Thursday, August 14, 2008

One More Day To Go!

"J'aime la France!"

I guess I couldn't geek-ify myself. XP

Maths and Geography exams today. Maths was super easy! I won't be surprised if someone gets 100%. I didn't read much for Geography, but it was quite easy too. Hopefully I'll get an A. On the brighter side...

I got an A for my Kemahiran Hidup!!!

Woohoo! My first A! 7 more to go! BERLIAN HERE I COOOOOOME!!!

Sorry, I'm just obsessed to get into the best class. XP

Mum's at Malacca, and everyone's out, therefore I've been home alone and on the net these two days. =X But of course, I'm revising. I've got one last battle tomorrow. CHINESE!!!

Comic Fiesta 2008 on 20th and 21st December!!!

Can't wait for it! I'll be cosplaying Road Kamelot, and I already have most of the costume! X3 Will be doing Yuffie Kisaragi again. And then my doujin group, Fiametta-Ink is opening a booth! And we have a new member, Nurul Nadirah! I couldn't get the mood to cross stitch lately... Bleh. I'll have to make up for it soon. And all my fiction stories have been left to rot! Aaaaah! WHEREFORE ART THOU INSPIRATION?

Colours and large fonts much? XP

Someone look for a better blogskin for me? 8D Or help me think of a theme I can create a blogskin from. I need a revamp. Along with a revamp of the tags.

Quote of the Day: "Codenames are not meant to make sense, unless the sense is made to you." - Me in an MSN conversation with Melissa.

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