Monday, June 02, 2008

Whee~ It was a long week. Honestly, not much was done compared to what I have expected.(other than my camp stuff XP) Melissa came over to my house on Thursday! We did what best buddies did. X3 Um, yeah...

The father

My father's birthday was yesterday(1st June) and he's now officially half a century old! I sorta forgot to make something for him. So I SMS-ed Melissa for help. Finally, I decided to make a card for him only after an hour into his birthday. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves!

I started at this time!

This was a gift from Anthea and friends for my birthday. It was used as inspiration. As you can see, the content of the card has to be slide up, which was cool. And I love four leaf clovers. Lucky, lucky!

Behold the tools! Say hi to Kanda. X3

The old school design: A heart! You'll never go wrong with it. But I kinda forgot it was his 50th birthday, not Father's Day... And to spice up the heart is a business outfit sorta design. The pink thing is supposed to be a tie(and I forgot how to tie a tie!) I did a mistake with the button too. It's acting as the "fulcrum"(wow!) but I sorta forgot I sew through all four holes on the button, which in turn makes the card unslide-able as it should be.

Although your cheesy smile
and harsh voice makes me dull,

I cannot ask
for a better dad,
Who makes great toast
and helps run errands,
And boast
about his children,
And even when we often h
ave a row,

Remember that I do love you so,
I'm really glad that you're here,
And I wish the same for another 50 years

I wrote this cheesy poem in 5 minutes. It was to be written on the inside of the card.

The end results! Felicia(my brother's girlfriend) helped me with the tie. X3 The pocket with the hankie was a last minute addition.

The back of the card.

ZOMG! LOOK AT THE TIME! (I sorta spent alot of time... wasting time. XP)

I gave it to him with a hug the next morning. Then off to SJBA I went. =X Camp meetings eat alot of my time. Not going to go into detail, I can't spoil things for the camp participants right? ;)

Meeting started at 2.00pm+ and ended five hours later. Phee-ew! Got back home and OMG... The place was ransacked! No, it's not what you're thinking. It was just the kitchen. All the dim sum my father bought that morning were all messed up. The rubbish was everywhere, bites were on the polystyrene, the Char Siu Pao was bitten...


These fellas had been around our house for a looong looong time. They leave "packages" at our backyard. And sometimes they creep through the back door and window, which is almost 3 feet high. I usually shoo them out because they are always in plain view from the laptop. (XP)

It wasn't the end of it. My father went upstairs and he fou
nd this gray cat lurking in his bathroom! So my brother and father tried to shoo the guy with a stick. It got quite mad and started to kick my mum's cosmetics off the table. With more stick poking, we managed to get it out. It ran out of the bathroom, ran around the second floor, jumped
onto my brother's bed(ZOMG!), ran downstairs, and out thr
ough the door.

We then found out the cat came in through the backdoor wi
ndow, which was left open. Really got my father mad. I don't have pictures to show, but take it from me, it was frightening. And miraculously, with 2 hours without human presence, my brother's hamster was alive and unstirred. Hmmm...

And because the cat made it upstairs, it makes us tingle to
thing what it could've done to the house. Nothing much was messed up though. But thinking of all that fur and bacteria... eww. So mum started cleaning the whole house at 8pm.

That aside, my father managed to blow a "birthday cake", minutes before 12. With all family members present, of course.

The "birthday cake"! It's lemon cupcakes! Mmm...

Random picture! My family's filled with jokers. That's my eldest brother, by the way. (whose girlfriend made the cupcakes!)

Yeah. So that was my father's birthday! That night, I started work on this top-secret-super-important-like-nothing-else project for the camp... And I'm gonna reveal some pictures! ZOMG! Don't blink!

This is not a clue! ^^

Top-secret project in progress! The information is too hard for the camera to handle!

And then I finished my work after over an hour!

Yeah! So did you catch the secret? Don't tell anyone else I told you(especially the other committees). Or else...

"This is called a neuralizer. It's a gift from some friends from outta town."

Aite. You guys won't be seeing me till next week. I'll be out the whole day tomorrow, and by Wednesday, I'll be in the camping grounds already. Whee! TDC is here! All TDC campers, pack your luggage. I'll be seeing you at the Shah Alam Buddhist Society! Byeee!

PS: Happy belated birthday Siew Yen and happy birthday again Wei Qi!

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  1. hey if u are daughter arh....i feel damm proud man...hehee^^
    ooh btw have fun chasing the cat away huh?..haha..

    Triple T


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