Monday, December 29, 2008

To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow 2009 New Year's Day! To-morrow, and to-morrow is New Year's Eve. And to-morrow is PMR RESULTS DAAAAAY!!!

This. Is. 2008!

Gosh, it's gone in a flash. In 2009, there will be so much stuff to look forward to. School as a form 4, lots of big kokurikulum decisions to make, hanging out with my Youth Section buds, Chinese New Year, sweet 16, Teen Dhamma Camp, GACC 2009, Youth Dhamma Camp, Comic Fiesta 2009... Oh wait, I just skipped everything till December...

Anyhow, woohoo! I doubt I'll be making any resolutions, as I think I'll break it very easily with my super procrastination skills.

Alright, aside from all those stuff, let's talk about my trip to Malacca! The biggest reason why we went back down is because the Tan family(my mum's family) decided to have some random family gathering. And family gatherings aren't that simple when your grandmother has 12 kids, who has about 3 kids each, which almost 20(never bothered to count actually) of them got married and have kids of their own. Oh, and have I mentioned that my grandfather has 3 wives?

But of course, not all of them turned up. None of the relatives from my other grandmothers' side did, and some from my side didn't either. So yeah, it's a really big family, and a really noisy night. My eldest brother defines it really nicely. He says that if a normal person comes to our gatherings, it'd be a culture shock. Which is absolutely true, when you have crazy hot aunts and cousins like I do.

And then... I got lazy to blog about Malacca. :D ...Owh COME ON it's PMR results day tomorrow, give me a break. xD

So, um, yes. Tomorrow, I'm gonna collect my results, (probably)go for a cosplay photoshoot, then go for a BBQ. Yay! And for New Year's Eve... no plans because I'm 15 and will not be leaving home past midnight. ROAWR.


No, I'm not nervous.

Quote of the Day: "To err is human, to really screw up you need a computer." - Annonymous

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