Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Double Trouble!

So the day of buzyness came! Taylor's Anime Fest and Koperasi BBQ Night, and two Hare Hare Yukai dance performances!

I reached Taylor's at 10am. I met Amelia and a handful of my other cosplay friends! Amelia requested me to perform Mikuru's part for Hare Hare Yukai. Of course I agreed! =)

Thanks Pinball for the recording, although you had to take care of your booth. :3

The booth owner who kindly lent his space to keep all our junk. Thanks! X3

Played Stepmania(anime version of Dance Dance) and it was quite hard... And then Baphomet and friends came! All as Katekyo Hitman Reborn characters. Slightly regretted not cosplaying. And then there was this Reno who was super cool and hot. owo He played Stepmania like it was a walk in the park! His legs was so light, he jumped out of the mat and touched the mat with his hands! Impressive! I should've taken a video of him in action... .___.

"I think my tongue is gonna fall off! XP"

The cosplay competition was slightly disappointing as it was quite brief. But it's still entertaining. ^^ My camera died halfway through, so I didn't take much pictures. WAAAH!

The Katekyo Hitman Reborn Group!

Hermione's orders. Join SPEW or die!

Harry v.s. Pansy for... Draco? o__O

Potter Stinks! :3

My Bento! With Kikkoman soy sauce! X3

I was supposed to go home early, but my dad was in Lake Garden and decided to come a little later. Ack. So I got home about 4pm and got a little nagging from Anthea. Got changed and rode my bike to school at 4.30pm!

Lots of work needed to be done. The Koperasi was all messed up and we had super lots of tables to shift! And we only had 13 committees with a few extra hands... Had to run back and forth to get stuff. The people started flooding in at 5pm. Not only that, me, Anthea, Zoe and Siew Yen had to rehearse our performance. And then...


It's the one I've been talking about in the past few posts. The theme is Double Trouble where everyone had to get a pair! Double Trouble like Jesse and James from Team Rocket, like Romeo and Juliet, like Pei Song and Yen Mei... *ahem ahem*

I made the joke that night, although I had the feeling that Pei Song was the only person who heard me. .___.

Yes, it's a replacement class, but we had our younger Koperasians to get out of class a little earlier to join us. The bell rang and... what the flush? It's drizzling? o___o

As Wei Jyh(the almighty ex-Ketua!) said, he was impressed to see everyone moving the tables which were located at the tapak perhimpunan. In 5 minutes, everything was shifted under the roof and away from the rain! Very shortly, I started talking on the mike. Yes, I was the programmer AND MC. =) I would never have allowed anyone to take the MC job(other than Anthea, maybe) after the Interact I.U...

Yours truly, the programmer, MC... and Suzanne!

And dinner was served! Everyone seems to be having a good time. There was lots of food and time barbecuing stuff. There was quite alot of couples who actually dressed up as partners. It was rather fun. ^^

Syarifah and Su Li

Tall and Short!

It's Guy Love!

It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's SupZhiTeng!

Even the teachers were there! (come on, it's free food)

I fed the audience with Gyakuten Meets Jazz and Gyakuten Meets Orchestra! It's the Gyakuten Saiban/Phoenix Wright soundtrack. X3 Love it bunch~ No objections to it, wahahaha.

Halfway through I cut in to throw in a Troubling performances brought by a Double! (I play around with words too much XP)

It's Nelson and Xin Chieh, for the uninformed ones.

And Pengerusi Koperasi SMK USJ 13 Berhad Datin Hjh. Robiah binti Hj. Abdul Hamid came! *takes breathe* Yes, I had to say the full name and title. ^^" After waiting for her for so long, we had to wait again for her to finish eating before giving her "opening" speech...

So eating commenced again! Soon after, we had more performances from the committee members!

From left, Siew Yen, Anthea, me and Zoe! Siew Yen and Zoe only learned this in a few days. Even so, it was in class! They were quite uncertain about the second part of the dance, so they decided to become wallflowers. But still, I'm very impressed and glad they actually wanted to join our insanity in the first place. ^^

And then was the performance by the rest! They choreographed and danced this in less than two weeks too. So give them props alright? X3 It's not easy to do these stuff amidst all the buziness.

Wounded, but our heart's still tough!

Even I hurt my foot. (yes, it's my foot)

Except for this three bums who sneaked out of doing any performance. Shame on you!

Gyakuten Saiban continued to entertain the crowd as the night went on. We ate and ate, with little programmes slotted here and there. Datin Robiah decided to push her speech back into and ending speech. Heh...

And then we had birthday celebration for July babies! More specifically Su Li whose birthday was on that day itself! And then Hsiu Jiuan hosted a game with her trusty friends. It's called "Finders Keepers" where we get doubles to come up and play together. One will be blindfolded, and the other has to call out for their friend! It's not that easy when you're up against four other pairs. I was singing "Hare Hare Yukai" at the top of my voice(those who know me knows how loud I am) against Jian Mei's super sharp scream. o___o

Look like a fine couple huh?

Finders Keepers!

The MC needs her entertainment. :3

After that was the prize giving ceremony! The Finders Keepers game was a little long so the award ceremony was a little delayed. "Most Friendly Koperasian" went to Thu Yuen! "Best Koperasian" for each form was Kai Ning, Raaj, Hsiu Jiuan, Syazana and Nelson respectively. There were gifts for the Finders Keepers winners too, Soon Huat and Wai Lun and Anthea and Jian Mei. The ex-form five board of directors were given prizes too. And there were two couple awards, "Best Dressed" and "Best Match". Mei Teng and Zhiji got "Best Dressed" with their Superclothes! Apparently they spent more than RM50 per piece. Zomg... owo And the "Best Match" went to me and Wai Hong! owo We just wore our camp shirt and threw on a green tie and put on some wristbands and happen to have matching pants and yay! We won a cute set of cups each. :3

The Prizes!

The Winning Attire XD

We ended with a game called "Human Spiderweb" which was supposed to be about passing this rafia string to another person and talking about how you depend on the said person while keeping an end. It was supposed to form a really cool shape at the end, and was supposed to mean the dependency between the Koperasians and how we have to work with each other. But it sort of screwed up because there wasn't enough time. ^^"

"Eh, make a smaller circle so you can make things easier for me and Anthea la"

And then... The night ended. It was really satisfying to see people happy and to see that the night ended nicely. The teachers seemed happy too. =) Together again, we cleaned up.

Keep it for next year's "Khidmat Masyarakat"

Our home. :3

I was really proud of my job as programmer and MC that night. =) I think I did well to entertain my audience. Whee!

I got home with Anthea on her car without my bike as it was quite late. Got home and got told off by mum for not bringing back my bike. =.= It was quite a bummer that after such a satisfying day, I return home for nags...

Not only that, my beloved red book went missing! WAAAAH!!! It's filled with so much of my lovely doodles and random facts and stuff written by me. There's even my poem in it... ARGH!

If you guys ever spot it, someone PLEASE return it to Yin Shu Hui, located at 3 Amanah for the this and next week. Thank you. m(_ _)m


Temple on Sunday as usual! We had quite a nice session. Gosh, Swea Phin's mind mapping was so awesome, I feel like doing mind maps although I've never liked them for revising. X3 It was Gavel Club's Installation that night, but I couldn't make it.

First day at class without Anthea and gang! AAAAHHHH!!! It was really really saddening. .__. I sat alone in a row of loners(seriously, the whole row was of people who sat alone with two tables). It was the first time since Orientation Day that I was so unsociable at school. The whole day we did exercises. Not only that, it was like I was in some foreign land with foreign people... Awkward. On top of that, I haven't climbed two flights of stairs to class for a long time, haha.

Today turned for the better. I sat in front of U-Sern after PJ and we were blabbing away. It was fun finally socializing. So the whole day, it was exercises again, but with U-Sern, Reuben and Ian. Much more fun than yesterday. And we had Anantha for Science! Gosh, he makes stuff sound sooo interesting. I wish he was my Science teacher... He was really informative and fun. Explained lots of stuff in detail.

Maybe this Waktu Anjal thing wasn't that bad after all. But I'd still love to have Anthea and gang back. ;___;

For As! *eyes sparkles*

Leo Installation is confirmed this Saturday, 2 August 2008, 4-7.30pm! The theme is "Hope Sparkles in the Dark". It is a charity event for the natural disaster victims. Hey, it's never too late to help them. The dress code is semi-formal, meal will be served and it's just RM10! And you'll be doing charity too! It's for a cause! So come one, come all! And you've got me as your MC too. That's an incentive. ;)

And then this Friday is supposed to be the Taekwondo Annual Dinner. It's at Summit with lots of good food(apparently oysters and sashimi! owo). 7-10pm, RM30+ for members and RM60+ for non-members. I doubt I'll be able to go... I'm "sort of" grounded by mum. @__@ Besides, if I go it's like a RM10+ per hour for buffet thing, haha.

Just one more event to organize till you'll have to worry about PMR! Hang in there girl! X3

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