Friday, May 09, 2008

Melissa, Wan Cheng, Kar Yin, Jack and JC are going to TDC! WOOHOO! I can't believe it! So many people out of the sudden! I'm so excited~ Out of no where, Wan Cheng was soooo eager to go when she saw my blog post yesterday! And then she's dragging Kar Yin! :D And Melissa(my best bud) who didn't agreed at first, agreed! And then JC dragged Jack along... And I promoted the camp to Yu Qing, who was super enthusiastic too~ Participants, participants!

That just proves how great this camp is. XP *glares at a certain Santa*

I've been selling some cards for teacher's day (under the orders of Heim Cheng), and I've successfully got the guys in my class to uh, spread some love. 8D Wonderful~ Oh yeah, if you're interested in teacher's day greeting cards, they are 70 cents each, inclusive of an envelope. There's 6 different designs too! Look for me, kay?

Today has been so much about money collection. Had to help Biiancaa to collect the fees for the photos for Leo club. Oh well, it's good training.

Had choir training today. We're performing for teacher's day. Guess what we're singing? "Hero" by the one and only Mariah Carey. @__@ Yes, it's crazy! But i has been good so far. We have a trained conductor! And also Anthea. X3 I'm singing Alto, by the way, which sings the lower pitch between the Sopranos(high pitch) and Altos. Got back home after that, then piano. Then planned for the camp some more, then played Monopoly on the computer! And then...

I fell sick again...

WHHHYY!!! I just fell sick last Sunday, with fever, flue AND cough! I've only been coughing slightly these two days. And I just a few minutes ago, I diagnosed myself with fever... YET AGAIN! My body's hot, but my hand's all cold and numb... Gosh, I hope I get better before the exams come...

I'll take a nap... Oh, and if you guys want to come to the camp, you know where to look. ;)

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