Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Will Write Somemore (hopefully)

Whee~ I still have been on Ragnarok Online FOREVER. But I promise I'll post something with pictures A.S.A.P. I'm busy with the Youth Leadership Program with the Gavel Club at the moment, but I'll get back to my poor blog soon, I promise! (on top of that, 6M gathering! WOOHOO!)

As for NaNoWriMo... I highly doubt with my procrastination skills, I'll be able to reach 50,000 words... .___. I'll keep writing, but not 50,000 words this November.

Meanwhile, GET A LOAD OF THIS!!!


And you will now watch my hard work. :3

Be back to blog tomorrow. xD

Quote of the Day: "If everybody wants to be a somebody, wouldn't the nobody's become somebody's?" - Anonymous.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

I was planning to write this post until the previous post came into mind. You don't put random posts with emo-filling posts. X3

Last week of school was still filled with programs. One of the more prominent events was the post-PMR talent show - "13's Got Talent". And just like any super-gungho-enthusiastic-want-to-join-everything-and-win-post-PMR-er would do, I joined the competition, along with Anthea, Debbie, Sarah and Anjie. We did an Acapella(a song without instruments or music accompaniment) number to "The Lion Sleeps Tonight". And then me and Anthea presented a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE not-so-stand-up comedy. It was... terrible. And then I snitched Jeremiah's Chinese Yoyo(because mine broke 3 years ago) and performed just that! I got number 3, suprisingly and not surprisingly, as there were only 5 acts, and I was in 3 of them. Yay. .__.

Either way, YAY! And then Pn. Natlie tells me all the acts have to perform on that Friday. o__o

"Booya!" (the purple thing in the air is THE yoyo)

I performed that to "Don't Be Afraid"(The battle theme) from Final Fantasy VIII by the wonderful Nobuo Uematsu. XD I did some mess ups, especially with the leg trick. But because of this, I've been able to do some tricks I've never ever done before.

Due to my gungho-ness in joining all competitions, I received tons of prizes. That day, I bagged 3 Mydin files(consolation prizes), a bag of snacks, another bag of snacks, and another fat file. Wowzers. It made me have a hard time walking home, on top of that I had to carry 8 text books for the coming school year. Yay.

This is not a mistake. It is my prize. But... it's a mistake.

As usual, Mr.C3H had stolen my camera and camwhored with the form 5's as I sat in the Koperasi playing Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney on my friend's friend's Nintendo DS.(TAKE THAT!!!) It rocks. :3 And I just had to post this picture... Meet the form 5's self-declared mascot.

"How you doin'?"

Sets a bad example, really. *shakes head*

As usual, I've been strucked with procrastination, so I shall stop here. :D My NaNoWriMo is progressing at snail-pace, but at least I've done some work.

*runs off to level up her Lvl 71 Priest*

Quote of the Day: "...where everything is made up and the points don't matter." - Drew Carey, Whose Line is it Anyway.

Saturday, November 08, 2008


Dream forever, little one
A door shuts off the real world
Never diminished is innocence
Dream away, young one
Enter the real world
Leave your sanctuary behind
Independence will be granted
Only by wits will you survive
Never diminished is your dream

Dandelion: a small white flower
whose seeds by the stem clump together.
By time, these seeds will follow the wind and go their separate ways.
Just like this beautiful flower,
We learn and grow together.
When time comes to leave our shelter,
We will follow our dreams to build a better future.

I notice I'm not that good at poems, and I tend to put too much meaning in it. But hey, I tried. o__o

So, it's the end of the school year. It's a time most people look forward to, as the holidays mean endless possibilities of fun. Some people dread them, as it would mean they won't be able to see their friends for a fat two months. And for those who are seniors in their school, it was their last day in the said school, with their said friends(minus those taking SPM who would still be seeing each other) and their said juniors. I've never been this attached to a batch of seniors before. I made so many great friends. Friends who make me laugh, friends who were there in time of need, friends who provide so much "OMG" moments... I truly cherish them. Joining the Koperasi had opened all these doors. Of course, there were my other activities like Taekwondo and camps where I met all these people.

And then, I won't deny I'm exaggerating for literate purposes. o_O

But still, I can't stop counting my fortune. And they mean so much to me. I will truly miss them all.

Quote of the Day: "The world is not beautiful: And that, in a way, lends it a sort of beauty." - Kino's Journey

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Blogging Debt

Here's the post I promised! Since I'm a lazy bum, I'll be posting pictures of what I did over the last week. Hey, pictures say a 1000 words. Ugh, if only that's the case for NaNoWriMo. I'd be posting 50 pictures. o__O

Here is a typical post-PMR-er's daily activity at school

Here is a super-gungho-enthusiastic-want-to-join-everything-and-win-post-PMR-er's activity at school. 8D (she joined an Chinese Angpao Lantern Making Competition, by the way)

Here is someone influenced by her, posing with their product (it's a fish decoration)

I didn't win the competition though. .__. But we had a nice meal after that too. Free food!!! And that was just Thursday. The next day...

My gungho-ness struck yet again!

Siew Yen, Yee Suen and I joined the Cake Decorating competition. You should see the cake they supplied us with. It's so horrible. It was terribly short and small to start with, and has a wannabe-round shape. So we cut it into a square shape, and were the only team who did that! HAH! We are smarteh!

Our tres spiffy cake!

Itadakimasu!!! ...Oh wait, it's not real.

Yes, the sushi aren't real! They are all made by clay by this super cool woman from some art and craft shop. She even makes really nice paper sculptures. And then there's this product called the shrink plastic where you draw stuff on this normal-looking plastic paper. Throw it into the toaster for a few seconds and true enough, it shrinks! When you take it out, it's small, thicker and harder. Perfect for keychains and necklaces!

Later in the day, we had a Treasure Hunt. But I have no pictures to show because my camera was stolen by Mr. C3H. He decided to take pictures of the form 5's instead.


And then weekend came! The Majlis-entah-apa was on at school to raise funds. 60 tables, and inviting stars such as the two finalist from One in A Million, some DJ, and my brother. It was weird as we wonder where did they even get all this people? In the end, the OIAM people didn't make it. HAH. I knew it.

And with a last minute luck, I was able to snatch myself a free seat to the dinner. :3 It wasn't that bad. But the waiting sucked. Lots of performances. And the evil little children kept running to the middle and blocking the performers! Crazy kids. They were all in the way of my brother's performance! =.=

Anyhow, it was a great week. :3

NaNoWriMo? I've been procrastinating so much, I haven't even wrote 1,667 words for any for the 3 days. And today, I've pilled myself a fat 3,000 word debt. Brain juices and Ragnarok Online!!! It's all your fault!!! D8

Go check my writing blog for updates on my novel. I update it almost everyday.

*writes some more*

Quote of the Day: "Man is a narcissistic species by nature. We have colonized the four corners of our tiny planet. But we are not the pinnacle of so-called evolution. That honor belongs to the lowly cockroach. Capable of living for months without food. Remaining alive headless for weeks at a time. Resistant to radiation. If God has indeed created Himself in His own image, then I submit to you that God is a cockroach." - Mohinder Suresh, Heroes.
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