Monday, June 30, 2008

Last Last Saturday

The days of laughter have gone,
Dancing before us are the fond memories
Ceaseless, as we await its next arrival.

I miss Teen Dhamma Camp. .___.

The picture above is of the TDC9 logistics committee, Yee Yang! His source of cheesiness in the picture was provided by Crystal Chow, if you know what I mean. ;) I was just digging through my pictures and I got the urge to post this up. Haha.

Last last Saturday was the TDCX reunion, therefore the emo-appreciating post before this. X3 I truly love all the friends I met in through SJBAYS, 13 years old, 19, or even 27. *ahem* I wrote the last post for two hours, ya know. It ended up getting me a late sleep, and then causing me to be late to Teen Quest. .___.

On the same Saturday, I had my Taekwondo training and Koperasi meeting which was at 1pm, which clashed with an event.

It was a photoshoot.

Okay, this is gonna be quite unbelievable for some of you readers to process. I might even sound like a maniac or some freak. But hey, it's me, and it's my interest. And I don't care what you think, but I'm sharing it with you now.

It was a Naruto cosplay photoshoot.

For those who don't know, cosplay is defined as "cos" as in costume and "play" as in roleplaying. Basically, the person chooses a character from an Anime, Game, show etc. and "becomes" them by creating the said character's costume. It can be handmade with all the weeny details or specially tailored. To fit the bill of the character, cosplayers would buy coloured contact lenses to portray their character even better. Cosplay is not all about the costume. A cosplayer has to roleplay as the said character. This is where you have to research about your character's personality and portray it as good as you can. Alternatively, you've got Wikipedia's help.

Yes, I am a cosplayer. I can be such an Anime freak.

Me and a bunch of other cosplayers planned a little photoshoot cum gathering at *toot* school (identity preserved by request of the pengetua) based on Naruto, a manga(comic) about ninjas and stuff like that. For this photoshoot, the setting was in a high school. For more info, watch this.

Shippu! Konoha Gakuen-Den!

I was supposed to be this character called Sai, who is supposed to be emotionless, who smiles deceitfully, who is also a guy. A dood. Yes, it happens in cosplay where people crossdress. It's my first time doing a guy.

Epic Failure

And then they asked me to become Hinata, a different character without notice. Whut? It's one of the outstanding characters, and has a rather prominent role in the video. But our group was lacking the character, and since my original hairstyle looks just like hers, they asked me to be her. I obliged, partly because the girl's uniform is sooo cute. :3

So I changed into another cosplayer's girl's uniform who kindly loaned theirs to me. And tadah!

Stalker Hinata!

Full-view of me as Hinata, and Pinball as Iruka (who saved my missing pencil box!)

My character is shy and has a crush on Naruto, yay. XD One sad fact about me is that I'm tan, and Hinata's supposed to be fair, and have white eyes. .__.

It was a really fun gathering! It was only three hours when I had to leave, but I enjoyed myself so much. The people are great. I can't stop loving cosplaying. I would post more pictures, but there wasn't many of me that are up on the net at the moment.

For more pictures, go to clannoire's deviantART and potter87's deviantART.

Yay, you've now learn something about me and my life. =) I might write another post about TDC if I'm bored, bwahahaha.

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  1. OMG..Can I post dat pic of Yang too?? Hahaz..
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