Friday, July 04, 2008

Double Post!

Whee! Second post for the day! It's the weekend. Quite alot of stuff have happened over the week. Now on with the update...

Choir practice on Thursday. The practice nearly killed my throat. I still can't breathe with my stomach. .___. We're singing this Malay song called "Sejahtera Malaysia" for a competition next month. It's a really nice song. But it makes my schedule that much packer. Eh...

Brandon invited me to his birthday steamboat! ...which falls on the 26th. And we all know Shu Hui has Taylor's Anime Fest and Leo Installation on that day. Eh. .___. And Leo Installation is pushed forward to 2pm. Nooo! That means I can only spend like 2-3 hours at Taylor's Anime Fest! D8 Sigh...

I've ordered this pin badge a few months back. And it has just arrived!

Godot Blend #207!

This guy's from Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulation. :3 Love the game! It's a Attorney game where you can yell "Objection!" to the Nintendo DS. XD This coffee addicted law attorney is one of my favourite characters, and is currently sitting snugly on my school bag. Would take a picture of it instead of posting a sample, but I don't have a camera at the moment.

Talking about Phoenix Wright, game fans must play this!

This is the game platform known as the Nintendo DS. It really looks like this in real life, and the game really works like that in real life.(except that you cant press the buttons on this demo and my blog couldn't contain the size, bleh) And this is the demo of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney! It's the fourth installation to Ace Attorney. The first three games were of the main character, Phoenix Wright. And now, in this fourth installation, Apollo Justice is the new main character! (note their funkey names with the puns)

I could make one whole post in tribute to this. But I'll do that next time when the mood strikes me again. Love this game sooo much! To those interested, I don't have a Nintendo DS, so don't look for me. Steal it off Zoe Tong Geng Mei. and Debbie Liow Wan Cheng. :3

Today, we had a farewell ceremony to Pn. Mahani. She is the penolong kanan akademik at my school, and also my Geografi teacher. We take for granted all the good things around us. When they gave their speeches to our teacher, I realized how concern she was about our academic achievements, I realized how much she had taught us, I realized how much we have relied on her. And now, Pn. Mahani will be leaving us on a course, for God knows how long.

She will be missed.

Now the question remains, who will be our replacement Geografi teacher? I hope it's a good one. .___.

Lots of teachers didn't come into class after the ceremony. So somehow, inspiration struck me and I raised my trusty needle(a new and prickly one. I miss my old needle. .__.) and started cross stitching! I was doing the Fiametta-Ink firey logo that Anthea had mapped for me. I think the colours I used were a little too dark and not enough contrast... Either way, I FINISHED IT IN 4 HOURS! WAHAHAHHA!!!

Lesson: Procrastination and diligence is strong.

Our last hour at the school was to the listen to a bunch a doods giving us thet ceramah. Apparently, it was a talk to the improve ah our answering skills for Science. All I learned was "I See Mr Au Eating Hangi". Yay! It's supposed to help us to the remember the topics we learn in whatever form. Liek wow! They are soooo gonna ask me "What is the second chapter in form 2?". I bet I will the score the 100% if I listen to them.

If you're wondering why my English got terrible, that's how the guy speaks. Principal, he is. But his English was freaky. His Malay was no better. For one hour, I learn how "Sekolah Menegah see Sekolah Menengah" and "See Leg Good" and crap like that. Yay. They thought me that to be a smart kid who scores all As, I have to look for a tuition centre, more specifically ****(I shall keep their identity hidden). Yay!

Apparently they will be sending some nice stuff to our homes and that we won't regret joining their tuition centre. Bleh. At least Inti College's speaker who came to our school in January gave us free pens. TAKE THAT!

After school was a Leo meeting. Won't go into details.

My parents are in Malacca for my niece's full moon. And you know how Chinese people celebrate their baby's full moon, especially those who are well-off. I managed to convince my mum to let me stay at home! Yay! I've lots of things to do this weekend, so yeah. I'll be going to the temple today for Youth Seekers Gathering and then a gathering with our Lame Club people! X3 Inside info, so I won't blame you if you don't understand. Bwahaha.

Tomorrow's Open Day, but my parents aren't around. Wakakaka. Should be blogging over this weekend with all the things happening.

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