Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Season to be Jolly

Comic Fiesta was EPIC.

I want to make a post about Comic Fiesta, but then I did say I was going to post about the YES camp, LoL~ The pictures aren't up yet, but I don't want to delay this any longer... So... I guess I'll do an update about Comic Fiesta, then the day-to-day update about my YES camp, ASAP.

So, it's the week before Comic Fiesta. As usual, it's the time where you realize the countdown to that event you're waiting for is down to one digit. And it's the time to start rushing your props or costumes or whatever. In my case, it's my props and a sketch for the group competition. But of course, I've covered up our rehearsals in the last post. So here's what I did. I had to construct a present box which appeared on the D.Gray-man anime where Road had used to trap the General in another dimension. Not many people know where it came from, but heck. The main reason I made it is to keep my other props + handphone and money as I have no pockets. And then I was making that freaky doll from the Anime scene between Road and Tyki, which did not turn out because I suck at making dolls, LoL~ But hey, I tried. I'll probably redo it because I love that scene so much. I need a Tyki darn it! And then there's the cross pendant for my necklace, made with paper clay by Anthea which I had to paint and somehow, find some lace to paste on it.

The night before Comic Fiesta, I quickly made Lero's horn from a candle, LoL~ I love how cosplaying makes you come up with the darnest solutions. And of all things to do, I was playing Ragnarok Online till... 6am? o_o *is bashed* Also, it's a night(or rather, hours) before Comic Fiesta and I have yet to find a solution for my wig, which was still kinda long for Road Kamelot and definitely not spiky.

Was supposed to go to Melissa's house at 8am-ish. Was supposed to reach Sunway Pyramid before 9am. Woke up at 8.45am. ORZ. I flew out of bed and ran straight to the bath room. In minutes, I was ready, packed with my cross stitching stuff, camera, Road Kamelot props and Yuffie Kisaragi costume(in case I somehow am able to wear it, which never happened). Took awhile before I left home to Melissa's house. And it was close to 10am when we arrived to Sunway Pyramid. Boy was Anthea pissed. xD Instead of being able to help out at the booth, I had to run off to the toilet to get myself ready for my cosplay, along with my D.Gray-man booth. The toilet was PACKED! But still very roomy and clean and dry and nice. xD The chaos in there was... chaos. To spike my wig, Pa-no/Debitto had to snip my wig heartlessly while Mi-yue/Jasdero slabbed black nail polish on my nails. We spent most of the morning in the toilet, skipping the opening ceremony and well, alot. We only came out a little before noon. It was quite a turn off as I had a rather complete costume, with cool props and an awesome Lero, but my wig sucked. Seriously.

The unspiky Road with minimum make up and very little creative juices in posing

And it was group cosplay competition time! I have to say, we must be grateful that our recording was really clear, and was epic thanks to my awesome sound mixing skills. We had help from some friends for some of the scenes. Here's our sketch!

The Noahs in action. PHEAR MAH HORNY UMBRELLA!(as dubbed by the MC, Chuck)

Of course, we were darn happy after the whole performance, because we actually done great! We only had 3 rehearsals, 1 for the recording, 1 full dress rehearsal, and 1 with only 3 of our members. We didn't even have time to rehearse on the competition morning, because we love the toilet so much. We are that awesome. xD And to the dude, Kurogane who said all the groups did not put effort in their work, please eat your words. I spent days editing the recordings, and the Avatar group spend more time rehearsing than we did too.

I ran off to my booth after the performance so I can make Anthea a little happier about my absence earlier. It was actually fun dragging in customers and pulling their legs a little.

Can you handle FIRE?

Awfully fun to pull this customer's legs. Owh, the sin of having mushroom heads.

Unfortunately, I had to run off as I haven't even had lunch. The D.Gray-man family was waiting too. I ran down to Asian Avenue and received stares as usual. I had some people calling me weirdo and giving me the odd face. But phooey, their lost. I ran over to Station Kopitiam and had a plate of Nasi Goreng Pataya, which I couldn't even finish. Lunch cost me RM11. EW. I should just pack food from home.

Back to the hall, nothing much was going on anymore. So I lingered at the booth, tricking asking customers to buy our goods. And really quickly, day 1 ended! We went to Sushi King to have dinner before leaving. Can you believe that it was my first time to Sushi King? I'm not gonna take my luggage of costume tomorrow... And more preparations!

I got home, fixed up some props, reinforced Lero's horn with more UHU glue, washed off my nail polish(because it was ugleh), and played with wax. Whee! I was actually making a new prop, which was a pointed candle where Road had used to pierce Allen's eyes with. Lovely. Messed with fire and candle, scrap the wax a lil', painted the end with nail polish and ta-dah! Then I went on to make my new pendant. As I didn't have paper clay, I resorted to the super cheap rulers I bought back in Malacca. Cheap stuff FTW! Broke the ruler apart with a chisel, shaped it into a cross then went off to sleep at 2.30am.

Next morning, I woke at 7.30am to ensure I was early today. Left to Melissa's house again at I don't really know what time and started spiking my wig with my brother's trusty clay. Melissa, today, traded in her Linali outfit for a really cute gothic lolita outfit. On that morning itself, I had to paint my nails black again, and also paint the new ruler-made pendant black too. Oh how I love doing last minute work. Soon we left to Comic Fiesta, got there early today. I was almost done with my hair, but had to go to the much loved toilet again for more spikes. I had more make up done today too. And owh my gawd, I look SOOOO much Road on day 2. :3

Spent even more time at my booth today. OWHMAGOSH, Rika cosplayed Rhyme from The World Ends With You! SUUUUPER AWESOME! And super cute. :3 Cynthia couldn't make it today, so we weren't selling bookmarks. Sold off all my cross stitches, including Togepi(owh noes!) and Cyndaquil. Only Togepi was sold to someone I didn't know(he was Rude from Final Fantasy VII). We cheated got more customers to buy our badges, and Sora pin badges were actually sold out! Followed by Allen and Riku badges.

You'll be in good hands, Riku and Miku!

Ragnarok Online FTW! They so happen to be opposite our booth. :3

Nurul and I were joining the solo cosplay competition. So we left the booth once more, and headed over to the stage. Have I mentioned that Nurul was a darn fine Tifa Lockhart?

I'm gonna steal that one day, Nurul, just you wait.

My cute lil' gothic lolita Mel!

We were up against alot of really good cosplayers, and out of the 55, they are only picking 8 finalist. So I wasn't really hoping high. Today, we decided to skip lunch and instead, just snack on Nurul's poor sandwiches(which was tasty albeit little) and Anthea's pineapple tarts. Due to the delay, our break time was cut short so we rushed back to the stage almost immediately. So... we didn't make the finals. Thoses who did were Nemesis from Resident Evil(awesome!), Gun Mage Yuna and Riku from Final Fantasy X-2(double awesome), Faust, Black Star from Soul Eater, some Star Wars dude and some other people. (forgive me D:) I thought the Doc Ock from Spiderman would get a spot in the finals though. This year was different as it was dice, not chess. I kinda missed the old cosplay chess though.

Anyhow, after that, I went to take some pictures with the D.Gray-man family. And then... I got lazy so I won't type about that much. 8D

Phear teh awesomeness!

Then we got dragged back in to do an advertisement for PC.com which was really lawl. I mean, D.gray-man advertising for a magazine! Woohoo! We then got dragged to the Celcom booth too. Until they announced the winners. Which went a little like this.

"And the winners for the group cosplay competition is group 'D.Gray-man'!"

Omigosh, I can't believe we won! xD My first cosplay win, woohoo! Yes, that's the trophy we won! But of course, we can't split it. We've got tons of other prizes too like a goodie bag for everyone consisting an Animax shirt, random cosmetics, Gundam figurine, a beanie... We had a few bigger prizes too, which we split up by a lucky draw. And I got...

Live and let live!

OMG. It's an effin Tidus figurine! It is love! xD I check the net and it costs at least RM170. WOOHOO! And anyone who knows me knows I love Tidus.(at least, some of them do) But isn't this awesome?

So... nothing much happened after that. We sold out all the badges, and it was the end of Comic Fiesta! It feels so surreal that Comic Fiesta is over. It's like "OMIGOSH, I need to wait another year!". But yes, I had soooo much fun with my friends. So that's Comic Fiesta 2008!

See you next year!

Anyone up for GACC 2009 in Malacca on mid-August? :3 Melissa and my next cosplay plan is probably Abe no Masahiro and Abe no Seimei from Shonen Onmyouji. I'm doing the latter. xD Comments anyone?

I got my first commission from a not-aquaintance. This is exciting. I'm commissioned to make a cross stitch Pikachu! It's gonna be fun. :3

PMR results 30th December!!! DAAAAAI!!!

And I'm going down to Malacca for some Tan family dinner(my mum's family). Whees.


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