Monday, September 08, 2008

35 Days to go!

Blogging less frequently now. Heh. =X Not to be blamed... Hey, I've only got 35 days till D-Day! *whips out her Geography revision book*

As usual, there's nothing unusual. =X I attended my second Taekwondo training in... two months! SERIOUSLY!!! There was so much going on in school that Taekwondo trainings couldn't be held. And then there were the holidays, so there weren't any trainings too. I'm so glad it's back. I finally got back my grading results which was delayed, also for two months. I passed my 1st Grade test! My next grading would be for Dan 1, which is black belt. I'll have to wait till next year though. So excited!

On that same Saturday, I had my first Yoga class with my YS buddies. It wasn't too bad. I actually had fun. :3 And it's a good way to sweat it out and interact with my Kalyana Mitras at the same time. It's funny to see each other twisting around, haha.

Sunday, as usual, is devoted to the temple! Teen Quest gatherings are finally back! Then, I stayed back for Gavel meeting. Happy Birthday again Samantha! Thanks for the Big Apple doughnuts, we enjoyed it. XD Doubt you remember me from Sunday Dhamma School. =P

School... yes. The teachers were feeding us with tons of question papers. Our 2nd trials are coming up next week. So soon! DX It makes me feel so lazy to revise... But ugh. I want As! DX

You may conclude that I am "kia su". 8D (But hey, who isn't? =X)

I wish I could post something more interesting for you to read. No one seems to leave any comments... .___. *emos at a corner* leave me comments you ebil people! D8

Oh well, wish me luck to study!

Quote of the Day: "They say the mouth is the root of all misfortune." - Kuchiki Rukia from Bleach.

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