Sunday, May 18, 2008

Chain mails. Don't we love them? Some trust them and press that dreaded "Forward" button to their list of contacts. Others decide to take chances and delete the mail. I've done the latter, and I'm supposed to have 39285729502 years of bad luck, have clowns sneak under my bed and kill me, be skinned alive, have my parents killed (touch wood!), have deceased children come back as ghost to scare me when I sleep... yeah, you get the idea.

Here's one my father received on his handphone yesterday:

URGENT NO JOKE! Pls switch OFF all ur handphone 2NITE. According to Metro TV , there will be a BIG RADIATION WAVE circulating thru the handphone towers at 11PM 2nite which is very DANGEROUS to humans. Pls inform ur friends NOT 2 keep their phones with them. Please FOWARD...
- A Poor Soul
ZOMG! WAD AM I GUNNA DO WITHOUT MY HANDPHONE? @___@ (for those who know me, they would know handphone isn't really my life. =P ) Wait a sec... What's this Metro TV anyway? With a quick search on the net, here's what it say:

Metro TV is Indonesia's first 24-hour news channel based in West Jakarta.
- Wikipedia
Ookay... How did this come to Malaysia? Alright, let's say it's true. Let's be safe and turn off our handphones. But since this is so interesting, let's check it up. I still have half an hour before 11pm... A quick search on Google would do the trick. "metro tv radiation"...

Hmmm? Blogger's are talking about it too! Oh wait... It's a Thursday blog post. So, shouldn't we all be dead already? Gosh, imagine all the people who believed the message and was spreading the message around to their beloved friends and family. And in turn THEY would spread it to THEIR beloved friends and family. And we know how it goes on. The handphone companies must be happy.

Second chain mail circulating around! Here's how it goes:

To all beloved friends. If you receive a call with long numbers, such as +62852731520946, in red, do not pick it up, as there is currently a group of Indonesian students, who are also black magic practitioners, testing their power via handphones. Whoever answers the call will start to foam in the mouth and die shortly afterwards. In Indonesia, there are already nine deaths, and last night, two more died in Puchong. These incidents happened. Please forward this message…

This one I heard personally from a friend. Apparently, her aunt's sister-in-law was victim to this. I don't want to say anything bad, or claim that she is a liar since I know her personally too. But if we think about it... If those people died from the phone calls, then who was the one who informed us about the phone number? I mean, if I was a victim to this (touch wood again!), I wouldn't be around to tell everyone what killed me. And with a quick search on the web (thanks Google!), I learnt from a website(I forgot which) that bomoh's who practice some sort of healing magic claim that black magic cannot be sent through the handphone because it doesn't meet the criteria for black magic.

With another quick search, I found an Indonesian website explaining all this. Apparently, a boy started this joke to his friends. He couldn't believe that it spread like wildfire.

It's on Indonesian newspaper! TAKE THAT!

And here is a website with more info too.

But still, for cases like this, it will be safe to keep an eye on it. I mean, red numbers are telling you something! And long numbers are international calls, which would leech money out of you if it doesn't kill you first. Avoid picking up these phone calls, obviously. But I would advice you to save a hole from your parent's pocket by not SMS-ing these chain mails. Internet chain mails are bad enough, you don't have to pay Maxis to annoy other people.

If you enjoyed reading, you can go to another blog which sums up this case really well(with humour on top of it!), go to Crystal's Corner (not the SJBA Crystal, but some random blogger online).

Ah... The wonders on internet.

So uh, thanks for spending your time reading my crap. I hope my crap was entertaining enough. X) Now I shall go back to my camp-planning and exam-revising streak. MSN conversations are great brain stormers. X)

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