Sunday, July 06, 2008

Weekend of Celebrations

Shu Hui does NOT fail her Sejarah exams. Ever

Random title. =X

Adrean had kindly offered to fetch me an Biiancaa to SJBA for the Youth Seekers Gathering on Friday. I felt quite guilty for making him coming to the other side of USJ which was like the opposite of where our temple is. But sigh... What to do. Me and Biiancaa had no other alternatives. @__@ Adrean came late because he just came home from his new university. And being Adrean, he started ranting about his university in the most childish and hilarious way.

"No 'ju yok'(pork) you know. Everyday they feed us curry only, aiyah. The nearest 'ju yok' is like 6km away."

"Aiyah, sit the KTM the people very rude. Simply elbow people. There's this fat lady pushed me when I was entering. I tell her 'I know I'm fat, don't la rush with me.' She straight away malu."

Aaah... The wonders of Adrean's language.

So, we arrived at the temple, with an hour to spare. We joined in the session, which was a "chain the story together and retell it" sort of thing. It was hilarious. Apparently Snow White had a hidden obsession with all things pork and she pledged her organs for donations at the end. Whee!

We then went to Asia Cafe to have yum cha session with the Lame Club president of Youth Section, Yvonne as she will be leaving us for Australia. To TDCX campers, she was "the exco who took your marney". It was a lame-ful session. When we went to the toilet, Yvonne actually entered the male toilet before Biiancaa had to tug her out. How blind and lame can you get?

"Forgive me, I am lame," with a very Yvonne accent.

Marilyn presented her with a one-of-a-kind pen with a carving that says... le-gasp! LAME CLUB PRESIDENT!

May the lame legacy be carried on. And may Yvonne have great success in her studies.

Saturday came, and it's Taekwondo as usual. After that was supposed to be open day, which I skipped as my parents weren't around. Bwahahaha. Nevertheless, I stayed back for 45 minutes due to the temptation of playing Zoe's iPhone. Met with Nellie the tailor at 1pm. She's a really nice person. Working on something. Can't wait for the outcome. :3

In conclusion, I have been a bum on Saturday.

And then came Sunday! It was TQ day and as usual, my day is dedicated to the temple. We played Dhammapoly, our version of monopoly. After that, we had a short meeting with TQG committee hopefuls. I'm sure they are all like "Zomg... what have I gotten myself into?"

Don't worry dudes and dudettes! It isn't as terrifying as you think it is. Yes, there are always procedures and certain ethics to follow. But it's a learning journey. Look at me! I started somewhere too and I've learn bunch! 8D

...Not a very convincing example, am I? X)

After the short meeting, we, as in me and some of the temple people strolled over to Summit to celebrate Guan's birthday!

ZOMG! It's a GUAN!

Happy belated Guany birthday, again! His professional name is "Inspector Guan from Roti Canai". Once again, TDCX campers would understand. X3 This not-so-Thai-boy was born on the 2nd of July, 1992. He invited the bunch of us to celebrate his birthday at Summit. And we gladly obliged. If there's food involved, why not? X)

Of course, that's not the main reason. =X

We had lunch at Shakey's Pizza, where we were filled to the brim. There were enough leftovers to feed Guan for dinner. And then there's that cake which he is holding cheesily in the above picture. He had fun carrying it all over Summit. :3

We went to the arcade soon after! One thing I hated about the highest floor of Summit is the plagued air. Eww. Either way, I skipped into the arcade. We DANCED DANCED! It was great fun for the legs and eye, along with the laughs while watching the others dance(especially the combo of Yee Leong and Adrean, OMG), topped with cutesy Disney songs. Whee!!! I've got an SS rank! Coolie! Me and Ashley managed to dance till the end, finishing three rounds with an average of a C. We da woman lame friend!

Spot the Shu Hui!

We spent alot of time on the drum game above too. Sadly, I never had the chance to try it out. It looks fun. Yee Leong is definitely loving it, he pwns da game! 5 digit score, almost 5 times Swea Phin's score, haha.

It was a really fun day. And it was definitely a celebration for a particular special guy. Enjoy your sweet 16. :3

P.S: My birthday is on April 4th, if anyone likes to give me a surprise party. 8D You've got more than half a year to plan it. Go plan!

P.S.S: All the pictures in this post were shamelessly stolen from the birthday boy's blog. (Adinadana veramani...)

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