Friday, July 25, 2008

"Ooki na Yume Yume Suki Desho?"

Random updates! Happy Birthday Stephania and Rizal!

I've finally gotten my Leo uniform! Nothing special, and it's a little off measurement so I guess I need to make some amendments with the teachers. I've gotten my Leo tag too! "Leo Yin Shu Hui - Assistant Secretary 08/09". Woohoo! And it's shineh! But the best thing about the tailor thing is...


It's so pwetty! I love the skirt. It's so fluid and shimmering! The shirt, just like the Leo uniform, needs some amendments too. Other than that I'm so glad I finished up a percentage of my costume!

Thanks a bunch Mellie. :3


It'll be great if the teachers stop changing our plans. First agreeing, then saying no straight to our faces. THEY CANCELED OUR GHOST HOUSE OPERATION! RAAAAWR! Plus there's the evil replacement class tomorrow. On that note, there's the gotong-royong perdana the week after that, with the Leo Installation at night. And this clashes with my Taekwondo classes. I have no idea when are we gonna get our results... What the flush... @__@

Back to Koperasi BBQ Night, due to the replacement class, we can only start at 6.30pm. =/ So all early attendees, you'll have to bear with me and whatever lame games I may throw at you. =P I'm quite satisfied with my programmes. I just hope it won't screw up. I'll be partnering with a certain Santa. Dun dun dun~

Performances! I'm quite glad with the performances we'll be having. There are a few dance performances and singing performances. As usual, the teachers requested that there will be English and Malay songs performed. Jia Wern will be singing his own Malay composition about the BBQ night! It's really cute. XD And Anthea and I will do a random, childish English "song". Yay. And oddly, our Hare Hare Yukai dance was approved by the teacher. I thought she was gonna complain that it was a Japanese song and all. She even said that it reminds her of her childhood days. Yay!

Taylor's Anime Fest tomorrow! I'll be skipping school(sorry teachers and friends!) tomorrow. But sadly, I can only go for like 3 hours or so. Need to get back to school by 2pm to teach Zoe and Siew Yen Hare Hare Yukai. Waaaah~ I'll miss Taylor's Anime Fest. It was my first Anime convention and I wanted to go for the whole day and cosplay too. Now I can only go as a normal attendee. But I'll be performing Hare Hare Yukai there too! Ohohoho! Thanks Ame-chan. It'll make my time there a tad more meaningful and fun. X3

JADUAL ANJAAAAL! It's some sort of plan our pengetua is pulling on us. She streamed ALL of us into classes to do "Latih Tubi" for two weeks until our trials. I'm in the second class, and away from Anthea! NUOOOOOO!!!! How am I supposed to survive? @__@ And my new class is two floors up. I haven't climbed two floors in a long time. Waaah! What the fluuuuush. .___.

Just you wait 3 Berlian! I shalt come after trials! Watch me get As!

I'll post more pictures in the future. You'll just have to bear with photo-less blogs at the moment.

Saturday, here I come!

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