Friday, August 15, 2008

Trials Begone!


Chinese was rather fine, although I doubt I'm getting an A. I still hope for it, though.

Owh, and say hello to my blog's new layout! 8D I finally decided to make a change Mary -had- a little lamb, so the lamb has to be gone already, right. XD

Debbie keeps complaining that this layout isn't suitable for me because of so many reasons. .___. Oh shawdup Deb.

But still, comments anyone?

I wonder how should I spend the holidays. Need to spend it wisely. :3 Definitely must meet up with my bestie! And then there's the Choir competition and Leo installation. Heh.

And then the army of Tan aunties from Malacca are gonna attack my holy abode tomorrow. Owh, expect the noise! It's gonna be freakeh.

And extra news about Comic Fiesta...


Omg! It's liek so nearby! All of us staying in USJ have been hoping that they go back to Sri Sedaya because of transportation, and now it's in Sunway Pyramid! BETTER! I'm so happy! Mum can't make much noise about the journey! HAH! And Sunway Pyramid is much more homey than Time's Square!


And Lee Chong Wei is GOING TO THE FINALS! Not that I watch the Olympics much, but yay, Malaysia!

I'll type again when I think of something, haha. Short but often posts are fun. :3

Quote of the Day: "Vedi Vini Vici(I came, I saw, I conquered)" - Julius Caeser (those who knows this, good for you because 4 out of 4 of my friends didn't!)


  1. 1) I seriously think Lee Chong Wei didn't have enough sleep. He didn't look up to it. That's not the Lee Chong Wei we know, that's why many people are disappointed.

    Well, badminton is badminton, exciting game to watch.

    Btw Azizulhasni Awang is going up against Chris Hoy tomorrow, we're near dead.

  2. Hey!! Thanks for that beautiful post >w< That's so sweet of you =) *glomps till u turn purple* I look awfully chubby there XD Makes me wanna go skating =( Ooh and I got you a lil something too, not for your bday, just a random gift. I STILL owe u your bday pressie @_@


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