Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I obviously altered the time a little, haha. =P Nevertheless, did anyone realized it's 20-08-2008? Kinda like Debbie's 2007 birthday(20-07-2007).

Not much happened the past few days. There's the Fiametta-ink meeting, which I don't have photos to show because I have yet to upload them. =X Then there's the grooming session which was rather cool! But when I relayed all information gained from the session to my mum, the response she gave was "I also know how to say la!". Go be an image consultant mum! X3 And then Melissa came over and much randomness ensues. :3 And today was a clean up for the Koperasi at school. Despite poor attendance, the room looks soooo clean now! So proud... ;___;

Wow, a paragraph summarized three days! Basically, I've been a bum. 8D Now, let me return to my slacking. *grabs a needle and cross stitches*

P/S: Lee Chong Wei is becoming "Datuk Lee Chong Wei"! Grats! =D

Quote of the Day: "Smile ends and starts many things" - Angeline Mun, the image consultant

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