Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Come and Dance With Me

TDCX Para Para Sakura

I'm so proud of all the TDCX committees. :) They've been such a great bunch of people. More than half of them here don't know the dance, and they've only learn it in a mere 3 days time at camp. Not forgetting that we have to watch over all the participants, we didn't have much practice time. But still, we managed to make a performance worth watching for our participants. :)

Busy week. Busy month. And PMR is drawing closer! When that happens, the mum nags a lot. I've got lots of stuff to do this weekend, but I'll most probably have to return back to Malacca with my mum . @___@ I hope I can stay back...

Leo Installation is on 26th July. I'm da assistant secretary! There's an audition for performances on that day next Monday. So if you're interested, come to the Dewan after school! And please support the Installation! It's only RM10, and there's food and all. It's for a good cause too, as we'll be donating all proceeds to the natural disaster victims.

Sad thing is, Leo Installation clashes with Taylors Anime Fest! AAAH!!! I might just go there for a short time and return back to school for my installation. .___. Sigh...

I've been tagged, but since there's no music here, and my brother is using the computer, with all the music, I can't do the tag at the moment. XP

Computer time is gonna be limited! Rawr.

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