Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

Happy Birthday to Debbie, Richard, Yu Qing, Dylan and Kay!

I can't recall anything interesting that happened last week.... We had our Leo auditions. And Leo Installation is postponed yet again. Which, is a good news to me. 8D More time at Taylor's Anime Fest! YEAH! I've been spending tons of money on Leo these days... So that's bleh.

Koperasi BBQ night!!! The people in the committee are the Koperasi AJKs: Asikin, Heim Cheng, Azlyn, Pui Mun, myself, Kar Yee, Anthea and Soon Huat. With us are also Zoe, Siew Yen, Jack, Kah Hong, Hsiu Jiuan and Dylan. I'm the programmer, as usual. X3 The theme is Double Trouble(previously Perfect Match), and the attendees are required to be paired up! I finally came up with a program line up that I'm satisfied with! But to make programs to entertain the teachers? Peeeeengsan.

And apparantly, the BBQ night might be postponed due to the Gotong-Royong happening at school that day? WUUUUDDD??? Heck with them! =.=

Either way, I'm gonna have busy weekends for the next few weeks...

There was this speaker who came on Friday. He was waaaay better than those people from the tuition centre I was referring to in the previous post. He was teaching techniques on how to score for BM. It was really helpful, although it makes me think twice about the marking scheme and format. I have no idea if I should apply his technique at school exams. As Anthea said, "it depends on the person marking our paper". .___.

Saturday was a busy day. Taekwondo grading! WAAAAAH!!! We were memorizing our Taegeuks like mad, worried the examiner was gonna ask us to perform a random Taegeuk other than Taegeuk 7. The grading ended really swiftly, although the red belts were the last ones to go. Well, it was only the USJ13 people who were taking this grading...

After that was Ultimate Fun Day! To those who don't know, Ultimate is the sport of something you'll know as Frisbee. And no, Frisbees aren't just for dogs. Mei Teng was asked to join a team named "Bye! Jeff" as a secret weapon. Distraction didn't work as team Phoenix got first. XP I helped the choir club sell Frisbees and I took up the spontaneous job as scorekeeper. They didn't have a score sheet so my OCD kicked in!

I got home rather late. Bathed for half an hour, got dressed in an hour. Seriously! o___o The clock was over 5pm when I left home for my school's Interact Club I.U. Day. The theme was "I love France". I borrowed a pink, beret-like hat to spice up my outfit. The I.U. wasn't disappointing, but it wasn't exciting either. Nurul was performing on her violin! She took a picture of me too(the only picture of me that night). I'll post it up when I've got the time.

Now it makes a great Installation harder to plan. Ack.

Sunday's at the temple! We had a series of games to "stimulate" stress. And we had a large team of new TQG committees! It was hard to manage, but I was so glad that we had so many people who wanted to help out and inspire others just like our seniors did for us!

I stayed back this Sunday for my Gavel club meeting that happens two times a month. I was supposed to present a speech about myself, but I haven't prepared anything at all! I spent all my time before the meeting to plan out my speech. The effort was in vain as I got distracted. =P While chit-chatting, I found out that Guan was my brother's ex-girlfriend's brother. WUUUUUD? o___o Quote Guan, "The brother was so charming. But the sister is a disappointment."

Thanks alot Guan.

In the end, I presented my speech for Gavel and got the Best Speaker award! Yay! Swea Ching said I had good preparation and didn't use any notes, which was good. Well, I didn't have any notes to start with, honestly. X3

Gavel Installation, Sunday, 27 July 2008. I bet I can't go but I waaaaannaaaaa.

I have no idea what else to write. Yay.

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