Monday, August 04, 2008

Busy Weekend Again

Due to the demand of Ng Zhiji...

Sorry dude, this is all I have of you. DX

However, you may check my Photobucket for other pictures captured at Taylor's Anime Fest and the Koperasi BBQ Night! :3

Jadual Anjal is still coming along fine. It's quite fun to do exercises. But I miss being "Iban ren"... (Orang Iban, or in this case, "orang kelas E" XD)

Friday, we had a meeting with the new sponsors for our Leo club. They're from Bukit Kiara. And when started talking, I realized how left out our club was. There were so many protocols, procedures and stuff a Leo club is supposed to do. Yet this is our third year and we've never done anything much like what they said. Cybercare Lion's club are evil!

Anyways, we were discussing about how we're supposed to deal with our Installation day. Apparently, if we were to go with the plan, it would've been an "illegal" installation because we didn't follow the protocol and yada yada. So I was whispering to Biiancaa, suggesting that we turn the event into a 100% charity event. And suddenly one of the Lions went "Why don't we make it an Orientation?". From there, the discussions started growing and our board was staring at each other.

So yeah, we change our whole Installation Day into an Orientation and Fund Raising event. Orientation as in telling us about what Leo really is. I learnt quite alot of stuff about Leo that day that I've never knew. I was quite impressed with the Lions club. Really nice and helpful people. =)

Saturday! Just like my past Saturdays, this Saturday was a busy one too. Morning was the Gotong-Royong Perdana. I was supposed to be in charge on Senamrobik. But I don't know the steps and U-Sern never showed up. Late as ever. And then Sarah fell sick. So I waited... and waited... And Pn. Rozaimi kept asking the people in charge to come up front. So I surrendered myself along with Anjie. And then I found out that U-Sern had conveniently fell sick too. Wud? o__o Suddenly I was in charge of the whole Senamrobik session without notice. Wud? o_____o And suddenly, Datin Robiah said "Don't worry Shu Hui, you can do it". She referred to me by my name! WUUUUD??? O______O

So I got on stage with less than 5 minutes of preparations. I hemtam-ed the whole thing. Oh well, at least it didn't look so screw up. The Pengerusi PIBG joined in the Senamrobik, which was kinda cool. XD At least they didn't just throw me to do the whole session alone, with Anjie and Michelle Fong. Thankies guys! :3

Spent the whole day with Anjie. It was more fun than I expected it to be. XD First, we helped out Taekwondo because everyone ran away to help other teachers. I was supposed to be helping out Pn. Yeoh too, but oh well. We got an RM1.50 coupon each to be used at the canteen! We were assigned to clean up the field. As you know, the field is filled with dirt. It's not fun sweeping up endless pile of earth compared to sweeping the floor. At least when you sweep the floor, you could actually tell that the dirt is getting less. Anyways, me and Anjie ran off. XD We looked for Pn. Yeoh, who was in the staff room. She was exploiting the poor boys from our class, along with Wen Kah and Debbie. Anjie and I were then assigned to paste up some mathematics chart in 3E and 3F. As soon as we were done, we got reported back to Pn. Yeoh and were rewarded with ANOTHER coupon! That makes RM3! WOOHOO!!!

So me, Anjie and Debbie rewarded ourselves with burgers. :3 After that we loitered around, avoiding Pn. Yeoh intentionally. Bohahaha. XD Anjie and Debbie then went home due to boredom and I stayed at the Koperasi to clean up my stock. It was satisfying to see all the stock in order. :3

Jian Mei insisted that she wanted some coupons and the nasi lemak leftovers from the teachers. So we went to the canteen and the nasi lemak was finished. We started poking random polystyrene packages to see if they contained food. We then ran to the staff room to look for Pn. Yeoh for coupons. Just as we entered the staff room, Pn. Yeoh went "Shu Hui! Where have you been? You leave your work halfway not done. All only know how to come and ask for tickets. Aiyo. Go away, I don't need you already!" So we were shooed and left empty-handed. At least we weren't exploited, haha.

So that was the gotong-royong perdana, and I cycled off to collect my costumes from the tailor, again. I was quite satisfied with it after the amendments. Yay! Immediately after I bathed, I cycled off to school for the Leo event. So much preparations and so little people! We were snipping out words for the backdrop like crazy. The haze was making things worst. I was so dehydrated I became lethargic and went hi. XP

It was 4pm and I got changed into my Leo uniform. It was a simple cream blouse, tie and a maroon vest. Slacks or skirt was our choice. People started flocking in with elaborate clothing. It was quite freaky as there was very few people and the programmes were honestly, not that amazing. I was scared to deliver a poor event to them, which I think, I did poorly with the emcee-ing, especially at the start. I guess I'm terrible at formal stuff. .___.

The event was fine overall, but I was more worried about how the people felt. But then again, they should realize that it's a charity event, not a very large scale one too. The food was, as Jeremiah said, "Canteen Food". In Wai Hong's words, it would've been "rich man's food". The performances was great though! Azman's singing, the tiny shufflers, Nelson and Xin Chieh's clueless performance again, and Larissa's dance. Was sort of satisfied and sort of not satisfied at the end of the event. We had invited guests after all. Me and Anthea went around giving out our cards. The USJ4 Leo Club people are friend and funny. XD Good luck in your installation on the 9th!

Sunday is temple day as usual. We had a session led by Wei Qi and Norman(I'm proud of you guys! ;___;) which was sort of a family sketch. I was playing the part of "Funny Mother", but I didn't say anything throughout the sketch as I was clueless on what to say. Didn't have much preparations too. Haha. Tze Han and Szeto was funny though! "Confucius say that the wife is on the left!" LoL. XD Then there were "Toastmaster Grandparent" who went "Yam Seng" throughout the whole sketch.

When to Summit for lunch with most of the YDC committees and Ling Hui. We stayed back for Gavel meeting. Had McD, then went back to temple. Gavel meeting today was really special. There were only 3 committee members and the usual Toastmaster wasn't there. The people who were supposed to do the speeches didn't come, and the Table Topics Master(ahem, JC) and Humour Master didn't make it too. But for that reason, it was fun! I was the vivacious(word of the day!) Toastmaster of the Day, which means I was sort of the MC. We played lots of word games rather than the usual Table Topic speeches and prepares speeches, which was fun! Had lots of laughs, and everyone was included in the talking. It was one of the first time I talked and went so crazy at Gavel meeting. Finally broke the ice I guess. We had a debate on "Guys are Better than Girls" and ironically, the girls were the government! o___o I used all the skills I learnt from observing Tania and gave an aggressive last speaker's speech. I was rebutting like nuts, going "that is overgeneralisation on your part", "therefore I claim your point null and void", "indirectly, your point had supported our claim". Rawr. :3

Surprisingly, we had to vote for the Best Speaker based on our performance in the debate. I thought I had no chance of getting the award this week as I was Toastmaster of the Day. But I won Best Speaker! Again! My third award in three consecutive Gavel sessions! I'm so happy! ^^ I'll be doing Humour Master along with Ling Hui next week. Whee.

Today, nothing much happened at school. We, Fiametta-Ink invited Nurul Nadirah to join our group! And she accepted! Woohoo! And then we needed 30 members to join the Choir competition, which we lack. So we are randomly dragging people in to join the group solely for the competition. At class, something weird happened. Before class started, something smelled weird. Then someone pointed to the lights. And this one particular lampu pendarflour was literally smoking! It smelled badly of mercury and gas argon and of course, that's not very healthy. They promptly turned off the lights, but it was still smoking. We ran out of the class for fresh air(on that note, the air is starting to get less hazier! 8D). Yays for random KH knowledge. It was kinda freaky. Don't know what happened to the lights, but it stopped smoking awhile after it was offed, and the smell went away.

And you have now been updated! Trials are around the corner. Need to study. .__.

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