Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It was an Xtraordinary holiday! I've talked about TDCX tons and tons of times. And it was just over! The holidays was over along with it too... But let's not talk about the sadness, let's talk about Xcitement, Xploring, and Xperience! X3

Let's start out with some pictures from last Tuesday's preparation. The committee met up at the temple and did all last minute preparations for the camp on that Thursday since we won't be available on Wednesday for our pre-camp.

Booya! This Hello Kitty was around for Kalyana Mitra, if you spotted her. It's mine, by the way. X3

Guardian Angel mailboxes in progress by Carmen!

Name tag production gang. Biiancaa does the chopping (fear teh chopper!) and Shaun does the trimming. Note how he looks like a crack dealer. (says so himself!) I did some trimming too.

Aivee on the laptop doing the invitation for Talent Night. Cool pose much?

Magic Carpet mats! Adrean's mum kindly sponsored 18kg worth of PVC cloth! We cut them into 20 mats which was used for Magic Carpet. :3

Production on Program Books! Me and Shaun did the foldings. Note how, once again, Shaun looks like a crack dealer. X3

Carmen does the cutting! Biiancaa was still on the chopper. It's addictive, apparantly. (Aivee was addicted too!)

Dun dun dun! Imagine how long we took to do this. It's lots of hard work.

The mess we did to the Youth Section room! Always looks like this when a huge project is on. Yvonne came to join in the mess! Shaun, again, dealing crack while standing. XP

Lunch time! 1-300-13-1300! This was where I got my "Tomato" nickname. =/ Ate 9 sachets of ketchup on my McChicken and fries, bwahahaha...

Went back to work. Completed the Program Books! There was a lights out due to a lightning, by the way.

Hampers for the groups! Marilyn, Jocelyn, Yee Leong and Adrean did the packing.

Another addictive job: The styrofoam cutter! It's just sooo fun to handle it. This is to make the Talent Night backdrop which kept falling on the said night. .___.

"M" for "laMe friends"! No, that's not really it, it's just Marilyn. X3

Alphabet mess! That's not my finger, by the way.

Shaun, Adrean and Marilyn packing all the files for participants. Adrean's all exhausted.

Venice doing what she does! We were testing out the Magic Carpet, by the way. Crack dealing again? XP (it's funny to say it =X)

Emo much?

And that ends our whole day at the temple! It was a 13 hour job, haha. We completed lots of packing and preparations stuff. Just showing the pictures to show you how hard a committee's job is! But it's really rewarding; the end result is really satisfying and the production process is hilarious. Tomato jokes were made for the whole day(I got teased alot ;___;) and Daniel was diagnosed with Pre-Camp Syndrome.


No, seriously. It was the first time I saw him so hyper and crazy. XD

That night, I got home and packed my luggage as I had my pre-camp the next day. And my Grade 8 Theory of Music results came! I got a 70 marks pass! YAY! No more Theory exams for me!!! When my mum told me, I was like "yay" and she was like "eh, you forgot to take your towel"... =___= Of all things, LoL.

I'll do a full update on the camp as soon as I get my hands on the pictures. It's just boring to do a post without pictures. X3 So uh, look forward to it? It'll come in quite late, I guess.

With 4 days of barefoot-walking and only 1 hour of sleep the night before, I kickstarted my day with the second semester at school! It was quite bad when I received my results... The only As I've gotten so far is English and Sivik... All my other PMR subjects are ALL 73 marks. Seriously! Maths, Sejarah, BM... This is the third time I've gotten 73 marks for Sejarah too! It pisses me off! Super anti-73 marks! And it was my first time getting 50+ marks for Chinese in secondary school. And I haven't started my Sejarah folio which was supposed to be passed up this Friday! Friday the 13th! Oh shucks...

I went for the MSSD Taekwondo weigh-in today. Yup, I'm going for MSSD. We went there with the Subang Utama people. As predicted, I was in the heaviest category. Oh wells. Might be an advantage or disadvantage.

I met Yim Hoe Yen there too! He's my primary school classmate. It was quite nostalgic to see him again. He looks... the same. =/ Tall, lean, same hairstyle, same cheesy smile, LoL~ Not much changes. I just remembered that he was a red belt when we were in primary. Not a surprise to see him there. Can't wait for MSSD next week! Need. More. Practice!

Weighing-in took a really short time. We went off from the stadium really quickly. We went to McD! The teacher was nice enough to bring us there, haha. I ate a cheeseburger, Nurul got two pies, Louis got a Big Mac and Jefferson got... a Mega Mac. o___o Me, Nurul and Vindra shared one cup of coke, haha. We refilled it three times. XP

Now, let me finish up my Sejarah folio. @__@ I'll update you on TDC once I get my hands on the pictures. X3

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