Saturday, May 17, 2008

Teen Dhamma Camp. Is. Officially. FULL!

In less than two weeks, we've got 80 registered participants already! How amazing is THAT? XD TDC is hot! Sad thing is, we have to reject a few interested participants. Sorry, Aik Hean. .___.

Anyways, this is great news! ^^ No need for promotion tomorrow at Wesak! Either way, I have to be at the temple tomorrow for meetings, with the "s". Mum's not very happy with me going in and out, up and about, and not revising. .___.

My exams has been rather good, I think. X3 It only gets bad when the results come back. I think I did quite lamely on my Chinese exam... I tend to write childish essays because my vocabulary is terrible. .___. Oh well. I'm not one to dwell on my performance for the past exams. I'm doing questions for Maths now, and it's getting quite addictive. Mostly because I can answer them all. Yay~ :3

Hmmm... I'm lost for words? I think I just needed a reason to get away from revising and be at the computer. X3 Plus, my mum and dad are out for dinner with my aunt and uncle from Malacca, so yet another reason to be doing so! XP

If my mum reads this, she won't be happy. So uh, sorry mummy. *hides* =X


  1. Yiippeeeee!!!!

    Good job to all the committees!!
    We manage to reach our target of 80 in less than 2 weeeks before the deadline!!

    WhooOoaaaa~ =D

    Programmers work hard owh!! ^^
    Ad & Promo can relaaaaxx larhh!! XD

  2. ugh, i suck at maths... :(


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