Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Birthday...

Happy 51st Independence Day!!!

No matter how much we complain about the price increase, weather, corruption and what nots, I love Malaysia. Call me crazy, but I really do. It might sound cliche, but we're fortunate that there's no cyclones, earthquakes and volcanoes here. The climate is just nice here, although we always hope to see snow. Life is simple here. Just this morning, I went for the Merdeka celebration at SJBA with my Kalyana Mitras. I must've looked like an idiot, waving the Jalur Gemilang so enthusiastically while singing Keranamu Malaysia at the top of my voice. But I don't mind. I am simply showing my love for my country, and I shall send you a flying kick if you interrupt me. No matter how much I want to see Sakura trees at Japan on my birthday(my heart's little desire :3), there's nothing like home - Malaysia.

I'm a proud Malaysian!

Please do not throw pies at me. I'll throw pies at you if you hate Malaysia. Thanks. 8D

Nothing much to update on my life. So await my next post. You can visit Debbie's blog or SMK USJ 13 Choir's blog for update on my choir stuff. Yay!


P/S: Baskin Robbin's anyone? :3

Quote of the Day: "If I were the rain, that binds together the earth and the sky, whom in all eternity will never mingle, would I be able to bind two hearts together?" - Inoue Orihime from Bleach. (Bleach quotes = love)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's the day...

A girl was born on 27th August, 15 years ago. This girl gave me an uneasy feeling at the start. As 7 year olds do, we fought for friends, particularly this classmate named Ling Hui. As both of us tugged both ends of Ling Hui's hands, the girl yelled.

"Can't you guys be friends?"

At that point, no. But after the single word of "Pokemon", two 7 year olds started spazzing at each other from that day forward. We spoke of imaginary plots and whipped up imaginary beings together. Hey, that's what kids did back then.

We bicker over little things occasionally, just like normal friends would. I was ignored for weeks because of a bean bag. Things happen, but friendship is forever. And we were best friends.


You, my beautiful friend you bring me joy
With your warm and generous ways,
Kalyana Mitra you pull me back
when the road leads me astray.

I'll never forget you were with me
In times of sorrow
I'll promise to stand by you
Today and Tomorrow.

You, my trusted friend
I'll walk with you till the end
On the Path of Freedom
Now and again
My happy beautiful friend
I'll hold your hand
In us we can depend.

Friend, you have all the qualities in you
To show me the meaning of the Truth
And there will be times we won't agree
There may be doubt, uncertainty.

I'm sorry I've let you down and
Left you in the shadows
My friend won't you turn around
I'm here with my rainbows.

Kalyana Mitra, please take care of me
We somehow share the same destiny
Kalyana Mitra, I'll take care of you
Beautiful friend, I truly love you.
Kalyana Mitra = Spiritual Friend

- My Beautiful Friend by i.gems

Quote of the Day: "We know we're getting old when the only thing we want for our birthday is not to be reminded of it." - Anonymous

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tis' the Season to be Jolly

Falalalala~ lalalala~

No, I'm not stuck in Christmas. X3 I'm just jolly. 8D

Don't have much to say about Leo Installation, except that I didn't give out any of my name cards. Bleh. =(

Much of the event can be summarized into the few videos I have uploaded onto my YouTube, so move it!

And then, the long awaited CHOIR COMPETITION!!! I can say that when we got to Subang Parade, some of the groups were rather intimidating. Being the cheerleader I am, I took it all with a smile and spread my confidence around. And no matter what other people might say, I am PROUD of the SMK USJ 13 Choir! So little practice, yet we performed so well! Our performance was worth RM200!!! Yes, we didn't win the first prize, but 4th place would suffice. :3

And then, I urge you to watch our performance. 8D

For more updates on our choir competition, check the SMK USJ 13 Choir Blog.

Moving on, holidays ended, so it was back to school. We started off the day after holidays with Civic and Visual Arts examination(yay?). After that, we left that evil examination hall and returned back to class 3 Efisien. After one whole month. Seriously! Gawsh, I missed it sooooo much! But no, tis' is not teh reason teh season is to be jolly. It is because...

Kemahiran Hidup - A
Sivik - 45/50 A (highest in class)
Geografi - 45/60 75% A
Sejarah - 49/60 82% A
Chinese - 60% B
English - 93% A

(I just love using this for no apparent reasons :3)

If you cannot tell, these results are GOOD! (at least, good for Suzanne's eyes owo) I mean, 4 As out of 8 so far, especially for Sejarah which I have been getting B this whole year! I only got 2 mistakes for the form 3 questions! GO ME! And then Chinese, GOSH! It looks terrible, but I'm satisfied! I curse the C I gotten last semester. And the teacher even gave me 4/6 for my calligraphy. :3 And Civics! I didn't even read it one bit! Oh gosh, I'm sooooooo happy!

TAKE THAT MUM! (you know I mean it in the nicest way :3) HERE I COME BERLIAN!!!

Please do not conclude that Suzanne is an exam freak. She loves her entertainment. Her ego can't take sad results. 8D


Quote of the Day: "We are all like fireworks. We climb, shine, and always go our separate ways and become further apart. But even if that time comes, let's not disappear like a firework, and continue to shine... forever." - Hitsugaya Toshiro from BLEACH. <3

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Music Makes Me Lose Control


The past two choir practices were quite good. Our competition is tomorrow, and we're performing Sejahtera Malaysia. For more info, visit the SMK USJ 13 Choir Blog! There are videos of the piano accompaniment performed by Debbie there so take a look! I had an urge to post up our training video, but I decided not to. XP

If you wanna see our performance, come to Subang Parade at 12pm at the area in front of McD!

NUMBER 1!!! RM1,500!!! ROAR!!!
Wish us luck! X3

And then I uploaded some videos of me and Persephone! Love her~

This is "Victory ~ Call of Summer" from the Chrono Cross OST. :3 Forgive the little out-of-tune-ness, Persephone is half a century old after all. Her strings keeps getting loose. Poor Persephone. ;___; She needs to see the tuner soon...

And this is "Dream Fragments", also from the Chrono Cross OST. Please ignore the Ellen Degeneres Show in the background. :3

Both songs were performed after choir practice and therefore the PJ clothes. XP

It was the Leo Joint Installation today. I'll do an update about it soon as I have yet to upload the videos. Lots of videos, but no pictures of myself. Heh.

So, wait for the next update coming your way? :3

Quote of the Day: "I'll kick yer sorry arses so hard you'll kiss the moons!" - Kid from Chrono Cross.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I obviously altered the time a little, haha. =P Nevertheless, did anyone realized it's 20-08-2008? Kinda like Debbie's 2007 birthday(20-07-2007).

Not much happened the past few days. There's the Fiametta-ink meeting, which I don't have photos to show because I have yet to upload them. =X Then there's the grooming session which was rather cool! But when I relayed all information gained from the session to my mum, the response she gave was "I also know how to say la!". Go be an image consultant mum! X3 And then Melissa came over and much randomness ensues. :3 And today was a clean up for the Koperasi at school. Despite poor attendance, the room looks soooo clean now! So proud... ;___;

Wow, a paragraph summarized three days! Basically, I've been a bum. 8D Now, let me return to my slacking. *grabs a needle and cross stitches*

P/S: Lee Chong Wei is becoming "Datuk Lee Chong Wei"! Grats! =D

Quote of the Day: "Smile ends and starts many things" - Angeline Mun, the image consultant

Sunday, August 17, 2008

It's Okay

Happy Birthday Wai Hong! You should've used your birthday wish to wish for Lee Chong Wei's victory. X3

Lee Chong Wei may have lost the last match, but Malaysia still earned the silver. GO MALAYSIAAAAAA!!!

To all those who think Lee Chong Wei did a bad job because he didn't get the gold, try getting a medal yourself at the Olympics, on top of that be in the audience of thousands of people, with millions of eyes worldwide, and the audience boo-ing you when you score a point(those China people!).

Yesterday when I was watching Track Cycling for the Olympics, and the Malaysian team actually did a great job! We nearly got a medal in a competition with Europe teams, which was really awesome. :3

Geez, I feel like posting a rant about people who keep complaining about being in Malaysia. .___. I love this country!

I spent my whole day today out with my aunties to Mid Valley. Didn't come home empty handed! They should make shopping a sport in the Olympics. It's straining on the legs and you can't even walk the whole shopping centre even with 7 hours. The price tags kills and finding the right size is hard. Even lining up for the changing room can be hectic! *salutes all shopaholics*

Fiametta-ink meeting tomorrow! Yosha!

P/S: Good luck in your Theory exams Melissa! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Quote of the Day Post: "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players" - Jaques, As You Like It Act 2, scene 7, 139-143 (William Shakespeare).



P/S: Will post about my day after the match. ^^

Quote of the Day Post: "Glory, Gold, Gospel" - the Portuguese(?)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

"Yaho Watashiwa Yataze!"

I urge all of you to watch this. Epic. 8D

// I managed to rip the html off the website that hosts this and embed it into my blogpost. Rawr! //

This was the result of a series of conversations triggered by Wai Hong a certain someone. We've spent much of our time watching random, gay videos on the net. 8D Thanks alot Wai Hong certain someone. (TAKE THAT WAI HONG! SUE MEH!)

Gosh, I'm just so addicted to posting random stuff. o___o It has been... 5 posts in the past few days?

Still have yet to fill my holiday schedule, which I should take advantage of. Anyone going anywhere, care to invite me? 8D


Sunday - Gavel Club Meeting cancelled! DX Vacant

Monday - Fiametta-ink Meeting!!!

Tuesday - Grooming Class + Bestie coming over!

Wednesday - Vacant

Thursday - Choir Practice

Friday - More choir practice

Saturday - Joint Leo Installation

Sunday - Choir Competition we can do it! X3

Monday - School boohoo ;__;

Now, off I go with my cross stitching and Bleach reading and video watching and inspiration fishing(it's in my dictionary!). *poof*

Quote of the Day Post: "Running away is not a sin, but it accomplishes nothing" - Orlha from Chrono Cross.

Say My Name!

It's just too cute not to share. :3 I'm just slightly unhappy that Pop Shuvit appears three times. But aaah~ DJ Utttttttt!!!

And I'm loving my new blogskin~

Quote of the Day Post: "Friends are like stars, when you scratch em', you'll know if they are real!"

A Smile Please?

And so, Suzanne changed her blogskin, again. :3

I think this looks much better! I placed a few interesting smile-related quotes in my blog. It's really sweet now. Although this space for my blogposts is still small... If my posts go any longer, it'll look scary. Haha.

Now Suzanne shall retire to her bed. Or she might faint during Taekwondo at 7.30p.m. =X

Quote of the Day Post: "Smile. Have you ever noticed how easily puppies make human friends? Yet all they do is wag their tails and fall over" - Walter Anderson

Friday, August 15, 2008

Trials Begone!


Chinese was rather fine, although I doubt I'm getting an A. I still hope for it, though.

Owh, and say hello to my blog's new layout! 8D I finally decided to make a change Mary -had- a little lamb, so the lamb has to be gone already, right. XD

Debbie keeps complaining that this layout isn't suitable for me because of so many reasons. .___. Oh shawdup Deb.

But still, comments anyone?

I wonder how should I spend the holidays. Need to spend it wisely. :3 Definitely must meet up with my bestie! And then there's the Choir competition and Leo installation. Heh.

And then the army of Tan aunties from Malacca are gonna attack my holy abode tomorrow. Owh, expect the noise! It's gonna be freakeh.

And extra news about Comic Fiesta...


Omg! It's liek so nearby! All of us staying in USJ have been hoping that they go back to Sri Sedaya because of transportation, and now it's in Sunway Pyramid! BETTER! I'm so happy! Mum can't make much noise about the journey! HAH! And Sunway Pyramid is much more homey than Time's Square!


And Lee Chong Wei is GOING TO THE FINALS! Not that I watch the Olympics much, but yay, Malaysia!

I'll type again when I think of something, haha. Short but often posts are fun. :3

Quote of the Day: "Vedi Vini Vici(I came, I saw, I conquered)" - Julius Caeser (those who knows this, good for you because 4 out of 4 of my friends didn't!)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

One More Day To Go!

"J'aime la France!"

I guess I couldn't geek-ify myself. XP

Maths and Geography exams today. Maths was super easy! I won't be surprised if someone gets 100%. I didn't read much for Geography, but it was quite easy too. Hopefully I'll get an A. On the brighter side...

I got an A for my Kemahiran Hidup!!!

Woohoo! My first A! 7 more to go! BERLIAN HERE I COOOOOOME!!!

Sorry, I'm just obsessed to get into the best class. XP

Mum's at Malacca, and everyone's out, therefore I've been home alone and on the net these two days. =X But of course, I'm revising. I've got one last battle tomorrow. CHINESE!!!

Comic Fiesta 2008 on 20th and 21st December!!!

Can't wait for it! I'll be cosplaying Road Kamelot, and I already have most of the costume! X3 Will be doing Yuffie Kisaragi again. And then my doujin group, Fiametta-Ink is opening a booth! And we have a new member, Nurul Nadirah! I couldn't get the mood to cross stitch lately... Bleh. I'll have to make up for it soon. And all my fiction stories have been left to rot! Aaaaah! WHEREFORE ART THOU INSPIRATION?

Colours and large fonts much? XP

Someone look for a better blogskin for me? 8D Or help me think of a theme I can create a blogskin from. I need a revamp. Along with a revamp of the tags.

Quote of the Day: "Codenames are not meant to make sense, unless the sense is made to you." - Me in an MSN conversation with Melissa.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Loveth Thee!

She had almost lived a century,
Her name from a myth so worthy,
Her skin dark ebony
And teeth bright ivory.

As her teeth chatter rapidly,
Her core hammers so lovely,
Resounding melodies of agony
And love and glee and mystery.

Have I told you the tale of her story?
A story where the beast kidnaps the lady,
She was swooped away to the Underworld to marry,
Turning the land barren for Mother Earth was angry.

Oh, I loveth thee Persephone!
Seven years together so long with thee,
Thou captivate me with thine elegant beauty,
Serenade me through times of happy and weary.

Before any misunderstanding ensues, Persephone is the name of my piano. =X Yes, this poem is written by me about my piano! This is the results of boredom during exams. Yeah~ It's not complete yet, but whee! Gimme input!

Still have two more days till I'm done. The past few days have been okay, but I hope I get As... It IS important! Must. Enter. Berlian!!! Tomorrow's the last reading subject, Geography! Wish me luck!

P.S: It is pronounced Per-seh-furh-nee! Like Hermione! ...almost. Go Wikipedia to know more about this Greek goddess!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Trials Begone!

My mum complains that my blogposts are too long. And since I lack stuff to write(other than random events and my BBQ with the TDCX committee yesterday!), here's a short post for today.

Expect lots of geekiness from me for the next few days.

Trials begoooone! Gimme my holiday! X3

Monday, August 04, 2008

Busy Weekend Again

Due to the demand of Ng Zhiji...

Sorry dude, this is all I have of you. DX

However, you may check my Photobucket for other pictures captured at Taylor's Anime Fest and the Koperasi BBQ Night! :3

Jadual Anjal is still coming along fine. It's quite fun to do exercises. But I miss being "Iban ren"... (Orang Iban, or in this case, "orang kelas E" XD)

Friday, we had a meeting with the new sponsors for our Leo club. They're from Bukit Kiara. And when started talking, I realized how left out our club was. There were so many protocols, procedures and stuff a Leo club is supposed to do. Yet this is our third year and we've never done anything much like what they said. Cybercare Lion's club are evil!

Anyways, we were discussing about how we're supposed to deal with our Installation day. Apparently, if we were to go with the plan, it would've been an "illegal" installation because we didn't follow the protocol and yada yada. So I was whispering to Biiancaa, suggesting that we turn the event into a 100% charity event. And suddenly one of the Lions went "Why don't we make it an Orientation?". From there, the discussions started growing and our board was staring at each other.

So yeah, we change our whole Installation Day into an Orientation and Fund Raising event. Orientation as in telling us about what Leo really is. I learnt quite alot of stuff about Leo that day that I've never knew. I was quite impressed with the Lions club. Really nice and helpful people. =)

Saturday! Just like my past Saturdays, this Saturday was a busy one too. Morning was the Gotong-Royong Perdana. I was supposed to be in charge on Senamrobik. But I don't know the steps and U-Sern never showed up. Late as ever. And then Sarah fell sick. So I waited... and waited... And Pn. Rozaimi kept asking the people in charge to come up front. So I surrendered myself along with Anjie. And then I found out that U-Sern had conveniently fell sick too. Wud? o__o Suddenly I was in charge of the whole Senamrobik session without notice. Wud? o_____o And suddenly, Datin Robiah said "Don't worry Shu Hui, you can do it". She referred to me by my name! WUUUUD??? O______O

So I got on stage with less than 5 minutes of preparations. I hemtam-ed the whole thing. Oh well, at least it didn't look so screw up. The Pengerusi PIBG joined in the Senamrobik, which was kinda cool. XD At least they didn't just throw me to do the whole session alone, with Anjie and Michelle Fong. Thankies guys! :3

Spent the whole day with Anjie. It was more fun than I expected it to be. XD First, we helped out Taekwondo because everyone ran away to help other teachers. I was supposed to be helping out Pn. Yeoh too, but oh well. We got an RM1.50 coupon each to be used at the canteen! We were assigned to clean up the field. As you know, the field is filled with dirt. It's not fun sweeping up endless pile of earth compared to sweeping the floor. At least when you sweep the floor, you could actually tell that the dirt is getting less. Anyways, me and Anjie ran off. XD We looked for Pn. Yeoh, who was in the staff room. She was exploiting the poor boys from our class, along with Wen Kah and Debbie. Anjie and I were then assigned to paste up some mathematics chart in 3E and 3F. As soon as we were done, we got reported back to Pn. Yeoh and were rewarded with ANOTHER coupon! That makes RM3! WOOHOO!!!

So me, Anjie and Debbie rewarded ourselves with burgers. :3 After that we loitered around, avoiding Pn. Yeoh intentionally. Bohahaha. XD Anjie and Debbie then went home due to boredom and I stayed at the Koperasi to clean up my stock. It was satisfying to see all the stock in order. :3

Jian Mei insisted that she wanted some coupons and the nasi lemak leftovers from the teachers. So we went to the canteen and the nasi lemak was finished. We started poking random polystyrene packages to see if they contained food. We then ran to the staff room to look for Pn. Yeoh for coupons. Just as we entered the staff room, Pn. Yeoh went "Shu Hui! Where have you been? You leave your work halfway not done. All only know how to come and ask for tickets. Aiyo. Go away, I don't need you already!" So we were shooed and left empty-handed. At least we weren't exploited, haha.

So that was the gotong-royong perdana, and I cycled off to collect my costumes from the tailor, again. I was quite satisfied with it after the amendments. Yay! Immediately after I bathed, I cycled off to school for the Leo event. So much preparations and so little people! We were snipping out words for the backdrop like crazy. The haze was making things worst. I was so dehydrated I became lethargic and went hi. XP

It was 4pm and I got changed into my Leo uniform. It was a simple cream blouse, tie and a maroon vest. Slacks or skirt was our choice. People started flocking in with elaborate clothing. It was quite freaky as there was very few people and the programmes were honestly, not that amazing. I was scared to deliver a poor event to them, which I think, I did poorly with the emcee-ing, especially at the start. I guess I'm terrible at formal stuff. .___.

The event was fine overall, but I was more worried about how the people felt. But then again, they should realize that it's a charity event, not a very large scale one too. The food was, as Jeremiah said, "Canteen Food". In Wai Hong's words, it would've been "rich man's food". The performances was great though! Azman's singing, the tiny shufflers, Nelson and Xin Chieh's clueless performance again, and Larissa's dance. Was sort of satisfied and sort of not satisfied at the end of the event. We had invited guests after all. Me and Anthea went around giving out our cards. The USJ4 Leo Club people are friend and funny. XD Good luck in your installation on the 9th!

Sunday is temple day as usual. We had a session led by Wei Qi and Norman(I'm proud of you guys! ;___;) which was sort of a family sketch. I was playing the part of "Funny Mother", but I didn't say anything throughout the sketch as I was clueless on what to say. Didn't have much preparations too. Haha. Tze Han and Szeto was funny though! "Confucius say that the wife is on the left!" LoL. XD Then there were "Toastmaster Grandparent" who went "Yam Seng" throughout the whole sketch.

When to Summit for lunch with most of the YDC committees and Ling Hui. We stayed back for Gavel meeting. Had McD, then went back to temple. Gavel meeting today was really special. There were only 3 committee members and the usual Toastmaster wasn't there. The people who were supposed to do the speeches didn't come, and the Table Topics Master(ahem, JC) and Humour Master didn't make it too. But for that reason, it was fun! I was the vivacious(word of the day!) Toastmaster of the Day, which means I was sort of the MC. We played lots of word games rather than the usual Table Topic speeches and prepares speeches, which was fun! Had lots of laughs, and everyone was included in the talking. It was one of the first time I talked and went so crazy at Gavel meeting. Finally broke the ice I guess. We had a debate on "Guys are Better than Girls" and ironically, the girls were the government! o___o I used all the skills I learnt from observing Tania and gave an aggressive last speaker's speech. I was rebutting like nuts, going "that is overgeneralisation on your part", "therefore I claim your point null and void", "indirectly, your point had supported our claim". Rawr. :3

Surprisingly, we had to vote for the Best Speaker based on our performance in the debate. I thought I had no chance of getting the award this week as I was Toastmaster of the Day. But I won Best Speaker! Again! My third award in three consecutive Gavel sessions! I'm so happy! ^^ I'll be doing Humour Master along with Ling Hui next week. Whee.

Today, nothing much happened at school. We, Fiametta-Ink invited Nurul Nadirah to join our group! And she accepted! Woohoo! And then we needed 30 members to join the Choir competition, which we lack. So we are randomly dragging people in to join the group solely for the competition. At class, something weird happened. Before class started, something smelled weird. Then someone pointed to the lights. And this one particular lampu pendarflour was literally smoking! It smelled badly of mercury and gas argon and of course, that's not very healthy. They promptly turned off the lights, but it was still smoking. We ran out of the class for fresh air(on that note, the air is starting to get less hazier! 8D). Yays for random KH knowledge. It was kinda freaky. Don't know what happened to the lights, but it stopped smoking awhile after it was offed, and the smell went away.

And you have now been updated! Trials are around the corner. Need to study. .__.
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