Monday, May 12, 2008

Blogging is addictive. XP

My family planned to have a dinner on Saturday night. At least, my second brother suggested it. My mother wanted to eat at Margret Yong Tau Fu(which is liek a no air condition, random shop at USJ somewhere). Everyone knows what day it is the next day. So of course we can't settle for a no-air-conditioning-under-class-Yong-Tau-Fu shop!(no offense to shop owner) Dennis demanded somewhere more high class. So all of us wore our jeans and had to make a decisive decision. You see, my family ALWAYS have problems deciding on where to eat when there's an occasion and it calls for a special dinner. We would sit at home and ponder for an hour. And when we leave home, we still ponder. And when I ask anyone where we're eating, I'll get scolded. =.=

Anyways, we finally came to a decision after the old fashion "Pick the Paper from the Hand" method. We went to 1 Utama, still no idea on where to eat. Wander around, went to Chili's... CRAZY QUEUE! We lined up for 20 minutes (we lasted so long because my brothers met someone they knew) then we left when Dennis found somewhere else suitable with no queue at all. And that is...


That's TGI Friday's, for those who are uninformed. I called salad.(hey, it came with cajun-fried chicken and it's large and it costs RM22 and I SHARED) But we picked everyone's food here and there, of course. And throughout our 1 hour and 30 minutes meal there, we heard the birthday chant go off (for those uninformed again, the TGIF staffs have to surround the birthday boy/girl, make them stand on the chair, and do a birthday chant) for not once. But FIVE TIMES! And there was a pair of twins too, so that makes six birthday boys and girls... "Coincidences" just happens, eh?

Anyway, that was "Mother's Day" dinner. 8D Just had to write about it. At least one day when i check my old blog posts, I'd ponder and laugh about it.

Sunday morning, I got up early. You see, I decided to cook something for my mum. And it happens to be a caramel egg pudding. Never done anything like that before, but cook books are cool. I started by making caramel and it was awful. I heated up the non-stick pan and tossed in the sugar. It started to have the brown caramel consistency until it burned. o__o I tasted horrible. But I have to say, caramel is cool. It's all sticky and dries really fast. I didn't know caramel was so easy to make. But I won't attempt making caramel anytime soon, it's so messy.

The caramel got stuck to the poor cup and wouldn't come of, so I had to soak it.

So what do you do with no caramel? You replace it with KAYA! It really wasn't bad. I poured in the egg mixture then steamed it and then...


But when you don't wait for it to cool down before taking off the mold, this is what happens. ;__;

I got some scoldings from dad for the smallest things. Oh well... Then mum came down and she tried my pudding. It actually tasted good even though it was kaya. ^^ It went well with the egg. I'm so glad it turned out well~

Happy Mother's Day! Even without makeup, you're still my mother.

Then off I was to the temple, like what I always do every Sunday. Went for Teen Quest Gathering where we had a "choir" training. ^^" It's with the Sunday Dhamma School kids for Wesak Day, you see. Sang like a kid along with Ling Hui and the others. It was hilarious. X3 Then came a speech by Crystal, Carmen and Szeto! They shared their experience about effective speaking. They went to this course you see. And Szeto Yan Meng gave his winning speech, which was really wow. Attention grabbing. "Speak like the audience owes you, not you owe the audience", he says. But JC, you speak like an immoral ah long.

We had lunch at McD. Haven't been there in forever. Saw Shanice there. Gosh, the new Mega Mac is SCARY! I mean, four patties! And let me share with you the Big Mac chant:

"Two all-beef patties, special sauce,
lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions,
on a sesame seed bun."
Now, say that in four seconds! They'll give you a free Big Mac for that. It's hard, yet it's easy too. X3

We got back to the temple for the TDC meeting. I managed to collect 8 forms! =) But Jocelyn got 16! .___. Either way, we now have 31 participants who registered! Whee~ See what I told you? Here's more proof that the camp is hot stuff. X3

There's today to talk about too. I got another form from May Yee. JC was really annoying. And uh... naps during Maths class are cool. 8D

AND AND AND! I just found out that Szeto Yang Yang from school and Szeto Yan Meng from the temple are RELATED! o____o *pengsan* Super tak agak. Okay, that's just info for me. X3

And if you like Bleach(not the detergent, the series) and trivia questions, go try this out! I made the quiz and it just got online. It's hard to get the quiz through ya know. So uh, yay. And the website has lots of cool quizzes for you to waste your time on too. Hmm... which reminds me that I'm supposed to be studying. @__@

Please. Come. To. Camp. =)

P.S: I snatched the photo + small font quote layout from my brother's blog. Thanks and sorry Louie~

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