog posts, I'd ponder and laugh about it.

Sunday morning, I got up early. You see, I decided to cook something for my mum. And it happens to be a caramel egg pudding. Never done anything like that before, but cook books are cool. I started by making caramel and it was awful. I heated up the non-stick pan and tossed in the sugar. It started to have the brown caramel consistency until it burned. o__o I tasted horrible. But I have to say, caramel is cool. It's all sticky and dries really fast. I didn't know caramel was so easy to make. But I won't attempt making caramel anytime soon, it's so messy.

The caramel got stuck to the poor cup and wouldn't come of, so I had to soak it.

So what do you do with no caramel? You replace it with KAYA! It really wasn't bad. I poured in the egg mixture then steamed it and then...


But when you don't wait for it to cool down before taking off the mold, this is what happens. ;__;

I got some scoldings from dad for the smallest things. Oh well... Then mum came down and she tried my pudding. It actually tasted good even though it was kaya. ^^ It went well with the egg. I'm so glad it turned out well~

Happy Mother's Day! Even without makeup, you're still my mother.

Then off I was to the temple, like what I always do every Sunday. Went for Teen Quest Gathering where we had a "choir" training. ^^" It's with the Sunday Dhamma School kids for Wesak Day, you see. Sang like a kid along with Ling Hui and the others. It was hilarious. X3 Then came a speech by Crystal, Carmen and Szeto! They shared their experience about effective speaking. They went to this course you see. And Szeto Yan Meng gave his winning speech, which was really wow. Attention grabbing. "Speak like the audience owes you, not you owe the audience", he says. But JC, you speak like an immoral ah long.

We had lunch at McD. Haven't been there in forever. Saw Shanice there. Gosh, the new Mega Mac is SCARY! I mean, four patties! And let me share with you the Big Mac chant:

"Two all-beef patties, special sauce,
lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions,
on a sesame seed bun."
Now, say that in four seconds! They'll give you a free Big Mac for that. It's hard, yet it's easy too. X3

We got back to the temple for the TDC meeting. I managed to collect 8 forms! =) But Jocelyn got 16! .___. Either way, we now have 31 participants who registered! Whee~ See what I told you? Here's more proof that the camp is hot stuff. X3

There's today to talk about too. I got another form from May Yee. JC was really annoying. And uh... naps during Maths class are cool. 8D

AND AND AND! I just found out that Szeto Yang Yang from school and Szeto Yan Meng from the temple are RELATED! o____o *pengsan* Super tak agak. Okay, that's just info for me. X3

And if you like Bleach(not the detergent, the series) and trivia questions, go try this out! I made the quiz and it just got online. It's hard to get the quiz through ya know. So uh, yay. And the website has lots of cool quizzes for you to waste your time on too. Hmm... which reminds me that I'm supposed to be studying. @__@

Please. Come. To. Camp. =)

P.S: I snatched the photo + small font quote layout from my brother's blog. Thanks and sorry Louie~

Friday, May 09, 2008

Melissa, Wan Cheng, Kar Yin, Jack and JC are going to TDC! WOOHOO! I can't believe it! So many people out of the sudden! I'm so excited~ Out of no where, Wan Cheng was soooo eager to go when she saw my blog post yesterday! And then she's dragging Kar Yin! :D And Melissa(my best bud) who didn't agreed at first, agreed! And then JC dragged Jack along... And I promoted the camp to Yu Qing, who was super enthusiastic too~ Participants, participants!

That just proves how great this camp is. XP *glares at a certain Santa*

I've been selling some cards for teacher's day (under the orders of Heim Cheng), and I've successfully got the guys in my class to uh, spread some love. 8D Wonderful~ Oh yeah, if you're interested in teacher's day greeting cards, they are 70 cents each, inclusive of an envelope. There's 6 different designs too! Look for me, kay?

Today has been so much about money collection. Had to help Biiancaa to collect the fees for the photos for Leo club. Oh well, it's good training.

Had choir training today. We're performing for teacher's day. Guess what we're singing? "Hero" by the one and only Mariah Carey. @__@ Yes, it's crazy! But i has been good so far. We have a trained conductor! And also Anthea. X3 I'm singing Alto, by the way, which sings the lower pitch between the Sopranos(high pitch) and Altos. Got back home after that, then piano. Then planned for the camp some more, then played Monopoly on the computer! And then...

I fell sick again...

WHHHYY!!! I just fell sick last Sunday, with fever, flue AND cough! I've only been coughing slightly these two days. And I just a few minutes ago, I diagnosed myself with fever... YET AGAIN! My body's hot, but my hand's all cold and numb... Gosh, I hope I get better before the exams come...

I'll take a nap... Oh, and if you guys want to come to the camp, you know where to look. ;)

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Hello and welcome to my new blog! I've finally decided, after much procrastination, to start this new blog. First of all, please read the column on the right for further information about this blog and the author, yours truly. I would go into more detail, but I'm just lazy to do that now. XP

Hmmm... I don't know what I should say... Except that exams are around the corner, and that I'm organizing a camp. Oh yes! That reminds me!

COME TO MY CAMP! 8D I bring to you the 10th Teen Dhamma Camp! Brought to you by SJBA YS! Our theme this year is X3(as in X "cube") - Xcite. Xplore. Xperience. Why X, you ask? Because we are ten years old this year, and ten = X! I'm the programmer, meaning that programs are all by me and my gang of trusty pals! The venue this year, Shah Alam Buddhist Society, is AWESOME! It's fully air-conditioned, fully tiled, and it has 53 separate toilet cubicles! I mean, COME ON! X3 Do note that the camp is by youths, for youths, so don't worry about boredom. The organizing team are teens too, we'll never do something that doesn't excited us too. You have my word that the camp is gonna be a BLAST!

Forms can be taken from me. For further information, talk to me. :D I mean, isn't my excitement proof enough that this is Xciting? 8D Um yeah, now I'm lost of things to say. Do comment please, I'd like to know how my new blog is. =) Thanks for dropping by!

P.S: Happy Birthday Nelson!
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