Thursday, May 08, 2008

Hello and welcome to my new blog! I've finally decided, after much procrastination, to start this new blog. First of all, please read the column on the right for further information about this blog and the author, yours truly. I would go into more detail, but I'm just lazy to do that now. XP

Hmmm... I don't know what I should say... Except that exams are around the corner, and that I'm organizing a camp. Oh yes! That reminds me!

COME TO MY CAMP! 8D I bring to you the 10th Teen Dhamma Camp! Brought to you by SJBA YS! Our theme this year is X3(as in X "cube") - Xcite. Xplore. Xperience. Why X, you ask? Because we are ten years old this year, and ten = X! I'm the programmer, meaning that programs are all by me and my gang of trusty pals! The venue this year, Shah Alam Buddhist Society, is AWESOME! It's fully air-conditioned, fully tiled, and it has 53 separate toilet cubicles! I mean, COME ON! X3 Do note that the camp is by youths, for youths, so don't worry about boredom. The organizing team are teens too, we'll never do something that doesn't excited us too. You have my word that the camp is gonna be a BLAST!

Forms can be taken from me. For further information, talk to me. :D I mean, isn't my excitement proof enough that this is Xciting? 8D Um yeah, now I'm lost of things to say. Do comment please, I'd like to know how my new blog is. =) Thanks for dropping by!

P.S: Happy Birthday Nelson!

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  1. Hey!! Good job promoting TDC online! I've done my part too! Check it out! =D


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