Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Loveth Thee!

She had almost lived a century,
Her name from a myth so worthy,
Her skin dark ebony
And teeth bright ivory.

As her teeth chatter rapidly,
Her core hammers so lovely,
Resounding melodies of agony
And love and glee and mystery.

Have I told you the tale of her story?
A story where the beast kidnaps the lady,
She was swooped away to the Underworld to marry,
Turning the land barren for Mother Earth was angry.

Oh, I loveth thee Persephone!
Seven years together so long with thee,
Thou captivate me with thine elegant beauty,
Serenade me through times of happy and weary.

Before any misunderstanding ensues, Persephone is the name of my piano. =X Yes, this poem is written by me about my piano! This is the results of boredom during exams. Yeah~ It's not complete yet, but whee! Gimme input!

Still have two more days till I'm done. The past few days have been okay, but I hope I get As... It IS important! Must. Enter. Berlian!!! Tomorrow's the last reading subject, Geography! Wish me luck!

P.S: It is pronounced Per-seh-furh-nee! Like Hermione! ...almost. Go Wikipedia to know more about this Greek goddess!

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