Saturday, August 23, 2008

Music Makes Me Lose Control


The past two choir practices were quite good. Our competition is tomorrow, and we're performing Sejahtera Malaysia. For more info, visit the SMK USJ 13 Choir Blog! There are videos of the piano accompaniment performed by Debbie there so take a look! I had an urge to post up our training video, but I decided not to. XP

If you wanna see our performance, come to Subang Parade at 12pm at the area in front of McD!

NUMBER 1!!! RM1,500!!! ROAR!!!
Wish us luck! X3

And then I uploaded some videos of me and Persephone! Love her~

This is "Victory ~ Call of Summer" from the Chrono Cross OST. :3 Forgive the little out-of-tune-ness, Persephone is half a century old after all. Her strings keeps getting loose. Poor Persephone. ;___; She needs to see the tuner soon...

And this is "Dream Fragments", also from the Chrono Cross OST. Please ignore the Ellen Degeneres Show in the background. :3

Both songs were performed after choir practice and therefore the PJ clothes. XP

It was the Leo Joint Installation today. I'll do an update about it soon as I have yet to upload the videos. Lots of videos, but no pictures of myself. Heh.

So, wait for the next update coming your way? :3

Quote of the Day: "I'll kick yer sorry arses so hard you'll kiss the moons!" - Kid from Chrono Cross.

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