Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Not-So-Soon Post

It has been another busy week! First of all, birthday wishes to all birthday kids this week. More specifically, Happy Birthday Bryan Sow, Sharon Gooi, Chun Ye, Jin Hwa, Pei Yee and May Yee!

The people who came to my school for the very pointless talk I wrote about in my last blog post called home. My mum picked up the phone and apparently, they were very bad at telemarketing. They didn't even introduce their tuition centre! Maybe the person who made the call was too filled with shame. *sigh*

School has been treating me fine. There has been a change in our schedule but everything is still the same. Our new Geografi teacher isn't as bad as what I was told. But we'll see.

Anthea and I were chatting randomly when we considered to cosplay "Avatar: The Last Airbender". She as Toph and me as Katara! We never noticed how perfect these characters were for us until we started chatting about it. Toph is short and has black hair(which Anthea is), and Katara is tan.(need more explanations?) A search on Wikipedia told me Toph is 12 and Katara is 14. Wuuuud? o___O

Either way, we'll most probably cosplay them next year. X3

Saturday called for a meeting with the SJBA people. I went home straight from Taekwondo. Watched a 5-episode marathon of Winter Sonata with my mum before I got ready to leave for the temple. I called up Justin for a carpool. Need to save money and save the environment. X3 The mother picked up the phone.

"Huh? Justin's in the temple already. Is this Shu Hui calling?"


A call to Oi Lum told me that the meeting started 4 hours earlier. Apparently we were informed by e-mail, but I received nothing. Either way, being the oh-so-responsible committee I am, I still rushed to the temple nevertheless. My father fetched me to the temple. He always says the darnest things. But during our ride to the temple, he told me the most darnest and most pleasant thing in a long time.

"Girl, what time will you come home? If you come home before 5pm, you want to follow me to Bon Odori?"

Random? Yes. Last minute? Yes. Am I going? HELL YEAH!

It got me excited throughout the whole meeting. X3 Well, the meeting only lasted for less than half an hour when I reached the temple. We went to McD after that and then Yeh Vin sent me home. He's going to Bon Odori too. :3

And then my father armed himself with his super professional camera(his objective of going to Bon Odori was to sharpen his photography skills) while I skipped into his car with my handphone and purse.

Obon (お盆) or just Bon () is a Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the departed (deceased) spirits of one's ancestors. Bon Odori (盆踊り, meaning simply Bon dance) is an event held during Obon. It is celebrated as a reminder of the gratefulness one should feel toward one's ancestors.

- Wikipedia

So I got there and spent the first hour with my father browsing the food stalls. There were so many people there! And so many people wearing yukatas! There were a bunch of real Japanese people too. I got excited seeing and hearing them speak in Japanese. It made me feel like I'm that close to Japan. XP And there were lots of Japanese families, all clad in traditional clothes too! The little Japanese kids are the cutest! X3

Here are pictures, courtesy of the father!

Stadium Panasonic Shah Alam

Yukata-clad Japanese girls

Older version of the previous four?

Hawt Japanese Taiko drummers! X3

Another Japanese girl with a water balloon yoyo (I had one too X3)

"Daitokyo Ondo" Cultural Dance in progress

The public join in too!

Odd enough, I don't have any pictures of myself at Bon Odori.

I met up with the Comic Fiesta forumers! We had loads of fun dancing! The cultural dances were simple, but fun to follow! There were four dances in all, Daitokyo Ondo, Hanagasa Ondo, Tokyo Ondo, and another one which name I forgot. Hopefully I didn't get any of the names wrong either. o__o I danced for all three sessions, 1 and a half hours! I left right before the last dance was finished so we didn't have to fight the jam.

Sunday was temple day as usual. We had a discussion about stress management. I guess I'll never be able to manage my stress, especially tears. @__@

And then came school, again. Yesterday was the Leo Installation Day Audition. We had only three groups auditioning, one which came up last minute and one which we failed. There were other groups who expressed their wish to perform on our Installation Day too. Whee! Do if you're interested, we're having another round on auditions this Friday! :D

And then, the Koperasi is having a BBQ dinner! Whee! The theme is Perfect Match, having something to do about the "silaturahim pengawas koperasi". Basically we're supposed to come in pairs. Yeah. And it's only for the Koperasians.

Wait a second... It's on the 26th July? It's at 5pm-10pm, right after my Leo Installation, during Taylor Anime Fest? And I'm in charged of both the Installation and dinner? NUOOOOOOOOO!!!

I'm so looking forward and dreading 26th and the same time...

Taekwondo grading on the 19th, Ultimate Fun Day right after that! And also, Interact Club I.U. on the 20th. I wanna go. :3 I missed the one last year and the year before that. And I wanna go for other reasons too! No use hiding behind the mask. Bwahahaha.

Well, I just have so much on my hands right now. Just wanna enjoy life to the fullest with my buddies! X3 Won't be active on the net for awhile.(I've said this countless of times)

Till then!

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