Saturday, August 16, 2008

"Yaho Watashiwa Yataze!"

I urge all of you to watch this. Epic. 8D

// I managed to rip the html off the website that hosts this and embed it into my blogpost. Rawr! //

This was the result of a series of conversations triggered by Wai Hong a certain someone. We've spent much of our time watching random, gay videos on the net. 8D Thanks alot Wai Hong certain someone. (TAKE THAT WAI HONG! SUE MEH!)

Gosh, I'm just so addicted to posting random stuff. o___o It has been... 5 posts in the past few days?

Still have yet to fill my holiday schedule, which I should take advantage of. Anyone going anywhere, care to invite me? 8D


Sunday - Gavel Club Meeting cancelled! DX Vacant

Monday - Fiametta-ink Meeting!!!

Tuesday - Grooming Class + Bestie coming over!

Wednesday - Vacant

Thursday - Choir Practice

Friday - More choir practice

Saturday - Joint Leo Installation

Sunday - Choir Competition we can do it! X3

Monday - School boohoo ;__;

Now, off I go with my cross stitching and Bleach reading and video watching and inspiration fishing(it's in my dictionary!). *poof*

Quote of the Day Post: "Running away is not a sin, but it accomplishes nothing" - Orlha from Chrono Cross.

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