Wednesday, December 31, 2008

That's a Rap!

7A's 1B
. Nuff said. =D

I'll let the following video and photos tell everything else. Enjoy!

(YouTube killed the quality of the video. Sniff)

3Efisien in line!

"Pn. Yeoh, where are you?"(she was the last to appear)

8A's for Siew Yen. Congrats!(so did Carmen in the picture above!)

Jump shots FTW! Grats Debbie and Anjie for 8A's too!

More jump shots :3

Yes, I have too much time.

I didn't really go out to celebrate my post-PMR-results-day. I had to miss my D.Gay-man photoshoot, which I found out the day before. UGH! But I had a barbecue with my Gavel Club at 5.30pm. Woohoo!

Being punctual as usual, I arrived at Guan's place at 5.30pm. We waited till 6.50pm for the food to arrive. We only started to start the fire at 7.30pm. And by 8.00pm, we sort of have a fire. And by 9.00pm, we start cooking our food. By 9.30pm, we were eating half-cooked sausages. By 10.15pm, we had Domino's. ROAWR.

Yes. We epic fail. =D But it still rocks, LoL.

And today I went to Sunway Pyramid with Wei Qi for ice-skating and later Wai Hong and I had to lamp post for Debbie and Mr.C3H. Liek seriously. xD We had Baskin Robins(it's 31st, come on), random shopping(because our movie is at 5.30pm), archery, arcade... Then we went to watch Ip Man because we can't catch Yes Man. xD We met lots of people we know at Sunway Pyramid today. There's Charlotte, some-dude-from-school-who-is-part-timing-at-Waffle-World, Jin Hwa, Daniel, Shaun, Kok Sing, Joon Wei, Jefferson, Azmi, Louis, Kar Yee, Mei Teng... and uh, more. More happened today, but I'm not gonna type them all out, heehee.

I'm practically just rushing this post so that I could post this before the 1st come. It has been an awesome 2008. Soooo much great memories! There's just too much to list. I'm very satisfied with what I have achieved this year. I shall do my best a work for a better 2009! Now my mind is blank, yay!

So uh, yes, The End. =D

AAAAAAAH!!! 10 minutes to goooooo!!!

Quote of the Day: "This year, I resolve to stay out of trouble, which will require effort, determination and being much sneakier." - Garfield, 31st December 2008's Garfield comic strip.

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  1. Mei Shawn! -Y.E.S camp.24 January 2009 at 21:41

    Congratz on getting 7As ya! (:


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