Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Music and Lyrics

Moon cake festival wasn't too fun. The poor moon was covered by the mist. Sigh... And it was raining too! On the same day was my mum's birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY(14 September)! I'd post pictures, but I guess that'll have to wait till I have the pictures.

And also, happy birthday Malaysia, and Jia Wern! (16 September)

First two days of exams were alright. Just crossing my fingers of As. X3 One day of holiday! *hides behind her Geography reference book now*

Aite, so let's gross you out a little. I was eating my mum's homecooked sambal with nasi lemak. We were having the same thing for dinner. And when I checked the sambal prawns again, look what happened!

Mmm... Extra protein...

Guess what's that? The answer is...


It's fly eggs. Fly liek house fly. Yeah. Disgusting no? They laid two batches of hundreds on the prawns. Imagine if they hatched. Eww... Thank Buddha for my keen eyes. And then my father whipped out his super professional camera and started snapping pictures. Double eww... And if you're wondering, we cover our food, alright. =/ But it has small holes on it, so it seems that flies wouldn't let it go. So guys, watch your food, alright?

And today I discovered something interesting!

Like O2Jam, but with words

I have no idea what is this called, but |this game| is sort of like O2Jam and Dance Dance, but you do it with your keyboard, with words, and Anime and Game soundtracks. Yeah. :3 It's fun!

My first game's result! Double A! Eyes On Me ftw!

Second try, with triple A, TAKE THAT!

If only getting As was that easy in real live... You should try Caramelldansen. I never knew it was... foreign. o___o It's crazy! The only part I got 100% at was "O O Oa Oa". XD There are quite some other songs too, although the selection is quite limited. And oh... Lucky Star... A Lvl 99 rating. o___o

Try it out. And Wai Hong insists on being credited, so credits to him for linking me this. Stop getting distracted and go on a Bio marathon, you.

Quote of the Day: "A scattered dream that's like a far-off memory. A far-off memory that's like a scattered dream. I wanna line the pieces up--- yours and mine." - Sora, Kingdom Hearts II

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