Monday, May 26, 2008

EXAMS ARE OVER! WOOHOO! =D Now I'll have two weeks of freedom! Must make full use of my time~

I think I did okay for my exams this time. I scribbled and doodled a lot on my question papers after finishing my exam. I'll take some pictures of it if I'm free. X3 I got 38 out of 40 for my Mathematics paper 1. Yeah, that's the only result I gotten back. The only time when I'll fret is when all the other results come back. XP In the meantime...


I intended to write this post much much earlier, but procrastination dug in. XP Including the fact that there were tons of photos to upload. So here it is! Brace yourself for lots of pictures and a loooong post.

So, I had two meetings for TDC last last Sunday. One for the programmers(at McD!), and one with the whole committee. Let the photos do the talking!

The TDC committee! From left: Yee Leong, Daniel, Shaun, Yan Meng, Swea Phin, Aivee

Finger food, the essential item for TDC meetings that encourages brainstorming. Provides me with the sugar I need. X)

Joey on the other hand finds refuge in his pink Hello Panda!

Meeting in progress. TDC participation has increased to 90. And has immediately been filled.

Adrean can't get away from all the money. He's not the treasurer, by the way. *gasps*

And then Yee Leong gets bored and steals my camera. .___. He thought me lots of tricks to do special effects with the camera. But I'm still quite blur at it. But I'm improving! =) Either way... More photos!

Shark gummies can help you be enlightened! ...not

Dunno what Yee Leong was doing. But yay, gummies! X3

It was Wesak eve that night and we were in charge of marketing. So after all that meetings from 11am - 5pm, I still had to stay back at the temple 11pm. X3 It was tough job giving out fliers! I mean, it's hard to approach someone and say "hello, are you interested in the Wesak Internation Film Festival?". I was rejected like, twice. .___. One simply said "no", and the other waved his hand and walked off. How rude! ;____;

The Youth Section booth!

They even have a room where you can dump - uh, leave your kid at while you do your other errands.

That was basically my exam week, with lots of studying for exams. .___. Now all I have to worry about is planning my schedule for the holidays! Ohohohoh... there's so much things I want to do! I've got my plans for TDC, lots of catching up to do with my best bud, trips to Sunway Pyramid, cross stitching, doujin stuff, cosplay costume... Waaaah~ So much to do in two weeks!

By the way, after much procrastination, I finished yet one more cross stitch in forever! This is Neku from Subarashiki kono Sekai, or better known as The World Ends With You. This game is made by Square Enix, therefore the resemblance to Kingdom Hearts. X3 This was a commission by Reina-Sugar(Amelia).

I'll post it on deviantART with a better picture of it. X3

The size of it is just 5cm x 9cm, but it has almost 2000 stitches. Oh my God, it sounds scary when I say it. o__o Anyways, it really takes lots of effort and eye power. (business voice) So if you like what you see, call 1-300-xx-xxxx and order your own limited edition cross stitch from Suzanne! For 2000 stitches, it'll cost you just RM10! Sizes can vary depending on your preference. From keychain size to photo frame size to bookmarks and anything you'd like to request. So what are you waiting for? Call 1-300-xx-xxxx! (end business voice)

Yes, I am cross stitching and selling my work. So If you are interested, do drop me a note. =) I'm doing this for Comic Fiesta, which is a Anime, Comics and Games convention. So yeah. X3 For further information, visit Fiametta-ink or my deviantART page!

Some of my upcoming projects, along with Bleach bookmarks that are not seen here.

And then came the teacher's day celebration. It was on the 23rd because 16th was an exam day. So what's so important about it? Because the almighty choir team led by Anthea is performing! Suzanne put the "A" in "Alto"(the lower-sounding part in a choir) literally because I was the only one who projected her voice loudly. We had a wonderful conductor, Tabitha leading us too! And she can sing really well! I'm a conductor-to-be, so watch out.

We didn't practice much, had lots of issue, and only have 14 members. Yes, 14! Somehow, the choir performed rather well! With some rather bad bands performing before us, along with a cheesy sing-a-long session by 5 Bakti (no offense, Wai Hong), our choir looked rather professional and good. XP

Wish I had videos and pictures to show. But if you'd like a better story on Teacher's Day, visit Debbie's blog!

Think I'm done? NOT YET! There's a Taekwondo MSSD competition thing coming up soon. I'm gonna join it with Nurul. Any advice? I'm afraid I might hurt myself, haha. It's freaky to do sparring, especially after that scary class from my trainer explaining about the serious-ness of Taekwondo.

I had another TDC meeting yesterday too. But no photos to show, so yeah, you got away with this one. XP We had a first aid class though, so if you're participant, fear you shall not! Most of our programs are almost done too! But there's still alot of changes to be made. Expect me to be busy with lots of meetings to come!

Today, I went to Anthea's house for a Fiametta meeting. Basically it's to discuss stuff for Comic Fiesta. Cycled around, ate, discussed, procrastinate, played some games. For the whole story, go to Fiametta-ink's blog!

Lots of words and linking! Blogging is just fun. XP So uh, glad you loved this edition! Happy holidays!

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