Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I just had to post something. =X

76 words
Speed test

No mistakes too! But bleh. My friends can do better than me. But at least I improved in just less than half an hour. X3

More people coming to TDC! I'm so happy~ Can't believe how hot it became. The unfortunate part is that the addition of so many 15 year old would make the age group a little unbalance. Either way, yay. XP

My exams are here! It just started today. I had Malay and Physical Education. I think I did quite good, except for my BM 1. Gosh, tatabahasa killed me. @___@ I liked my Paper 2 though. And P.E. was soooo funneh. I mean the questions they asked were like "Rumah ____ menang Sukan Tahunan 2008 SMK USJ 13." and "Setiausaha Sukan SMK USJ 13 ialah ____.". I could answer some, but the latter stunned me. o___o

History and English papers tomorrow. Dieeee... Didn't study for History... I've been reading since afternoon but I've only read one chapter. Super procrastination! And yet, here I am online, typing this blog, and reading some manga(Emma is good!). =X

Mum nags at me alot these days. One of the main reasons why I hate to tell her I'm having my exams. She's having her evening jog right now, that's why I'm online in the first place. XP

Okay, I better go back studying. So expect me to be away from blogging for awhile. Study study study!

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