Tuesday, June 17, 2008

"Stop and Stare"

TDCX participant will know the significance of this caption to Yvonne. X3 Sorry, photography makes one a narcissist. XP It's fun to mess with a camera, so yeah.

June 14 was a special day for a special person, made even special by a special brother.

Happy 20th Birthday Felicia!

My brother baked a cake just for her. This was the second one he baked because the first didn't turn out that well. Sweet lad. X3 Anyhow, hope you have a good year ahead of you Felicia! =)

I originally wanted to make a full report on Felicia's birthday because I took TONS of pictures, but then buzy-ness, procrastination, and mum kicked in. So I guess this will have to suffice.

My exam results had a turn for the better. My BM got an A!!! And I'm one out of the only 4 people who got an A! Wheee!!! I got an high A for Kemahiran Hidup too, which is awesome, because not many people got A for it.


It's only 5As, but I guess it's better than 4. X3

TDCX reunion this week!!! Don't forget to come!!! I have a Naruto photoshoot this Saturday too, yay! And the Perlantikan is this Friday, and Minggu Koperasi the next week. Whee~ Busy days.

I don't have much to add... At least, not at the moment. I tend to write long posts, I guess I'll have to get used to short ones soon. XP

P.S: Happy Father' Day. =) And I just remembered that it's Jasmine's birthday! Happy birthday gurl!

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