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I lied. I didn't post about the Youth Leadership Program... Gosh, Ragnarok Online is addictive... I have lost NaNoWriMo at 12,000 words. I should die. :D

And this post was first written on the 27th November too. Lawl. So, to talk a little about the Youth Leadership Program...

Here, however, is a little something for the peeps as I shall not be posting any pictures for I am lazy. Buahahaha. This video was made up of pictures from Day 1, and was made on the day itself in 4 hours and 30 minutes. That I'm proud to say because I managed to beat laziness. LoL.

My mentee's for the program were two brothers of two friends. One was Guan's brother, Guan Ren, who looked just like him, just a tad taller, and a tad... well, I dunno. =X The other was one I kind of dreaded.... Jer Cherng's brother, Jer Dong. If you know what I think about Jer Cherng, well, it's worst than what I think of Jer Dong. He whacked me with a corn on a cob when I was 7! D: Well... aside from that... I think I did a great job coaching them. >:) Jer Dong, who I never expected to deliver a good speech, did, and Guan Ren on the other hand snagged the 1st runner up prize. HAH! I am awesome.

And then the 28th was my superstar brother's birthday, Dennis Yin. He surprised us on the eve with one of his usual antics.

Now that's a real porcu-head, Phoenix Wright
Anyhow... We went to a seafood steamboat restaurant near Sunway. This particular restaurant was called Yuan, is darn famous, has three floors, and if you went there at 6pm or later, you're gonna be waiting for at least 45 minutes before you could enter the restaurant. Seriously.

Chicks for Zhen!

If you're new to Yuan's Steamboat, you definitely have no idea why the eldest brother is so excited with all that chicken. For the uninformed, these chickens come in batches of 15 minutes once, and if you do not run to it when the worker comes, it would've been done in less than a minute. And that two plates is what we got in less than a minute. Lasted us for the whole evening so we could laugh at the others who were still waiting every 15 minutes. ^^

So yesh, happy birthday 20th birthday Dennis!

So... what happened to the 6M gathering? It happened, but somehow, the plan was changed and it was in Damansara. And I wasn't informed about it until I called the person in charge the night before. Wuuuuuud... So I opted to go to my school instead for a clean up at the Koperasi. Great fun.

Things got more fun when I met up with my cosplay friends on Sunday. We were going to join the cosplay group competition on Comic Fiesta 2008 so we had to do some recordings as the sketches had to be pre-recorded. They. Were. HILLARIOUS! xD Fun, fun, fun~ I found out I was quite good at voice acting. I can't wait for Comic Fiesta! It's gonna be fun. :3 When I went home, I started on my job of editing all the recordings. I'm proud of my work, and you shall see it when you come to Comic Fiesta, which is at Sunway Pyramid, and I bet most of the people reading my blog has access to that.

On top of that, my doujin group with Anthea, Cynthia, Nadirah and Melissa(I'm the only one whose name doesn't end with "A"! D:), Fiametta-ink will be opening a booth at Comic Fiesta. I have said this many times, but I shall say it again. xD So you better buy something from us! We give paperbags. :3 The only problem with me is that I haven't finished any cross stitches to be sold during Comic Fiesta. Anthea would kill me. :D

Last Wednesday, the 1st Malaysian Gavel Club had an outing to Sunway Pyramid. We went to Shogun for lunch! Much jakun-ness erupted. After that, we went to watch Bolt 3D. It. Was. Super. Cute. Period! :3 I saw some old 6M friends too, but Ling Hui and I were ignored. Ew.

And then, I'll be having a camp at Eagle Ranch Resort in Port Dickson, which was the same place I had a camp 4 years ago at about this time. So I'll be away on the 11 - 14th December.


Quote of the Day: "If we should get separated, just whistle. I'll come running. I promise." - Yuna, Final Fantasy X.

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