Saturday, June 21, 2008

Taekwondo was fun! I got up early and went to school for MSSD. Yes, I skipped school, buahahaha. XD Went to Dewan Kelana Jaya with Nurul, Vindra, Louis, Jefferson and Xin Chieh.

The place was packed with people with white pants! Immediately, I started spotting familiar faces. Wei Ren, Lih Wern, Hoe Yen, and another friend from TDC. (sorry! I forgotten your name! DX)

We warmed up at about 7am+ with the Subang Utama people. Super semangat! After warm up, we took a seat along with our masters. I was fighting 3 rounds with one walkover, yay! So that means I only needed to win one fight to get a bronze. My first fight was bout 71 and one bout takes 3 minutes... Do the Math. o___o So we waited...

Ate snacks, played Sudoku, watched some fights. Waited... waited... waited.

There was quite alot of sad news because everyone from our group who fought, lost their match. .___. Until Vindra came along! It was really unexpected, but she won! She was super selamba! Her opponent got fouled quite some times.

It was only at 2pm or so when my first fight came about. It was rather tense. And the person I was fighting with was aggressive. o___o When the referee gave the cue, she ran to me like a bull! I got some good kicks on her. During the second round, I started to lose my energy already. I could've gotten more kicks, honestly. DX At the end of the match, the referee was raised his hand to the opponent and said "Choong(blue) sheng! Uh, Hong(red) sheng!" I was blue, by the way. So I was like, "oh well". When I went over to shake my opponent's hand, suddenly the referee ran back and got us back to position. In my head, I was going "OH YES! Bronzeeee!!!". Yup, I won! I was so happy! I can't believe it! It was a great match! My opponent looked quite pissed off. And I think she cried. .___.

Either way, HAH! I won! Me and Vindra were the only ones from our school who even won a match.

My next bout was bout 80, so I waited some more. It was getting late already. Jefferson and the others decided to go home with the teacher because they couldn't wait any longer. They've finished their match anyway, and it'll take longer because I need to wait for the medal giving ceremony. So they left, and I stayed with Nurul. Vindra lost her second match too. DX

And then it was my match. I did quite badly for the fact that I kept kicking below the belt. My kicks keep getting stuck at her thighs! It was terrible because I couldn't land much kicks on her guard, which earns you points. And I got fouled twice for kicking below the belt level. .___. In the end, I lost.

But I was smiling much wider than the person who won me. Hey, I'm still getting bronze, and it was a great experience.

So it was 5pm. Then we waited some more. Just like us, only two people from Subang Utama won a round and gotten bronze. So we had to wait for the medal ceremony.

Then guess what? At about 6pm or so, my master beckoned me and I knew something was wrong.

I didn't get the medal.

Apparently, my master made a mistake. There were actually two pages for my category, which means I was supposed to fight four rounds, which also means I needed to win two rounds to get a bronze, and therefore, I do not get anything.

It was a stab to the chest, but I've gotten over it. It really was a great experience, seeing that this is only my second time at a proper sparring competition. And it was really funny being around all the masters and the Subang Utama people. We spoke Hokkien and Cantonese! XD

And then, I got home at 9.30pm. I was there for 12 hours and more just for two matches. Yay~

Lesson: Do not lower your guard, always do your best in matches. Train more for sparring, kick above belt level. Remember to bring along a Nintendo DS or Gameboy or PSP to rid your boredom. And bring more chocolate for MSSD.

Oh, and I also just realized that it's not MSSD, I was fighting at MSSS level.


Kewlness. I can now say that I won a match at MSSS level. =D

And then Friday came! Perlantikan! It was nothing much, it only took 2 hours. It wasn't as grand as last year's either. But last year was REALLY time consuming. So it has its pros and cons. I'm officially Ketua Stok Lembaga Pengawas Koperasi SMK USJ 13 Berhad!!! YAY!!!

That afternoon, we had a meeting. To tell the truth, not all was well. It's hard to get people to cooperate with you. And harder if you're a new leader. I'd have to say it's harder than running a crowd of 90 participants at camp. DX But hey, life's a learning process. And as my very high in calcium friend said, "You can't satisfy everyone". And quote also, "With great powers come great responsibility". It was really true. Thanks C3H for comforting me. I really needed it. =)

I hope I can do better for the Koperasi. I genuinely want to make it a better organization. I had a blast last year at the Koperasi, and I really love this family, just as much as I love the SJBA-ians. I'm always the only gungho person when it comes to Koperasi. I hope the Koperasians would come to love the Koperasi just as I do.

Wheee, that's alot of rants and ravings. Hope you didn't mind. And sorry for the picture-less post. I've got an event-full day tomorrow: Taekwondo, Koperasi meeting, Naruto photoshoot, TDCX reunion. Will update you guys with pictures given the time. Tomorrow also means I'm getting TDC pictures, which also means more blog posts! Uh-oh.

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