Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I can't wait!

Yeesh, the YES camp pictures are only gonna be out after 2 weeks. Ew! We can't wait that long, can we? D:

Sooo... I'll give my report of the YES camp, day-by-day, post-by-post. Before that, an update about my Comic Fiesta preparations. Oh my gawsh, it's the week already! Countdown is only 2 MORE DAYS! Oh shucks, I didn't notice how close it is... It's like counting down for PMR... Anyhow, I've been meeting up with my D.GayGray-man group again for rehearsals. We're joining the group competition on day 1! We as in my awesome new friends, Allenisya, AutumnKitsune, Miyue and Pa-no! We had to go to Allen's house at Setiawangsa on Tuesday. And that happened to be my first time on the KTM and LRT. Woohoo! It was quite an enjoyable experience. Somehow, we got seats at Subang Jaya, which Kitsune said was rather impossible. I must've been lucky that day. xD When we got back, we went shopping at Carrefour for some materials so Kitsune could complete her Mugen. But whee! I was walking into Bata to get a pair of slippers, until we crossed paths with my Road shoes! And I bought em immediately. xD Love em~ Then I bought two lollipops for Road too.

And Comic Fiesta is still drawing closer. AAAAAHHH!!! And I have no idea what to blog about. Ew.

What should I cosplay next year? :3

Quote of the Day: "A fool who doesn't think is more foolish than a fool who foolishly thinks." - Franziska von Karma, Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulation.

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