Monday, June 30, 2008

Last Last Saturday

The days of laughter have gone,
Dancing before us are the fond memories
Ceaseless, as we await its next arrival.

I miss Teen Dhamma Camp. .___.

The picture above is of the TDC9 logistics committee, Yee Yang! His source of cheesiness in the picture was provided by Crystal Chow, if you know what I mean. ;) I was just digging through my pictures and I got the urge to post this up. Haha.

Last last Saturday was the TDCX reunion, therefore the emo-appreciating post before this. X3 I truly love all the friends I met in through SJBAYS, 13 years old, 19, or even 27. *ahem* I wrote the last post for two hours, ya know. It ended up getting me a late sleep, and then causing me to be late to Teen Quest. .___.

On the same Saturday, I had my Taekwondo training and Koperasi meeting which was at 1pm, which clashed with an event.

It was a photoshoot.

Okay, this is gonna be quite unbelievable for some of you readers to process. I might even sound like a maniac or some freak. But hey, it's me, and it's my interest. And I don't care what you think, but I'm sharing it with you now.

It was a Naruto cosplay photoshoot.

For those who don't know, cosplay is defined as "cos" as in costume and "play" as in roleplaying. Basically, the person chooses a character from an Anime, Game, show etc. and "becomes" them by creating the said character's costume. It can be handmade with all the weeny details or specially tailored. To fit the bill of the character, cosplayers would buy coloured contact lenses to portray their character even better. Cosplay is not all about the costume. A cosplayer has to roleplay as the said character. This is where you have to research about your character's personality and portray it as good as you can. Alternatively, you've got Wikipedia's help.

Yes, I am a cosplayer. I can be such an Anime freak.

Me and a bunch of other cosplayers planned a little photoshoot cum gathering at *toot* school (identity preserved by request of the pengetua) based on Naruto, a manga(comic) about ninjas and stuff like that. For this photoshoot, the setting was in a high school. For more info, watch this.

Shippu! Konoha Gakuen-Den!

I was supposed to be this character called Sai, who is supposed to be emotionless, who smiles deceitfully, who is also a guy. A dood. Yes, it happens in cosplay where people crossdress. It's my first time doing a guy.

Epic Failure

And then they asked me to become Hinata, a different character without notice. Whut? It's one of the outstanding characters, and has a rather prominent role in the video. But our group was lacking the character, and since my original hairstyle looks just like hers, they asked me to be her. I obliged, partly because the girl's uniform is sooo cute. :3

So I changed into another cosplayer's girl's uniform who kindly loaned theirs to me. And tadah!

Stalker Hinata!

Full-view of me as Hinata, and Pinball as Iruka (who saved my missing pencil box!)

My character is shy and has a crush on Naruto, yay. XD One sad fact about me is that I'm tan, and Hinata's supposed to be fair, and have white eyes. .__.

It was a really fun gathering! It was only three hours when I had to leave, but I enjoyed myself so much. The people are great. I can't stop loving cosplaying. I would post more pictures, but there wasn't many of me that are up on the net at the moment.

For more pictures, go to clannoire's deviantART and potter87's deviantART.

Yay, you've now learn something about me and my life. =) I might write another post about TDC if I'm bored, bwahahaha.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Beautiful Friend

Blogger's Note: I've finally found out how to include post titles! Yay!

Days had past. Weeks were spent. Months crept by. It was not an easy job to plan a 4 day camp. Arguments took place(with manners), tears were shed(mine, at least), ideas were formed. A three man team of programmers, fresh with no camp programming experience. Out of the three, two were new committees. And then, responsibility kicked in, and Hui Qing had to leave the team, leaving only Adrean and myself.

We managed to strive through with the help of many. We started to grow closer as a team. Program drafts were presented and denied. Amendments were made every week. Our minds were pushed to its limits to form new ideas for games, and how to make this camp a blast.

All those hard work paid off. And on the 5 June 2008, it had materialized before our eyes.

10th Teen Dhamma Camp - X3: Xcite. Xplore. Xperience.

I flashed my brightest smile as familiar faces and not-so familiar faces approached the Shah Alam Buddhist Society. As they came closer and closer, the reality of my camp hit me. I know I have to make it a blast, for me, for them, for us.

Flocking Together

The Top-Secret-Super-Important-Like-Nothing-Else project is revealed

The day started off slightly cold. I grunted, eager to see my participants smiling. Slowly with time, through our programs and their sparkling personalities, grins started to spread across their faces.

Day 2 Magic Carpet

The groups had came close together that smiles could be shared. Laughter could be spread across the room with no worries of awkwardness.

Pre-water dodgeball game

Groups had came so close together, sacrifices were been made for their friends. We were no longer just participants of a camp, we were friends.

"Die die together"

"I've got the powah!"

But as long as we are in Samsara's hands, we will make mistakes. We might hurt others intentionally, and sometimes we hurt them without knowing it.

Appreciation Session

When we hurt someone, we leave cuts. And no matter how hard we try to line the pieces up, the scars of the cut remains. But never forget that just like the scars, the happy memories will always be there.

It's never too late for us to say sorry to the ones we love, for all the wrong things we may have done.

After all, they are the people who made us who we are. They reason why we are here. And they are the reason why we strive on.

TDCX Committee "Para Para Sakura" dance performance on Talent Night

Kalyana Mitra (Spiritual Friend) Session

We show appreciation to our friends in all sorts of ways, be it material or immaterial. To me, the people around me is my reason of showing appreciation. We take our time and effort to show our appreciation to our friends, although we were tired and were working without a stop for three days. The final day has come and I pulled out all the hidden energy I have to make sure my friends never forget this camp and all the bitter sweet memories. Although we will never want it to end, impermanance comes into play.

It was time to say goodbye.

Words cannot describe how happy I was that everyone was enjoying themselves, that everyone was taking back something new, that everyone had made new spiritual friends. I was thrilled to see that there were those who missed all the great times, and that they too had so much to appreciate for.

And on 21 June 2008, our TDCX family was reunited. We wanted to know if everyone is well. We still had so much more to share. It was my chance to show my appreciation. I took some time off to arrange my own score so that I can perform "My Beautiful Friend" who are just as beautiful as its lyrics. Although I stumbled, I'm grateful that they didn't mind, and even written on my back that I was a great on the piano. It really was worth it.

Everytime I look back at the photos and think back of the memories at camp, I cannot help but smile. Sometimes I'm even close to tears. I want to hold tightly onto all of the friendships I have made. Through them, I have learn so much, much more than a classroom could provide. I learn new things about my old friends, and I learn new things from the new people I now call friends. They are my inspiration.

To all my Beautiful Friend, I truly love you.

"Ananda, friendship is the whole of the spiritual life."
- The Buddha

We were strangers, starting out on a journey
Never dreaming what we'd have to go through
Now here we are, and I'm suddenly standing
at the beginning with you

No one told me I was going to find you
Unexpected what you did to my heart
When I lost hope you were there to remind me
This is the start

Life is a road and I wanna keep going
Love is a river I wanna keep flowing
Life is a road now and forever
Wonderful Journey

I'll be there when the world stops turning
I'll be there when the storm is through
In the end I wanna be standing
At the begining with you

- "At The Beginning" - Anastasia

I dedicate this post to:

To my mother, for giving me the opportunity to give
To my father, for willing to fetch me to meetings with no complaints
To my brother, for being a support as I live

To the man who created rhyme,
to all campers for giving us their time

To Venice for the inspiration to be a better person
To Pei Song for the inspiration to be a great programmer
To Jason Kuan for the inspiration to write this blog post

To all my lame friends,
Ashley and Biiancaa for giving me a shoulder
Marilyn and Carmen for giving me a hand
Aivee and Swea Phin for giving me a cool Tee
Yee Leong and Jocelyn for giving me a meal
Shaun for giving me a Shaun
Joey for giving me a smile
Oi Ying and Oi Lam for giving me advice
Szeto Yan Meng for giving me a wake up call
Yvonne for giving me Yvonne Syndrome
Jun Keat for giving me a membership to ODC
Crystal for giving me inspiration
Seok Yeng for giving me reminders
Daniel for giving me his faith
And Adrean for me giving him a headache

To all speakers for spreading the Dhamma truth
To all my friends for being who they are

Keep Smiling, Keep Shining!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Taekwondo was fun! I got up early and went to school for MSSD. Yes, I skipped school, buahahaha. XD Went to Dewan Kelana Jaya with Nurul, Vindra, Louis, Jefferson and Xin Chieh.

The place was packed with people with white pants! Immediately, I started spotting familiar faces. Wei Ren, Lih Wern, Hoe Yen, and another friend from TDC. (sorry! I forgotten your name! DX)

We warmed up at about 7am+ with the Subang Utama people. Super semangat! After warm up, we took a seat along with our masters. I was fighting 3 rounds with one walkover, yay! So that means I only needed to win one fight to get a bronze. My first fight was bout 71 and one bout takes 3 minutes... Do the Math. o___o So we waited...

Ate snacks, played Sudoku, watched some fights. Waited... waited... waited.

There was quite alot of sad news because everyone from our group who fought, lost their match. .___. Until Vindra came along! It was really unexpected, but she won! She was super selamba! Her opponent got fouled quite some times.

It was only at 2pm or so when my first fight came about. It was rather tense. And the person I was fighting with was aggressive. o___o When the referee gave the cue, she ran to me like a bull! I got some good kicks on her. During the second round, I started to lose my energy already. I could've gotten more kicks, honestly. DX At the end of the match, the referee was raised his hand to the opponent and said "Choong(blue) sheng! Uh, Hong(red) sheng!" I was blue, by the way. So I was like, "oh well". When I went over to shake my opponent's hand, suddenly the referee ran back and got us back to position. In my head, I was going "OH YES! Bronzeeee!!!". Yup, I won! I was so happy! I can't believe it! It was a great match! My opponent looked quite pissed off. And I think she cried. .___.

Either way, HAH! I won! Me and Vindra were the only ones from our school who even won a match.

My next bout was bout 80, so I waited some more. It was getting late already. Jefferson and the others decided to go home with the teacher because they couldn't wait any longer. They've finished their match anyway, and it'll take longer because I need to wait for the medal giving ceremony. So they left, and I stayed with Nurul. Vindra lost her second match too. DX

And then it was my match. I did quite badly for the fact that I kept kicking below the belt. My kicks keep getting stuck at her thighs! It was terrible because I couldn't land much kicks on her guard, which earns you points. And I got fouled twice for kicking below the belt level. .___. In the end, I lost.

But I was smiling much wider than the person who won me. Hey, I'm still getting bronze, and it was a great experience.

So it was 5pm. Then we waited some more. Just like us, only two people from Subang Utama won a round and gotten bronze. So we had to wait for the medal ceremony.

Then guess what? At about 6pm or so, my master beckoned me and I knew something was wrong.

I didn't get the medal.

Apparently, my master made a mistake. There were actually two pages for my category, which means I was supposed to fight four rounds, which also means I needed to win two rounds to get a bronze, and therefore, I do not get anything.

It was a stab to the chest, but I've gotten over it. It really was a great experience, seeing that this is only my second time at a proper sparring competition. And it was really funny being around all the masters and the Subang Utama people. We spoke Hokkien and Cantonese! XD

And then, I got home at 9.30pm. I was there for 12 hours and more just for two matches. Yay~

Lesson: Do not lower your guard, always do your best in matches. Train more for sparring, kick above belt level. Remember to bring along a Nintendo DS or Gameboy or PSP to rid your boredom. And bring more chocolate for MSSD.

Oh, and I also just realized that it's not MSSD, I was fighting at MSSS level.


Kewlness. I can now say that I won a match at MSSS level. =D

And then Friday came! Perlantikan! It was nothing much, it only took 2 hours. It wasn't as grand as last year's either. But last year was REALLY time consuming. So it has its pros and cons. I'm officially Ketua Stok Lembaga Pengawas Koperasi SMK USJ 13 Berhad!!! YAY!!!

That afternoon, we had a meeting. To tell the truth, not all was well. It's hard to get people to cooperate with you. And harder if you're a new leader. I'd have to say it's harder than running a crowd of 90 participants at camp. DX But hey, life's a learning process. And as my very high in calcium friend said, "You can't satisfy everyone". And quote also, "With great powers come great responsibility". It was really true. Thanks C3H for comforting me. I really needed it. =)

I hope I can do better for the Koperasi. I genuinely want to make it a better organization. I had a blast last year at the Koperasi, and I really love this family, just as much as I love the SJBA-ians. I'm always the only gungho person when it comes to Koperasi. I hope the Koperasians would come to love the Koperasi just as I do.

Wheee, that's alot of rants and ravings. Hope you didn't mind. And sorry for the picture-less post. I've got an event-full day tomorrow: Taekwondo, Koperasi meeting, Naruto photoshoot, TDCX reunion. Will update you guys with pictures given the time. Tomorrow also means I'm getting TDC pictures, which also means more blog posts! Uh-oh.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

"Stop and Stare"

TDCX participant will know the significance of this caption to Yvonne. X3 Sorry, photography makes one a narcissist. XP It's fun to mess with a camera, so yeah.

June 14 was a special day for a special person, made even special by a special brother.

Happy 20th Birthday Felicia!

My brother baked a cake just for her. This was the second one he baked because the first didn't turn out that well. Sweet lad. X3 Anyhow, hope you have a good year ahead of you Felicia! =)

I originally wanted to make a full report on Felicia's birthday because I took TONS of pictures, but then buzy-ness, procrastination, and mum kicked in. So I guess this will have to suffice.

My exam results had a turn for the better. My BM got an A!!! And I'm one out of the only 4 people who got an A! Wheee!!! I got an high A for Kemahiran Hidup too, which is awesome, because not many people got A for it.


It's only 5As, but I guess it's better than 4. X3

TDCX reunion this week!!! Don't forget to come!!! I have a Naruto photoshoot this Saturday too, yay! And the Perlantikan is this Friday, and Minggu Koperasi the next week. Whee~ Busy days.

I don't have much to add... At least, not at the moment. I tend to write long posts, I guess I'll have to get used to short ones soon. XP

P.S: Happy Father' Day. =) And I just remembered that it's Jasmine's birthday! Happy birthday gurl!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I need something to blog about!!! ...Now I do.

Tagged by Pei Yee:

1. Name one person who always text you ??
Debbie! She SMS-es everyone, to be frank.

2. Do you think some people are born stupid?
No. They just choose to be. =P

3. Name one negative thing about you ??
Super mood swing!!!

4. What were you doing the past 30 minutes ??
Um... I woke up from bed. =X

5. What kind of dance would you like to learn if you had the chance ?? Ballroom! Any type!

6. Have you ever tried gymnastic ??
Nope. But does cheerleading count? We have to do stunts and cartwheels and all.
7. What was the last thing you bought today ??
Nothing at the moment. Last thing I bought two days ago? Chocolate Doughtnut and Cheese Stick from Koperasi SMK USJ 13 Berhad(advertisement!)
8. Do you talk a lot ??

9. Do you believe that love is blind ??
Love doesn't have eyes, how's it blind? 8D Ahem, only foolish fools who foolish believe in foolishly foolish love would be foolishly blinded by the foolishly said foolish words. (Gyakuten Saiban FTW!)

10. How was your day yesterday ??

11. What was the last ice-cream flavor you had ??
Tropicana. X3 I was at TDC! Ah... Memories.

12. How do people describe you as ??
Hyper, cheerful, lame, crazy, mad, tomato(???) etc.

13. Are you content with your life ??
I'm rather contented, but as a human, my wants will never be fulfilled.

14. Do people think you are crazy ??
Definitely! 8D Well, I'm crazy in a good way. X)

15. Do you consider yourself smart ??
I do. But my results are getting worse. .___. But I'm still smart. 8D

16. What color do you hate ??
You can't make me do this! D8 Um... I don't like this colour too much. =X

17. What are the reasons of you living ??
Because I'm not out of Samsara yet... On a more lighter note, my friends are my reasons for living. All the amazing thing friends can do to you, it's unbelievable.

18. Name one of your close friend.

19. Who is the first person in your phonebook ??
Adrean. (programming partner!)
20. Do you believe love at the first sight will be forever ??
I've never believed in love at first sight in the first place. So no, it's never forever for the fact that it's cheesy to think so and that people die. *touch wood* =/ But oh well, "there can be miracles, when you believe".

21. Tag 5 friends of your :
Jia Wern
Thu Yuen

Sorry dudes and dudettes. :3

Moving on, does anyone know how I'm supposed to add titles for my blogposts? Because I don't see to have to option to. =/

Little update! My mum signed me up for a tuition. ZOMG! .___. I haven't been to one since I was 10... It's a two hours, once a week tuition for maths and science. It's just in the neighbourhood, and there's only 6 students! They are all close friends of the teacher's(she's retired, by the way) daughter, and me because mum knows the teacher. It wasn't too bad, but now it destroys my record of being the only one not going to a tuition. .___.

Nothing much at school. Buns at the Koperasi! Haven't seen you guys in a month! And the Majlis Perlantikan is gonna be next Friday. Ahh... A year ago, I was wearing the standard school uniform... (well, not really because it's Minggu Koperasi this exact moment and I was wearing the green uni already) I'm gonna be involved in the Perlantikan for reasons you will find out soon. ;)

I wanted to blog more, but I don't have the time. So I guess I'll have to make a separate blogpost for it.

P.S: To all TDCX-ers, reunion is this Saturday, 21st June 2008! It's potluck style, so bring some food! For more info, go to Carmen's blog which you can find on the right hand bar.

P.S.S: TDCX-ers, again, I'm not feeling loved. ;_____; I want messages~ Gimme testi~

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It was an Xtraordinary holiday! I've talked about TDCX tons and tons of times. And it was just over! The holidays was over along with it too... But let's not talk about the sadness, let's talk about Xcitement, Xploring, and Xperience! X3

Let's start out with some pictures from last Tuesday's preparation. The committee met up at the temple and did all last minute preparations for the camp on that Thursday since we won't be available on Wednesday for our pre-camp.

Booya! This Hello Kitty was around for Kalyana Mitra, if you spotted her. It's mine, by the way. X3

Guardian Angel mailboxes in progress by Carmen!

Name tag production gang. Biiancaa does the chopping (fear teh chopper!) and Shaun does the trimming. Note how he looks like a crack dealer. (says so himself!) I did some trimming too.

Aivee on the laptop doing the invitation for Talent Night. Cool pose much?

Magic Carpet mats! Adrean's mum kindly sponsored 18kg worth of PVC cloth! We cut them into 20 mats which was used for Magic Carpet. :3

Production on Program Books! Me and Shaun did the foldings. Note how, once again, Shaun looks like a crack dealer. X3

Carmen does the cutting! Biiancaa was still on the chopper. It's addictive, apparantly. (Aivee was addicted too!)

Dun dun dun! Imagine how long we took to do this. It's lots of hard work.

The mess we did to the Youth Section room! Always looks like this when a huge project is on. Yvonne came to join in the mess! Shaun, again, dealing crack while standing. XP

Lunch time! 1-300-13-1300! This was where I got my "Tomato" nickname. =/ Ate 9 sachets of ketchup on my McChicken and fries, bwahahaha...

Went back to work. Completed the Program Books! There was a lights out due to a lightning, by the way.

Hampers for the groups! Marilyn, Jocelyn, Yee Leong and Adrean did the packing.

Another addictive job: The styrofoam cutter! It's just sooo fun to handle it. This is to make the Talent Night backdrop which kept falling on the said night. .___.

"M" for "laMe friends"! No, that's not really it, it's just Marilyn. X3

Alphabet mess! That's not my finger, by the way.

Shaun, Adrean and Marilyn packing all the files for participants. Adrean's all exhausted.

Venice doing what she does! We were testing out the Magic Carpet, by the way. Crack dealing again? XP (it's funny to say it =X)

Emo much?

And that ends our whole day at the temple! It was a 13 hour job, haha. We completed lots of packing and preparations stuff. Just showing the pictures to show you how hard a committee's job is! But it's really rewarding; the end result is really satisfying and the production process is hilarious. Tomato jokes were made for the whole day(I got teased alot ;___;) and Daniel was diagnosed with Pre-Camp Syndrome.


No, seriously. It was the first time I saw him so hyper and crazy. XD

That night, I got home and packed my luggage as I had my pre-camp the next day. And my Grade 8 Theory of Music results came! I got a 70 marks pass! YAY! No more Theory exams for me!!! When my mum told me, I was like "yay" and she was like "eh, you forgot to take your towel"... =___= Of all things, LoL.

I'll do a full update on the camp as soon as I get my hands on the pictures. It's just boring to do a post without pictures. X3 So uh, look forward to it? It'll come in quite late, I guess.

With 4 days of barefoot-walking and only 1 hour of sleep the night before, I kickstarted my day with the second semester at school! It was quite bad when I received my results... The only As I've gotten so far is English and Sivik... All my other PMR subjects are ALL 73 marks. Seriously! Maths, Sejarah, BM... This is the third time I've gotten 73 marks for Sejarah too! It pisses me off! Super anti-73 marks! And it was my first time getting 50+ marks for Chinese in secondary school. And I haven't started my Sejarah folio which was supposed to be passed up this Friday! Friday the 13th! Oh shucks...

I went for the MSSD Taekwondo weigh-in today. Yup, I'm going for MSSD. We went there with the Subang Utama people. As predicted, I was in the heaviest category. Oh wells. Might be an advantage or disadvantage.

I met Yim Hoe Yen there too! He's my primary school classmate. It was quite nostalgic to see him again. He looks... the same. =/ Tall, lean, same hairstyle, same cheesy smile, LoL~ Not much changes. I just remembered that he was a red belt when we were in primary. Not a surprise to see him there. Can't wait for MSSD next week! Need. More. Practice!

Weighing-in took a really short time. We went off from the stadium really quickly. We went to McD! The teacher was nice enough to bring us there, haha. I ate a cheeseburger, Nurul got two pies, Louis got a Big Mac and Jefferson got... a Mega Mac. o___o Me, Nurul and Vindra shared one cup of coke, haha. We refilled it three times. XP

Now, let me finish up my Sejarah folio. @__@ I'll update you on TDC once I get my hands on the pictures. X3

Monday, June 02, 2008

Whee~ It was a long week. Honestly, not much was done compared to what I have expected.(other than my camp stuff XP) Melissa came over to my house on Thursday! We did what best buddies did. X3 Um, yeah...

The father

My father's birthday was yesterday(1st June) and he's now officially half a century old! I sorta forgot to make something for him. So I SMS-ed Melissa for help. Finally, I decided to make a card for him only after an hour into his birthday. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves!

I started at this time!

This was a gift from Anthea and friends for my birthday. It was used as inspiration. As you can see, the content of the card has to be slide up, which was cool. And I love four leaf clovers. Lucky, lucky!

Behold the tools! Say hi to Kanda. X3

The old school design: A heart! You'll never go wrong with it. But I kinda forgot it was his 50th birthday, not Father's Day... And to spice up the heart is a business outfit sorta design. The pink thing is supposed to be a tie(and I forgot how to tie a tie!) I did a mistake with the button too. It's acting as the "fulcrum"(wow!) but I sorta forgot I sew through all four holes on the button, which in turn makes the card unslide-able as it should be.

Although your cheesy smile
and harsh voice makes me dull,

I cannot ask
for a better dad,
Who makes great toast
and helps run errands,
And boast
about his children,
And even when we often h
ave a row,

Remember that I do love you so,
I'm really glad that you're here,
And I wish the same for another 50 years

I wrote this cheesy poem in 5 minutes. It was to be written on the inside of the card.

The end results! Felicia(my brother's girlfriend) helped me with the tie. X3 The pocket with the hankie was a last minute addition.

The back of the card.

ZOMG! LOOK AT THE TIME! (I sorta spent alot of time... wasting time. XP)

I gave it to him with a hug the next morning. Then off to SJBA I went. =X Camp meetings eat alot of my time. Not going to go into detail, I can't spoil things for the camp participants right? ;)

Meeting started at 2.00pm+ and ended five hours later. Phee-ew! Got back home and OMG... The place was ransacked! No, it's not what you're thinking. It was just the kitchen. All the dim sum my father bought that morning were all messed up. The rubbish was everywhere, bites were on the polystyrene, the Char Siu Pao was bitten...


These fellas had been around our house for a looong looong time. They leave "packages" at our backyard. And sometimes they creep through the back door and window, which is almost 3 feet high. I usually shoo them out because they are always in plain view from the laptop. (XP)

It wasn't the end of it. My father went upstairs and he fou
nd this gray cat lurking in his bathroom! So my brother and father tried to shoo the guy with a stick. It got quite mad and started to kick my mum's cosmetics off the table. With more stick poking, we managed to get it out. It ran out of the bathroom, ran around the second floor, jumped
onto my brother's bed(ZOMG!), ran downstairs, and out thr
ough the door.

We then found out the cat came in through the backdoor wi
ndow, which was left open. Really got my father mad. I don't have pictures to show, but take it from me, it was frightening. And miraculously, with 2 hours without human presence, my brother's hamster was alive and unstirred. Hmmm...

And because the cat made it upstairs, it makes us tingle to
thing what it could've done to the house. Nothing much was messed up though. But thinking of all that fur and bacteria... eww. So mum started cleaning the whole house at 8pm.

That aside, my father managed to blow a "birthday cake", minutes before 12. With all family members present, of course.

The "birthday cake"! It's lemon cupcakes! Mmm...

Random picture! My family's filled with jokers. That's my eldest brother, by the way. (whose girlfriend made the cupcakes!)

Yeah. So that was my father's birthday! That night, I started work on this top-secret-super-important-like-nothing-else project for the camp... And I'm gonna reveal some pictures! ZOMG! Don't blink!

This is not a clue! ^^

Top-secret project in progress! The information is too hard for the camera to handle!

And then I finished my work after over an hour!

Yeah! So did you catch the secret? Don't tell anyone else I told you(especially the other committees). Or else...

"This is called a neuralizer. It's a gift from some friends from outta town."

Aite. You guys won't be seeing me till next week. I'll be out the whole day tomorrow, and by Wednesday, I'll be in the camping grounds already. Whee! TDC is here! All TDC campers, pack your luggage. I'll be seeing you at the Shah Alam Buddhist Society! Byeee!

PS: Happy belated birthday Siew Yen and happy birthday again Wei Qi!
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