Monday, December 28, 2009

Comic Fiesta Day 2

(This post is still currently in progress. .___. Blame Sims 3. AND OMG, 5 or more of the paragraphs I wrote disappeared because of html tags... *dies*)

It's Day 2 and I'm up at 6.30am again! This time, with more sleep from the night before. It was much easier to get ready for day 2 since most of my stuff has already been prepared, and because I was Seychelles for early day 2. All I had to do was throw on my blue dress, tie two ponytails, snap on my pretty(pretty big) red ribbons and ta-dah! After that I took some time to wear my fake eyelashes. Hey, it was my first time doing it. I had my left one done pretty quickly, but somehow I just kept failing my right one. On top of that, my eyes were tearing up a lot somehow. I took a break from that and got on the computer to look at some pictures, do some general facebook-ing and upload a video(which was interrupted by dad later). After help with make-up from mum, I left home for Sunway Pyramid.

I got to the convention hall a little before 9am. It was reaaaally quiet compared to Day 1. The only people there were the bunch of volunteers(who were being submitted to edo's briefing) and a few people who were just sitting around. It seems that everyone, even the booth owners, decided that they should come late for day 2. I started cross stitching to entertain myself before Anthea came to get us into the hall to set up our booth again.

But before that, I met three very friendly cosplayers from Singapore. And they seemed very happy about me being Seychelles! And on top of that, there was a France! Wheee! Sadly, we lamented on the fact that I didn't have a Tuna-chan(a gray fish that Seychelles would always carry).

France: "You should go down to Jusco and buy a Tuna-chan." Seychelles: "Yeah! Canned tunas would make a nice prop! I'll just tell everyone Tuna-chan got stuck at the customs while I imported her over. And they chopped her into pieces and threw her into cans!"

In the end, I didn't get canned tunas. :X I asked everyone for whatever fish plushies they have. Anthea couldn't find hers and Jer Cherng forgot to bring his whale. So I was empty handed and propless with lack of poses. Sigh. So I decided that I'll be Seychelles with technology! Carrying my trusty camera with me and snapping more pictures so I won't regret not having more pictures(like I did the year before, since it's hard to cosplay while taking photos).

Melissa as a different version of Oz today

Lelouuuuuuuuuuch~ <3

I practically squealed like crazy from my booth when I saw them preparing their outfits. The number of Code Geass cosplayers this year made me so excited!

Nothing much happened, and it was a little pass noon already. No news from my Hetalia group as we were supposed to meet up for lunch and have a small photoshoot. So I started wandering around to hall doujin shopping instead. I have a weak spot for badges and keychains and trinkets you can hang around and flaunt, so most of my money went to that. I noticed that the more established and popular doujin groups seem to find no need of customer service... They would do their own thing(drawing for commissions, mostly) and I would stare at their stuff for like, 10 minutes, then I would buy them, and they would pack it up and attempt a smile and go back to their own worlds. We must look pretty scary at the Fiametta-ink booth greeting everyone and listing the prices of our merchandises, lawl. Hey, at least we're friendly.

Funny story. Anthea gave me the doujin layout before Comic Fiesta and we found a booth called "Zeiva". First thing that comes to mind is of course the very owhsm Zeiva on deviant-art who I adore very much.(flash games with bishies? I'm not complaining. =D) But then, Zeiva is from way out there not-in-Asia kind of there, and Comic Fiesta's not a very big convention when you compare it to stuff in Philippines and Japan and the US. So I sort assumed that it wasn't her. I got to the said booth and ZAMAGAWD. It's Zeiva's stuff on sale! I was so excited that we could find her products here in our little convention in little Malaysia! Then I thought that it was probably her representive from Malaysia or something, but the funniest thing was that the price labels were "2 RM, 4 RM" and so on. xD So I bought myself a Zelan badge(the Chinese astrological keychains sold out! Leeeenz! ;__;) and went on my way. After Comic Fiesta I went Google-ing and found out from Zeiva's livejournal that she was, indeed, in Comic Fiesta for her first convention in Asia.
I'm sad. I didn't get a chance to get her autograph! ;__; I can't believe I was so blursauce! Zeivaaaaa!!! I'm crossing my fingers that she comes back to CF2010 so I can buy her game.

I continued my doujin shopping, not until I was dragged off by South Italy/Romano to join the Hetalia group! There was a huge group of us! Unfortunately, due to the simple costume of Seychelles(and that they sing, dance and fish and don't do war there), I was pretty out-of-place as every other country was wearing elaborate(er) military outfits. We wandered around the hall to round up more members, ran out to get more space, got flashedmobbed by cameras, and yeah, it was pretty fun. 8D They then settled down to play Old Maid, Hetalia style! Someone made a deck of cards where each character had a flag counterpart. The goal was to match them up after a series of card swapping with the other players, but to avoid Prussia(his card didn't have a pair)! The verdict? Everyone successfully dodged Prussia, but Prussia himself. xD

After that, we had a mini, short photoshoot because some of us have taken lunch, so the Full House hang out thing was cancelled. Here's some of the pictures taken during the photoshoot. 8D

*insert photos*

We went back to the hall before 3pm to take part in the Grand Freeze. We originally wanted to line up by the red carpet that leads inwards from the entrance, but we got stuck by the swarm of photographers. In the end, we had a large group pose, and the Grand Freeze screwed up once again. Sigh. At least we had fun.

*insert photos*

In the midst of everything, my phone was ringing constantly with "Turnabout Sisters".

Nurul: Oh my god, SUZANNE! Where are you?
Me: Nurul! Sorry, I'm still stuck here with my Hetalia group. I'll change back to Mia Fey really quickly.
Nurul: We won the group cosplay competition!


Yes, they called Nurul to inform that we have won. It's probably to avoid situations where the winner is away for lunch(6pm) or outside the hall or where they'll waste time trying to make it to the stage, like before. But yeah, Ace Attorney won! WOOHOO!

But I still had something else to do before changing back to Mia. I excused myself from the Hetalia group and ran out of the hall to join Amelia and Cherry for our dance. We weren't going to perform onstage as Cherry couldn't book a performance slot for us. Instead, we settled down for a recording of our performance.

Buono! - Rottara Rottara

Now that my Seychelles dress have served its purpose, I ran off to switch back into my Mia Fey outfit. Back to the Fiametta-ink booth again. At least, things were still eventful. The DJ area suddenly decided to spice things up by playing... K-Pop music? Imagine our amusement when we heard "Gee" by Girls' Generation playing on the speakers. A lot of discussion ensued and the people at my row of doujin booth suddenly seemed like they were on a sugar rush. Everyone started dancing, even us who only knew the chorus and a bit of the words. =P Great job DJs! And after that, they really hit the spot by playing... "Sorry Sorry" by Super Junior! At this point, the WHOLE hall was bustin' a few moves while singing. There was even a girl nearby who started dancing on her chair! They went on to play "Genie", "Abracadabra" and some other songs. OWHSM. It injected a lot of life into the hall, especially the doujin booth area. Then the emcees took the opportunity to started getting people to dance on stage. Epic!

The random dancing on stage!

It was soooo fun!

Quote of the Day: "quote" - Annonymous

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Comic Fiesta Day 1

Okay. So this post came 1 week late, and 3 days after the first one(ZOMG PROCRASTINATION!). But here's it anyway!

My Steel Samurai ringtone woke us up after 2 hours(or less) of sleep. Us being me, Rayhan, Jasmine and Desmond. I dragged myself out of bed and started to brush up. It's 6.30am, 4 hours away from Comic Fiesta! I got dressed while the other 3 slowly woke themselves up. The only part that bugged me was the hairspray that was supposed to turn my hair brown like Mia's. It was so hard doing it by myself, and trying to get it evenly on my hair. In the end, it looked like I had red highlights on my hair. Rayhan and Jen Sion didn't help much with my hair. It's at these times I wish I could split my body into half because it's so much easier helping myself. :X In the end, I left my hair alone and ended with a hand that looked like it was electroplated in copper. Oh, did I forget to mention the white thingy on my lips was still there? At least there's no one layer of skin hanging from my lips, but it's still... white. Thank goodness for lip gloss.

We left on the car with Jasmine's mum fetching us to Sunway Pyramid. Desmond carried my luggage bag, Jen Sion carried Lero, Jun Yu carried my wig and Rayhan carried the "OBJECTION!" signage. And as we left the house, I realized that my attorney's badge(more like a fake, cardboard attorney badge stuck on my collar with that sticky plasticine thingy, inspired by Furio Tigre) was missing. It must've dropped off while I was carrying my bag. Dang! Apollo(Rayhan) decided to lend me his. We got to the convention hall by 9am, not before being stared at by the workers who were cleaning up the shopping mall. There was quite a number of people when we got there, many already lining up to buy their tickets. While they lined up for their tickets, me and Jasmine waited for Nurul to come with our pre-ordered tickets and messed around while we did.

"OBJECTION!" I just had to, signages kick butts :D

And then, I realized my second attorney's badge was missing. Woohoo! I lost two fake attorney's badge before I even entered the event hall. Way to go Suzanne! When Anthea and co. came along, we got our tickets and went into the hall to set up our booth.

The Fiametta-ink booth!

My mushrooms!

My Mario Mushroom cross stitches didn't sell out as I wished they would. So if you're interested in buying one, these are the colours you can choose from!(excluding the Mega Mushroom) They are RM10 each, and friends can bargain. Yes, I'm that nice. :3

Most of the first half of day 1 was sitting at the booth and looking pretty in our cosplay while selling our wares. Sales this year was pretty slow, compared to last year. There's a HUGE increase of doujin booth(100!), and everyone was selling really really good stuff. Fiametta-ink added more merchandises too, so sales was... yeah... slow.

So, here's a few pictures of our morning and cosplay.

The CROWD!(doujin booth area)

A very sexey me, me likey :3


Moar Ema! Seriously, Nurul makes such an owhsm Ema. She's so pwetty~

Trust Rayhan to make everything and anything look ghey [picture by]

Our Ace Attorney group! [picture by]

My darling Melissa as Oz from Pandora Hearts. Shotaaa! :3

Me, Jasmine, Nurul and Anthea went to the cosplay registration booth at 1.30pm-ish to prepare for our group competition. It was pretty nerve-wrecking, seeing all the good cosplays around us. And to top that up, we're going to be first on stage! So, we sat around, did some last preparations, and had more pictures snapped.

Exhibit A: A very snappy Ema Skye(poor girl had to run back to our booth twice for Pashmina and something else) [picture by]

One of my favourite pictures of our group. This was an accidental shot when Serge threw a hula hoop over us and tried to fit 4 of us in it. And when he side stepped, there was liek, 4 or 5 cameramen going trigger happy. WHUT. It was so sudden! It's liek, THEY'RE EVERYWHERE.

And so, the competition started and we're on stage!

8 minutes of Ace Attorney goodness. WATCH IT.

Alternatively, you can see the following pictures to give you an idea of what happened.(pictures by Alan Chin)Epic opening pose. EAT MY FLAMING EYES.

"If you like it then you should've put a ring on it~" (okay, a normal girl would say they look hideous, but this picture is so kewl and lul, I had to show it xD)


One of my favourite part of the sketch, everyone laughed! :3 Go watch the video to understand it

Mia pwning Trucy in a Miles disguise :D I lurve this. Please direct attention to my sexey legs.


Just for side giggles, our sketch was heavily inspired by this very funny .gif.(it needs more people to laugh at its brilliant humour! Warning: it is LONG.

We did a pretty owhsm job on the sketch! 8D All we could do is hope for the best. And go back to selling more stuff while we waited for Comic Fiesta's Grand Freeze.(explained here, scroll till you see "Project Shiva") It was... kinda screwed up though. Not as epic as I expected. We were looking at our watches by 2.30pm. And at 3pm, we still heard no warnings, no alerts, or no cues. About 7 minutes later, we heard the cue and got into our poses. I happened to be holding my handphone while I reached out for my Coldkiller X, Ema was posing with her Snackoos and Trucy was... I'm not sure what she was doing, but she unfreezed pretty early because she was needed. Haha. The freeze lasted for more than 3 minutes I think... about 5 minutes? And it wasn't easy when Ili is talking oh-so-casually to us. Smarty-pants. xP And after the freeze, I rushed off the scene to get changed into my next outfit: Road Kamelot from D.Gray-man!

I was only doing this cosplay for my D.Gay-man friends, who I have formed a pretty close bond with since Comic Fiesta 2008. On top of that, I had a Tyki this year, so HELL YEAH! Thing is, it was pretty late when I changed, and then I had to mend my wig a little more and put on my black nail polish. And then, Melissa had to call me for help... to finish up her lunch.

Didn't meant to look sleepy here

Well, I'm not complaining, it's free food. And I hate to waste food, and there was quite a lot of it too! I haven't eaten anything at all for the whole day(this was the only meal I had for day 1). Yay for my cash being spared, now that I'm broke since all my money is in the bank.

I rejoined the D.Gray-man group quickly after that, who were having a photoshoot. It was short, but fun. I don't have pictures to show yet, but check this space, I'll probably update it.

And after that, it was back into the event hall, where everything quiet down. The people were packing up and preparing to leave.

My new fandom, can't blame. They are so pwetty! :D

Very very cool Alphonse! Fullmetal Alchemist FTW!

More pictures before we end the day. Tara as Rima from Vampire Knight. Love the umbrellas. xD

Emo-shot with my darl.

Phew, and that was day 1! Comic Fiesta this year was really good. The hall layout and everything was such an improvement from last year! We could see and hear the stage from anywhere in the hall, and the quality of cosplayers were owhsm this year. On top of that, there were so much merchandises to choose from. A walk around the doujin booth made me so confused on what to buy, so I kept my merchandise shopping for day 2.

I went home, where I was alone and exhausted. Went though the bath-shampoo-hair treatment-scrub-facial mask routine and made myself busy with my props(like reinforcing my very abused "OBJECTION!" signage). My family came back from Malacca at about midnight, and I retired to bed at about 2am.

See you at day 2! [For more pictures, visit my Facebook album]

Quote of the Day: "Mia...don't cry. The only time a lawyer can cry is when it's all over." - Diego Armando, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pre-Comic Fiesta

Wheee for lack of updates. But here's something I absolutely cannot procrastinate. It's COMIC FIESTA 2009!!! It came as fast as it went, I can't believe the thing I've waited for one whole year have already gone. Now I need to anticipate scmupish SPM first, then anticipate Comic Fiesta 2010. .___.

Anyhow, aside from the phail stuff, let's blog on about my Comic Fiesta preparations first!

Just to refresh your memory, here's what I'm going to Comic Fiesta as:

Mia Fey from Ace Attorney. Early Day 1 and Late Day 2.

Road Kamelot from D.Gray-man(rewinding town arc, white outfit). Late Day 1.

Seychelles from Hetalia. Early Day 2.

Like 80% of all cosplayers across the globe, I opted to leave some of my preparations for the last hour and fuss about it like how a true cosplayer would(not scientifically proven). I have been doing very little since I finished NaNoWriMo. Two weeks or so before Comic Fiesta, my mum took the opportunity to bring me shopping while finding for my cosplay stuff. We went to Subang Parade and picked up my belt and a very cute black top on the way. A few days later we went to Mydin and found my beige scarf. Funny story: Mydin can be such a China of its own. You know how all the stalls in China or Thailand or Indonesia seem to be selling the same stuff? You walk everywhere and they sell them for a different price, although they obviously came from the same place. We found a plain scarf with ruffles in one of the rented shops in Mydin for RM5 and bought it right away since it was what I'm looking for. We ran into the real hypermarket area and was walking around when we happened across the same scarf... for RM2. Dang.

A week or so before Comic Fiesta, I'm rushing our recording for our Ace Attorney group cosplay competition. I really enjoyed mixing the sounds and all, probably because I like boasting about my end results, teehee. All together we had three re-recordings as the first recording sounded bleeh. My owhsm eldest brother(by the name of Louie Yin Zhen Yao) bought me a new microphone so I could do an epic recording like I did for D.Gray-man last year. :D It turned out well(on top of that, we had my brother lending his epic voice) and I made a crack recording in two days or so. Yay for my owhsmness.

The next few days was quite a headache. We needed to slot in time for the group to practice the recording together. And it's not easy when some people are just so busy running around singing and visiting places around Malaysia, and she's still at it now. *coughantheacough* The Sunday before Comic Fiesta, Nurul and I went to a Black Belt Taekwondo Clinic thingy(will blog about it later), and I woke up finding some weird crack on my lip. The next day, it turn white and look all pus-like. HOMG. I HAVE COMIC FIESTA THIS WEEKEND AND NOW THIS? *dies* Went to Nurul's house and we got some of our props done. She flaunt her Ema Skye outfit(she looks great in it!) and I tried to get my Coldkiller X done(please refer to evidence from "Turnabout Memories"). I got my "OBJECTION!" sign printed too. Less than a week before Comic Fiesta and I have yet to make my attorney's badge. Sad sad.

We had our full dress rehearsal on Thursday, except that the same very busy girl was late, and wasn't in her full dress. It was fun, and the worrying start when I needed to rush my props plus there's my Gavel Public Speaking Program to hassle about(will blog about it). I got my hands on some homemade bread dough, but it failed as I didn't add enough PVA glue and wasn't sticky enough that the clay kept cracking before I could form the shape. And Jasmine just had to take the PVA glue home... Ughh... I started painting my Magatama to put my mind away from the very depressing bread dough. I started with a shade of dark blue, then made it lighter, then rubbed it off and replaced it with a pretty shade of purple. I worked till... 4am? Mostly because I was on the laptop too. Teehee.

Even more of the headache came from the fact that my family would be going back to Malacca, leaving me and my very-busy-superstar-brother at home, and the latter was busy with his exams and dance competition he would have zero time to ferry me anywhere. And EVERYONE just had to have their relatives sleeping over at their place. Anthea had her aunts, Nurul had her cousin, Melissa had her aunts. So sleepover at Shu Hui's house plan phailed. In the end, I had to sleepover at Jasmine's house on Friday so I could get transportation. Which meant I have to start packing my stuff by Friday afternoon, after shopping for my Seychelles' sandals that morning. Ughh(I lieked the sandals very much though, except that the strap that holds it to my feet is so soooo annoying). I had a luggage packed with my cosplay stuff, another with my own stuff and clothes for the night, and another with my phail bread dough, shoes and other materials for props. Not to mention, there's Lero and my Road Kamelot wig to carry around too, WOOHOO!

Around 5pm, I left home along with my family who were on the way to Malacca. They sent me to Audrey a.k.a. Firera a.k.a. my uncle, Tyki's house. :3 She kindly offered to help me spike up my Road wig, which still had Anthea's two spikes. She did a pretty good job at it and we were done in an hour or two. Unfortunately, I had no where to go because Jasmine was dragged by her family out of home, and they were going to watch a movie till... 11pm... Audrey sent me home, while I dragged my luggages and stuff back into my house. UGH. Good thing is, I had the time to finish up my props, have a good bath with hair treatment, facial mask, coffee scrub and all, which also relieved me of one luggage bag that I used to carry said items and my nightwear. Wheeeee~ I gave up on my attorney's badge and instead, went on to make a file labled "Court Records" and "OBJECTION!" signage. I used a Secret Recipe cake box as the base, teehee. About midnight, Jasmine came to pick me up, and I was dragging two luggages and Lero and my wig and my "OBJECTION!" signage off the her home. Rayhan joined us after that and we sat at the table rushing our props, just for the heck of it. I mean, who sleeps early the day before Comic Fiesta?

Note the Coldkiller X, mini signage, Maya's Magatama, hairspray and UHU glue. Plus my green pants!

Here's Rayhan trying out his outfit. FOR THE FIRST TIME. Apollo Justice ZAMAGAWD!

Maya doing a hair test

A lot of madness ensues, just like how any sleepover would be like. Maya made supper for us while Desmond plays osu! Yeaaaah. Me and Rayhan seems to have the most energy, talking out loud with a lot of random singing. ("Nobody nobody but youuuu!") We made everyone couldn't sleep. In the end, we retired for sleep at 4.30am-ish. WOOHOO!

And that, my friend, was Pre-Comic Fiesta. See you on the other side of my Day 1 post!

Quote of the Day: "During anime conventions, I survive on nothing but adrenaline rush." - Suzanne Yin.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Yes, I haven't been blogging for a long time now, with some stuff going on(not entirely true) and mostly of procrastination and me being unable to properly blog about whatever that happened for the past month. However, I have the time to come on here to say this...

*is running on nothing but adrenaline rush*

Day 1 is over and day 2 starts in a few hours! I hope Ace Attorney wins for the group competition, teehee! I'll tell you more once it's over. :3


Quote of the Day: "OBJECTION!!!" - Various Attorneys, Ace Attorney/Gyakuten Saiban.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I haven't been blogging for a long time, for a good reason. NaNoWriMo has taken a lot of my time the last few days. I had loads of things happening last week and the week before but I just don't have the time to write about them. I'll write about them soon, but for now I'm just updating because it's December! Since I'm pretty lazy to write about how my NaNoWriMo went, and I'm sure there's a lot of you who don't go to my writing blog, I'm going to copy last entry there, here.

It's finally December! The end of NaNoWriMo! So how did Suzanne do?

From the Word Count Widget on my sidebar, it says I'm a winner at 50,126 words. Yes, I made it till the 50,000 word count mark! I wrote almost 10k words on the last day itself!

However... On the NaNoWriMo website, all that wouldn't matter. Verified winners would have a purple bar, which I don't have. I've been typing like crazy all day yesterday, 12 hours straight, 5 hours of sleep the night before. You see, I only submitted my work at 11.55pm, which was a huge mistake, because I had no idea what I was doing. I finally got it, submitting my 50,090 word novel and waiting anxiously for my purple bar to appear and they would take me to the winner's page. But the NaNoWriMo robots(the machines that counts the NaNoWriMoers word counts) updated my word count so I must've been in time, butunfortunately they didn't update me as a winner in time as it was December, 12am already. Yeah, I missed it by seconds.

My mum was pretty unhappy about it(on my behalf, but she wasn't making matters better =/), saying that I worked so hard and lost it just because of the seconds. But really, what matters was how I got there, right? The extra cookie is boasting rights, of course. But since now I'm a "half-winner", I have no idea what I'm supposed to say to my friends. xD I just really really hope that they wouldn't laugh about this thing, saying I'm a loser or what not(ebil lifeless people DO do these stuff, sadly). Although I'm not an official winner, I made it all the way and for that, I'm proud of myself, and I know that it was my own mistake for doing all these last minute things.

It's been a crazy 30 days for me, and a really good time spent with Cedric, Caleb, Hirei, Penelope, Aalaiyah and all my other characters and the Ragnarok Online world. Thank you to everyone who supported me all this way, who has been reading my stuff or just keeping track of my progress(although the latter should really start reading my novel :3). It has really given me a lot of encouragement and the push I need through the month. It's because of you guys that I make the effort to update everyday, or procrastination would win through. I'm really sorry if I've disappointed you guys in any way, if it's about not winning or the plot or my style of writing. I'm a little disappointed with myself for letting my last minute-ness get to me. I was working with old materials too, so it was a pretty easy ride for me this time around. I'll push myself harder the next NaNoWriMo. Probably not next year, darn SPM. @__@

For now, I'll be spending some time editing my work before I keep writing. So stay tuned and keep me kicked if you want to read the continuation of The Eminent Guardians. =)
There you have it! I'll be back to blogging as usual... once I catch up with what I lost the last few days. xP

Quote of the Day: "Are you suggesting that coconuts migrate?" - Guard, Monty Phyton and the Holy Grail

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mushroom Mushroom


I finally spawned a new mushroom to make the total to 12, during a mamak session with my mum, aunts, an uncle and a cousin. Yes, DURING A MAMAK SESSION. You can imagine how long I was sitting there. And then, the question that bewilders and surprises me till now remains...

Mr. ??? the XII (captured with a phail webcam)

"What is it?"

"Is it a beetle?"

"Is it a 'deeh'(pig)?"

OMG mummy, ah yee(aunty), IT'S A MUSHROOOOOM.

Surprising yes, that there are actually uninformed people out there who couldn't tell it's a mushroom. Poor peeps who never had the luxury of playing Mario. Even the mamak dude who came to count our bill said:

"Wah, Ah Moi, pandai buat ni 'Mo Gu'(mushroom)!"

YES. THANK YOU. It's a mushroom.


I should be going back home Wednesday night, unless my aunts manage to make my mum stay back, or if my Mia Fey outfit would be done in the next two days. My aunt who did the Seychelles outfit for me got tired and refused to do my Mia one, so my other aunt will be continueing the job after she cuts the fabric. Whoopieee. She made me really cute ribbons too! I'll post pictures up once I get back(I had to do the mushroom one, because it's such a spur-of-the-moment thing).

While I'm at this...


Quote of the Day: "I can resist everything but temptation." - Eugene's MSN Personal Message.

Monday, November 16, 2009


No updates on the mushrooms, as they has been no progress. As for NaNoWriMo, I have been slacking lately, not because I want to! ;___; I'll get back to that soon.

Last Thursday, I went to watch my brother's choir concert. It was AMAZING! Well, the Young KL Singers always are when you compare then with my mediocre(but improving, and totally owhsm!) choir at school. They sing unique songs, with cool rhythm and even tempo(pok pok alimpako... *insert random Filipino words I can't catch*), and have cool moves on the stage! Sooo farney. And entertaining! Especially when you're brother is as tall as a pole, and moves liek jelly even when he's so stiff. Win.

I've been skipping school after Wednesday, so there's nothing much eventful(not that school is very eventful to start with...), until Saturday came, which was the Sunday Dhamma School concert, where I have been helping kids prepare their dance since September. On top of that, I was heading the performance which is supposed to represent Teen Quest Gathering. And then there was the cheesy sway-your-body-to-the-music-and-look-emo ending to "You Raise Me Up". I was at Chee Wen since 3pm-ish, and the show started at 7pm. SURPRISINGLY, everything went well and was actually pretty cool and fun! :D The dance, the TQG act, the "You Raise Me Up", everything! But of course, we can't compare to Session 1's owhsm performance, and Jia Shuo and Shaun's singing. But all in all, the concert was pretty cool, although I went home early. xD

And now, I'm in Malacca! Since yesterday, and -should- be going back tomorrow. As usual, there's always no available computer and internet, until I got this laptop from my cousin brother who had no internet at his house, and brought it to my aunt's place with no computers, but internet. With my tight schedule since Thursday and the unavailability of computers these two days, I had to write my NaNoWriMo with hand, and couldn't update it until now. I'm almost 6k+ words behind schedule! I'll need to keep rushing now...

Oh yeah, I haven't told you why I'm in Malacca right? I'm at the "Tan Academy" right now to make my cosplay costumes, and my aunt has completed my Seychelles' outfit! Woohoo! I'll just need to lose some blubber now. When my aunt gets back from India, we'll work on my Mia Fey outfit. :3 I'm so excited!

So yeah, I'll now uh, go back to my NaNoWriMo. :X

Quote of the Day: "If the world were clear, art would not exist." - Albert Camus.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

As usual, I'll boast about my mushrooms and word count at the start of the post. The mushrooms are slowing down, at 10 as of today, but 10 days into NaNoWriMo, I have 17,000+ words! Woohoo! I can taste the 50k! I'm still writing the early part of the story, but I'm getting feedback that the plot is pretty good right now. Gosh, if it is good, wait till they read the ZOMGWTH plot twists I have in store later. xD I can't wait till I get there!

Anyhow, that means that YOU should be reading my novel too!: :My Writing Blog!:

Now, moving on with life. First of all, we had our last Teen Quest Gathering of the year, and I've decided to return to the organizing committee by January 2010 after my months of well deserved break. I'm less bitchy and angry without having to worry about piano practices or all the political what nots I faced mid-year this year. *ahem ahem* Meanwhile, the Sunday Dhamma School Concert preparations are going on well, and will happen this Saturday. On top of that, I'll be watching my brother's choir perform tomorrow! Yay!

For school, I've only been going to school these few days because I'm involved in the Amazing Race organized for the form 3's, just like the one I had for my post-PMR activities last year. But then, last year's was just a lame treasure hunt which was just a bunch of station games. But with me organizing this year's event, I made it 100% ala Amazing Race, with envelopes of clues and Roadblocks, Detours, U-Turns and all!(they even hopped on the "mat" to check in at the finish line!) So, just to prepare this, I went to school on Monday and Tuesday, with today being the event. Anthea helped me take lots of pictures and videos, which I'm planning to compile them up and make it into an "episode" of Amazing Race. But then, I'm pretty lazy right now(having only written 300+ words for NaNoWriMo at the moment!), so maybe I'll do it next time.

Sadly, I had somehow lost my wallet today... For all SMK USJ 13-ers, if you spot a brown, bulky, Crocodile wallet, please return it to me!

On the bright side, I've done pretty well in my exams this time around! Not the best results, but definitely great for my standards, and for the first time with full format of my SPM path! Get a load of this!

Bahasa Malaysia - 71 - A2
English - 79 - A1
Modern Mathematics - 90 - A1
Additional Mathematics - 62 - B4
Biology - 75 - A1
Chemistry - 61 - B4
Physics - 71 -A2
Pendidikan Moral - 66 - B3
Sejarah - 51 - C6
English for Science and Technology - 94 - A1

Woohooooo!!! 6As3Bs1C! Does that mean I'll get 9As and a B for SPM? :3 Anyhow, I'm quite glad with this results, since I got quite some low marks in my last exam. But at least now, my marks are all about 60(with an exception of Sejarah, pfft). I'm especially happy with BM(one out of 4 in class with A), Biology(still maintaining As, when others can't), EST(EAT THAT YOHANN, top scores man!) and Physics. To top that up, I'm number 5 in class! Wew! So, yay! MOVE ME INTO 5 AMANAH, YOU HEAR?

So, I be skipping school the next two days to spend some time with NaNoWriMo and the computer. Whoopieeee. More updates to come.

Quote of the Day: "A lot of people are too scared to admit that they're still children. They do everything they can to avoid it. So people who can admit that have a lot of courage." - Honda Tohru, Fruits Basket.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

The Week After Exam

I've been super productive these pass few days, as explained in the previous post. But I'm just gonna state it again. :D I have done 9 mushrooms in a week and 10,500 words in 6 days of NaNoWriMo! I'm owhsmness!

Mushroom Mushroom!

On a side note, due to the owhsm multiplying abilities of my mushroom, Badger Badger Badger Mushroom Mushroom Snake has been a fanatic among Fiametta-inkers. To find out more, go watch this so you would not be left out!

As stated, I have written the blogpost for the Fiametta-ink sleepover, as Anthea bummed out of it.
Read about the Fiametta-ink sleepover: here!

However, as certain happenings during the sleepover are just too owhsm, I have to show them here on my blog too.



ZOMG, DIVINE FAKE EYELASHES!!! It's just supaa owhsm! It makes me look so sparkleh, muahahaha. Obviously, this is just for cosplay, I'm not the type who would wear these sort of stuff on a daily basis. Still... :D

Okay, fine, I just wanted to show off the eye lashes! I'll throw in a picture of Anthea's adopted kitten, Oreo, too.

School has been all the same after exams. Boring, uneventful, etc. etc. Thank goodness for my cross stitch. So, we performed on Wednesday, Ian totally killing the girls in our school with his rapping and glare at the end of his fashion show catwalk. The was pretty much the only eventful thing of the week, other than Pn. Rachel requesting me, Sarah and Kuan Yee to help organize the Amazing Race for the form 3s.

But my marks, OMG. I'm sooooo glad with my marks! I got a high A1 for my EST!(94!!) I should be able to get an A1 for my Biology, again(I need to reconfirm folio marks with teacher, but it's a definite A). Chemistry's a C(could push to B), Modern Maths an A1, and the rest I conveniently forgot, or simply haven't gotten the results back yet. But no fails, woohoo! I'm holding onto my no fail streak maaaan.

Today, I went out for almost the whole day. Morning was Taekwondo, then I had my Hello! Project dance practice with Cherry and Amelia again(became more of a lepak session). I was supposed to have a concert practice at the temple, and a Leo Halloween thingy I wanted to represent my club to attend. I opted for the former, as I "ffk-ed" them last week. On top of all these, I had a primary school gathering at Sunway Pyramid, which I opted to skip for the concert practice, but then went anyway because the former got cancelled.

One thing I was skeptical about the gathering was that there would be too many groups wandering on their own. It happens 90% of the time, as it's Pyramid and people just don't get the definition of "gathering", not "hang-out". But this time was pretty okay, probably because of the number of people I reunited with, and the short amount of time given to them to ditch me, haha.

I saw Kang Shyan, Wooi Sheng, Chun Ye, Eu Mun, Kar Soon and Kuan Yee again. And after 4 years, saw Hsiang Xin, Pei Zhen, Hoe Yen, Chee Yee, Joo Yee... and many more! Whoooo~ Sweet memories. Although the guys were all so quiet and reluctant to talk, making it pretty awkward. All they would do is cross their arms, or put them in their pockets, then answer in a monotonous manner with the least words possible. Funny. We watched Jennifer's Body, which I thought was only selling because Megan Fox was apparently the main character, which is not quite the case. And the show was pretty... iono... weird... So pleaaaase, don't get disillusioned by Megan Fox being on the poster, kthxbai.

Overall, pretty fun day today. 8D Now, I shalt go back to typing my story.

Quote of the Day: "Unless you puke or die, keep walking!" - Jillian, the Biggest Loser.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Limit Break!

The lvl 999 procrastinator has been working hard since she finished her exams! As of today, I have made 6 Mario mushroom cross stitches in 4 days and wrote 1,751 words for day one of NaNoWriMo!!! Gosh! I feel so enthusiastic all of a sudden! My procrastination must've been passed on to Anthea, because she was hardly working during our Fiametta-ink meeting and she has yet to blog about our sleepover. *rolls eyes*

Just like last Friday, I wanted to blog on Saturday, but couldn't because I was still at Anthea's house for most of the day. Then I wanted to blog on Sunday, but I was out all day, and while I was at home I was rushing my NaNoWriMo. So here I am, blogging today before I wear my NaNoWriMo thinking hat!

At this rate, I won't have any time for games. :X
But meh! It's a good thing. I'm actually working, and I feel really proud about it.

I'd like to blog about the Fiametta-ink sleepover, but Anthea was supposed to do it, and I don't have my pictures with me here on this computer. Maybe I'll blog about it later on the Fiametta-ink blog after I finish today's NaNoWriMo quota...

But just to point up a few things of interest from our Fiametta-ink sleepover...:
Anthea's kitty, Orea ish sooooo adorable! Anthea picked her(well, we can't really tell... but there was nothing there, so we figured we'd call her her) up from the drain and adopted her till she's big enough to fend for herself. She's really tiny and fragile, I'll post up a video of her on Facebook, once I get on my laptop.
WE BOUGHT FAKE EYELASHES! *spazz spazz* It's so pwetty!
Melissa's first sleepover! Congrats darling!
Melissa sleeps like a spacewoman, says Anthea.
We should really do a sleepover again. :3

It's pretty boring at school now that exams are over. The teacher doesn't really teach much, heck, they don't even enter class! But for these 3 days, I'll be going to school to practice for choir's last performance(we already had 2 "last" performances) of the year at a 1 Malaysia jamuan. Obviously, we're singing a 1 Malaysia song. We're singing "Satu Suara", the one with the rapping and all. And I'm gonna be rapping Point Blank's part, in cantonese. :3 Hey, I'm a Cantokien(Cantonese-Hokkien) after all!It's pretty fun, but while I'm in class for the next few weeks, I'll be mass producing Mario Mushrooms. xD

On the other hand, class after exams are always about giving out results, and BOY, am I super proud and happy about today's results! I got pretty good marks for my Add Maths 1, an A1 for Mathematics aaaaaaaaaand... *drumrolls*
AN A2 FOR PHYSICS!!! ZOMG!!! It's liek one of my worst subjects, but I took a 20 mark leap from C to A! Woohoo!

I really am super happy and accomplished these few days. :D Let's hope the enthusiastic streak keeps rolling on!

Quote of the Day: "Do or do not. There is no try." - Yoda, Star Wars.

Friday, October 30, 2009



Ish in Anthea Hui's holy abode with Nurul and Melissa for Fiametta-ink sleepover[Jasmine didn't come because she's at some 2nd-grade concert, pfft(just kidding o_o)]! I wanted to blog yesterday, but couldn't, wanted to blog today, but couldn't, so I shall blog tomorrow when I get home. 8D


Quote of the Day:

Saturday, October 24, 2009


WOOHOOOOOO~ I can't wait for November!

1. Exams will be over!
2. Fiametta-ink will be active! (
3. Holidays!
4. More game time!
5. Tan Academy Courses!
6. Cross-stitch time!

Now... what the heck is NaNoWriMo? Read more about it at my writing blog, Pen, Paper & Sugar(yes, I actually have one). It's actually the reason why I created my writing blog in the first place, and that's why the layout was of a Heartless, because I was writing a Kingdom Hearts fan fiction for NaNoWriMo last year. xP I'm not gonna elaborate much, but I'm just gonna say...

I really really really hope I'll achieve the target this time around! After all, the Ragnarok Online story(named the Eminent Guardians) I'm planning to writerewrite for NaNoWriMo has been a brainchild of mine since primary school. It's just that as I progressed on it, I keep going back and rewriting it. xD In the end, I didn't make much progress, despite the many angsty scenes I've already planned ahead for the characters. SO THIS TIME, I shall progress and get to my goal. 8D
I'm so excited over it! I spent liek 2 hours on my bed yesterday just drawing out the timeline of the story. I threw extra spices into my character(DIE EDEL, DIEEE) and you can take my word for it, it's ALOT of spices compared to the old version of the story(which you can find lurking at my deviantART).

So please please pleaaaase! I appreciate all comments, critiques and support for this project. I really want to reach the finish line this year, and I really want to see the Eminent Guardians make progress too. Poor Amelia, she's been bugging me for an update since two years ago.

Yeah, I'm mostly excited because of that. But also because Comic Fiesta is approaching! Therefore all the preparations for Fiametta-ink, and I really need to start making some cross stitches if I plan to make a proper debut this year. My cross stitches was supposed to make Fiametta-ink unique(chewaaah) for last year's sales since you don't see much of it, but in the end I was selling off my old work...
And wheee! Ace Attorney cosplay! I can't wait to see it happen! :3 And then, there's also our plan to conquer the Group Cosplay competition! Muahahaha... I sincerely love the series and wanna promote it. xD It's a good chance to do so!
Just as a side note, I'm doing a Fruits Basket and Chrono Cross cosplay in 2010. :D Whoopie!

Oh yeah... I'm a middle of my final term examinations, aren't I. 8D This week's papers were pretty tough. With Add Maths, and Physics, and all the other Science stuff. And most of all, History. OwhAmGee, thank goodness I could answer the questions. I just hope I do better than the last exams.
Next week is slacking week! Multiple-choice questions? Modern Maths? Civics? PJK? Pah! xD The only thing I'd worry about is Add Maths 2 and Sejarah 1.

Whoooooopieeee!!! I can't wait!

Quote of the Day: "I do not fight because I think I can win. I fight because I have to win." - Kurosaki Ichigo, Bleach.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lotta Love!

It's the looong Deepavali weekend! So, what's Suzanne up to, other than lvl999 procrastinator-quality last minute studying?

1. Getting Rayhan back in Ragnarok Online.
2. Getting banned from the computer until the end of the month.
3. Getting dance practices! WOOHOO!!!

Fun fun fun! Today, I was going to meet up with a few C
omic Fiesta friends to practice on a few dances we were going to perform at Comic Fiesta this December. There was two groups, the H!P dance and the Korean dance groups. I was just dancing the more simple, cutesy H!P dances by Buono! and Guardians 4. I'm not really that big a fan of pop music. But I love dancing! And I love Amelia, and she asked, so I said yes. xD

So I got over to Cherry's house(who conveniently lived opposite my school, and was my senior!), got her to drive me to the studio, along with some other of her friends who I met for the first time today. They started out with Sorry Sorry by SuJu, and I just watched, as I decided I'm not gonna stress myself out during Comic Fiesta(with cosplay
ing and boothcaring already!), and I'm not gonna screw up a cool dance with my not-so-smooth steps. I only practiced Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! b Buono! before this, but then we decided on Rottara and School Days, the former being ABSOLUTELY LOTTA LOVE! Amelia came and I glomped her and she taught me how to dance Rottara. And now the song and dance is stucked to my head. It's honestly so cute!

Watch! - (because I can't embed this)

It makes me feel giggly and happy. :D And now to master it! Then to learn School Days. I cant't wait for Comic Fiesta! Aaaaaaah!!!

And after this, we fetched Cherry's friend, Sam off to a PS3 tournament. It's going on for a few weeks, and today is the Street Fighter 4 tournament. I didn't stay to watch, as I was off to the temple. But why I talked about this was because the same PS3 tournament had a Puzzle Fighter tournament last week. ZAMAGAWD.

This is liek my childhood game! I played this in pre-school on the first computer my family ever had. And I went on to buy the PS version(which was exactly the same) because of the nostalgia. GOSH! It ish luv! If I went for the tournament last week, I had a fat chance of winning, especially since Sam said most of them were pretty bad at it. xD But gosh! A Puzzle Fighter competition! That's good enough, considering most people around me wouldn't play this with me. Sniff. At least the AI never fails me.

So, I went to the temple to lead the Sunday School kids to the "We're All in This Together" dance again. They're getting better in it, thankfully. =] But one thing I felt was that this bunch of kids were being overused, and so am I, lawl. I was only supposed to be there to choreograph their dance steps. I then was asked to actually dance with them, and then to act the scene about the Teen Quest Gathering, and then to sing You Raise Me Up. Whuuuut. Oh well. I'm just too kind. :X

So, that's today. :D Haven't been going out much lately, not even the temple, so this was a breath of fresh air! Alrighty, Physics and Add Maths on Tuesday! Time to daaaaaai. Toodles!

Quote of the Day:

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tis' the Season to be Stressed Out

Soooo, PMR ended today. Great for the form 3s, but its not a celebration for us(sadly). End Year Exaaaaaaaams!!! We have already entered our second day today, Chemistry yesterday, Biology today. The next two days would be language.

Quote my Facebook status(inspiration from Anthea!):

Suzanne Yin the lvl 999 procrastinator activates limit break!!! BURNING MIDNIGHT OIL!!!

Yeah man. I'm sleep deprived.

Exams aren't too bad so far. It's pretty hard to fail, seeing that you need to lose 120 marks out of 200 marks. But of course, that's not an excuse. I think I should be able to score. :D

Ugh, 11 days to go. I'll only be done on the 30th of October. Soooooo, wish me luck! Meanwhile, I wanted to blog about something, but I can't remember what I wanted to blog about, and I can't think of any other materials, so I shall stop here I guess. 8D

Quote of the Day: "The only ones who should kill are those who are prepared to be killed!" - Lelouch Lamperouge, Code Geass.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Good Luck!

Wow! I procrastinated blogging again! First post in October, and I'd like to just say...


Just relax, chill, don't stress out. PMR is not that tough, and I know all of you can do it. Even if it's not important, do your best! It's the most important short term goal ahead of you. It's not too late to start studying! Just read lightly, don't drill your heads too much, and you'll do fine. Sleep after you're done with your paper, regardless of what your teacher might tell you. o__o

(then again, 9 out of 10 of them are studying right now and wouldn't come to my blog)

I'm rooting for you guys! All the best!

Quote of the Day: "The only point for UPSR and PMR is for people to give you praises, give you certs, and lots and lots of moneeeeh." - Suzanne Yin.

Friday, September 25, 2009


My workplace for the week at the Tan Academy

I now have a new found respect for tailors. It doesn't take long to tailor something... after going through so many agonizing years of experience. o___o I'm in day 4 of my Tan Academy's Tailoring Course, and it's pretty painful. ^^" The past few days, I keep having problems keeping the line straight and maintaining a firm hand. Yesterday, I was working on pajama pants. Finally, I was sewing one on my own, with only my teacher guiding me to make sure it's not wrong. When we were about to proceed to the last part of the sewing, she dropped the bomb.

We have been sewing the pants bottom side up, waist side bottom.

So, we had to take apart the whole thing at midnight. What I worked hours on, was taken apart in 30 minutes, and was rebuilt by my aunt in 15 minutes. o__o

My heart cried as she took it apart D:

Honestly! She works sooooo quickly, it makes me look so newb. But then again, she has been doing this for decades. I wish I could be at her level of tailoring, provided I get more experience and have a sewing machine of my own at home. Although cross stitching takes a longer time to complete, everyone can do it and it's really simple! Tailoring however, needs soooo much experience and understanding of the subject. D:


At least, today, day 4, I have completed my own pajama pants while my aunt was out dyeing her hair. :D Finally, success!!!

Tadah! And in the background, my guilty pleasure

It's simple, but it means alot to me. @_@ And now, I'm working on the second part, and it gets pretty frustrating at times... Oh well, wish me luck. Tomorrow is my last day for this course, as I'm going home on Sunday.

On a happier happier note, I had more time to watch my anime. And as of this morning, I HAVE FINISHED CODE GEASS!!! Zomg, it definitely deserved its title of best anime of the year. It's soooo twisted, and the character developement is good! It's like Death Note, being behind the mask with some super power and all, but with mecha, more character relationships, more twists, and a hawt hawt Lelouch. ALL HAIL LELOUCH!

I cried many times. And cried tons on the last episode. I'm a sensitive girl who shows her sadness, so sue meh.

Now, I shall watch Avatar. 8D *disappears*

Quote of the Day: "False tears can only hurt others. False smiles can only hurt yourself." - C.C., Code Geass.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Many Happenings, Little Writings

Alright, we all know I procrastinate tons. :D

Just a mini list on what happened since the last post till now, as I guess I won't be doing full reports on whatever I did before this, which I said I would report about. Events are in no particular order.

- My eldest brother graduated from Monash! On stage, after he got his degree, he turned to the audience and yelled "I'VE GOT THE POWER!". Seriously. :D And I made a cute lil' graduation bear for him.
- Mum's birthday!
- I was asked to teach Sunday School kids to dance for their end year concert. It's to "We're All in This Together". I got so enthusiastic, but response from the kids are a big, blank stare. D:
- Exams are on October 9, LEGASP.
- Leo Installation! I hope I didn't screw up.
- Ragnarok Online and Facebook addict, yay!
- I got my Black Belt in Taekwondo! PHEAR ME!
- I passed my grade 8 piano! MIRACLES DO HAPPEN!
- I've been reading Manga liek crazy. Finished Fruits Basket, catching Naruto, Bleach and Vampire Knight, reading Rave!

And for my Hari Raya holidays, I'm back in Malacca, alone now. I'm here to enroll in the Tan Academy Tailoring Course! 8D It's a crash course of 5 days though, teehee. It's my 3rd day today, and I'm working on pajama pants. My first project was a dress for my niece, which I've only contributed 5% as I was doing more mistakes than I was helping. 8D

Rou Ya and her new dress!

This week was actually quite a progressive week, visiting my relatives alot, playing less RO, and watching whole loads of CODE GEAAAAASS!!! I was urged to watch it after coming back from GACC(read previous post). I'm so surprised no one told me about its owhsmness before this. Well, no help from the ebil mushroom who failed to tell me anything about it. *stares* But honestly, Code Geass is EPICSAUCE. The plot twists are crazy! Watching Lelouch - who is oh so hawt - doing his evil scheming and at his weakest moments just makes me bite my fingernails. By the time I finish it, I think I'm gonna bite off my whole finger. xD

From today on, I'll try my best to actually blog more often. o___o And stop blogging liek, 3 months after something happen. xD

Poke meh to blog? 8D

Quote of the Day: Long time ago, Nunally, Suzaku, and I talked about something. We wondered what happiness would look like if we could give it a physical form. If I'm not mistaken, I think it was Suzaku that said that the shape of happiness might resemble glass. His reasoning made sense. He said that even though you don't usually notice it, its still definitely there. You merely have to change your point of view slightly, and then that glass will sparkle when it reflects the light. I doubt that anything else could argue its own existence more eloquently. - Lelouch Lamperouge, Code Geass.

Monday, August 24, 2009

G4CC Infected

Before I start to the main topic, a mini update. School was okay, Koperasi AGM happened, mum was funney, and the K.L. Leo Joint Installation was surprisingly, OWHSM(I'll get to that, ASAP :3). Once again, I have totally and utterly procrastinated this. 8D But at least, I've decided to post up about GACC before all else as 1. I might forget; 2. Other events might come up and this post would be delayed; 3. GACC is TOTALLY OWHSM.

Yes, as my faithful bloggers know(I'm starring at ya), I have a thing for cosplay, gaming, anime and what-nots. And as my faithful bloggers know(I'm STILL starring at ya!), I went all the way down to Malacca to attend the Games Anime Comic Circle(GACC) for the last weekend! It's one of the most awaited conventions of the year, along with Comic Fiesta. And of course, I had to get a taste of that, right? :3 Surprisingly, I realized that this was the only convention(other than Comic Fiesta 2008) which I actually informed my mother about not less than 3 days prior to the event, like my other experiences. xD So, the plan was that I went down to GACC with the Sun-U's Anime Club's bus, then stay a night over at my aunt's place(Malacca's my turf xD), then go for day 2, and go to Melaka Sentral and come back home with Metrobus, straight to USJ. And of course, my mum would never let a young girl like me sit the bus alone. The ol' original plan was to get the Chee's to tag along with me, but Jasmine was about to have her Theory of Music exam, and Desmond was in his PMR mode. Of course, I couldn't take no for an answer, so I went on and invite... Carol Ann! My primary school senior, who happened to be Wai Hong's cousin and so conveniently lives right next to him. But due to some problems, Carol can only make it for Day 1, and without someone to accompany me on the bus trip home, I won't be able to stay for Day 2 either. =(

The day before I went, I had to spike up my wig, again. Obviously, I was cosplaying as Road Kamelot again as I didn't have the luxury of owning so many costumes. I had help from the owh-so-talented Goddess of Flowers. Anthea only managed to do two spikes on my wig, as she was rushing off for tuition. But gosh, her two spikes beat all the spikes I attempted to make in my entire life. After that, I had dinner at Melur with the Chee's and Rayhan, after which I walked to their house, got my fingernails painted black, and then totally spazzed about GACC.

And so came the day! I packed up my stuff and perched my wig on a poorly crushed ball of newspaper. I was planning to hold it that way for the whole bus ride, as I didn't want to mess up the wig. Funny experience, as I walk into the Sunway University campus, seeing a bunch of familiar faces from temple. Pei Song came up to me and we asked each other what's up. When I told him I was on a trip with the Anime Club, immediately his face went liek "zamagawd, geek alert, must run away from random weird object on Shu Hui's hand"(merely figurative :D). To add to my weirdness, Carol was holding Lero for me, a pink umbrella with a pumpkin atop it. Yeah man.

As I approached the Anime Club people, I still seemed much like a weirdo. Then on the bus, Carol and I entertained each other as we didn't dare to approach anyone else, nor did anyone else dared to approach us(darn you Wai Hong! D:). We slept most of the ride, as I still held my wig closely to me. It honestly made my hand sore, and it even fell out of my hands once(!!!). Me, the wig and Lero made it to Malacca in one piece though, feeding only on the sandwiches my mum prepared for me(I only had a piece and a half for the whole day). The bus driver was owhsm enough to lose his way, but we still got to MMU.


We walked into the campus, and saw the first signs of GACC! Flyers! And soon, we got to the exam hall, where I saw familiar cosplay faces. AAAALRIGHT!

Gotta love this one

I had already changed into my shoes on the bus, and was already wearing the skirt from home. I went into the toilet and changed into my blouse, had a rough time wearing my wig, further spiking it, and whining that its not spiky enough. Owh well. Poor me. =( I decided to let the issue rest and went on to my make up. And ta-dah! I'm sooooo ready for GACC!

But unfortunately, GACC wasn't ready for me. I changed into my costume in 30 minutes, against the 1 hour+ spent at Comic Fiesta as I didn't want to miss anything this time around. But there were some hiccups where the hall couldn't be prepared in time. In the end, we got delayed and entered around noon-ish.

Carol posing with the Comic Fiesta ad!

Carol and I browsed through the hall in less than 15 minutes. As usual, I would warn my friend that if they didn't know the cosplayers or frequent con-goers at the convention, the event would tend to be boring when there's nothing happening on stage. I'm used to it, but meh. Sometimes I wish I could poke the other cosplayers much easily, as although I'm acquainted, I'm not that close to their circle. To top that up, there were only 2 D.Gray-man cosplayers there. o__O And the grand project most of my cosplay friends are keeping from me, turned out to be a huge Code Geass group. And I do mean HUGE. They're liek, everywhere! They populated liek half of all cosplayers there! AAAAAaaah! Epic sesat-ness!!! But man, were they awesome. :3

This was not all of them

The two D.Gray-man cosplayers at GACC, and the flat side of my wig 8D

Supaa phail face of blurness. But with the epic win side of my wig. :3

And then, there was the band performance. The first band was kinda hard to listen to, as the drums were overpowering the whole performance. =[ But then came the band called Zeolites. Boy, was I blown away.

It sounded better life, trust me. =] It was one of the few bands that wasn't killed because of a terrible vocalist. The singer sounded good and she had a really unique voice. They performed Houkiboshi, some FMA opening song, Don't Say Lazy from K-ON and Kiss Kiss Fall in Love(?) from Ouran High School Host Club. We made them encore twice too. xD

There was a non-electronic games and electronic games area at GACC, which was kinda awesome. At least games were really highlighted too! Not just for sponsorship purposes, but just games. There was a PS3 going on with games like Tekken 5 and Street Fighter 4, and games corner, which I think was for the PSP, and a computer which is hooked up with osu! for the whole day. Remember :this: osu! post I wrote? TOTALLY OSUSM! Wai Hong and I totally ruled the game, along with very few other good osu! players. Everyone else I watched who was playing entertained me by their newbness, MOFAFAFAFA!!!

*cough cough* Anyway. The sad thing about the electronic games area, although I was such a big fan of games, is that 1. The hall was really dark and quiet with this really freakey aura; 2. The ratio of dudes to dudettes was 25:1. WTH. I would've loved to show the gaming side of me to grab the controller and play a few rounds of Tekken 5. But maaaaaaan, it was so "manly" intimidating. So in the end, I didn't get to play, and I scrapped the idea of joining the competition, as I would obviously be pwned in seconds, and it was scary and awkward being the only girl there(not to mention cosplayer). But my brother said they would probably give chance to me if I did play, so hmmmm...

Anyhow, we tried all ways to kill time as the Cosplay Group competition was only at 3.30pm. Carol and I browsed at doujin booths a couple of times, osu! a few rounds, watched Tekken 5 on screen, sat on the chairs and rested on our feet. And the long awaited event I've been waiting for came at 3pm...

Epicsauce. xD You see, the Comic Fiesta forumers were secret agents for a Grand Freeze project, codename Project Shiva. Basically what we do is on cue, we would stop what we are doing, making it seem as if time stopped, and letting bystanders go "WTF IS GOING ON". We did it for 3 minutes. xD Watch :this: to learn more! It's even epicsauce.

What happened to me was I heard the cue, then I quickly threw my present box(it was my prop) on the floor, act as if I was tying my ribbon, go into a daze and freeze. Carol was picking plushies at that moment, and she turned to me, asking me which she should choose. And she said,

"Hellooooo. Shu Hui?"
*Carol waves in front of my face*
"Shuuuu Hui. Aiyo, don't be so poser la."
*Carol snaps a picture of me*
"Alright, you can stop now. Uh... Shu Hui?"
*Carol knocks my hand*
*I maintain my professionalism o_o*
*Carol looks around*
"OWH! I know this! You're doing a freeze aren't you?"
*I don't respond*
*Carol goes back to her shopping*

It's so fun not telling Carol about it, and then doing it to her. xD Comic Fiesta should do this Grand Freeze thing!

And then came the peak of the day, the Group Cosplay competition. Before they started, a Code Geass group did a sample skit, which was OWH-SO-EFFIN'-HILARIOUS. Reno-san who was cosplaying as Suzaku and the Zero dude is just epic win. WATCH THE SKIT, I URGE THEE.

After that, then the real thing commenced. There were 4 groups with equally entertaining performances: Code Geass, Air Gear, Devil May Cry and Suzumiya Haruhi. I'll attach the Code Geass and DMC one here, because they are worth watching, and they are top two. :3

Code Geass group!

Devil May Cry group! They had really good facial expression and small movements while talking, even if you can't see it through the video. And lawl, Vergil's blade dropped off it's handguard and he holds the blade with his barehands after that. xD And Dante's original hair is black. :3 The ending part actually made me went "Ooh! Ah! Ouch!".

And after that, the judges went for their deliberation. But I've already told you the results, yes? :3 Then, the cosplayers raided the stage and did some random performances, like Cirno's Perfect Maths Class and Caramell Dansen, which of course, I took part in. xD

Then, I spent my whole time stuffing my face in osu! And that was it for me. D: I got changed back into my normal clothes and took a look at the Chibi Matsuri for awhile, which was really, really, chibi. Due to some hiccups, again. Carol and I had a chocolate dipped banana before leaving though, mmmm...

And on the bus ride back, they watched Resident Evil while Carol and I, once again, slept the whole journey. Got back to Sun-U before 10pm and me and the family went for supper.


My souvenirs!

One of the products from the same person. EPIC WIN.

And that is GACC for me. 8D I wished I stayed for Day 2. It looked epic. o___o Reno-san was in maido, and there was a Dragonball group, and Hetalia!!! Nuuuuuuuuu!!!

Hetalia group was made of owhsmness

If you're interested in seeing the epicness of GACC, go to YouTube and search GACC 2009, or just put "Uploaded: This Month". Alternatively, search for CommandoChaos. He has lots of good videos. And for pictures, go :here:.

ZOMG. I haven't wrote such a long post in a loooooong while. Aite, hopefully I'll get the mood to finish up my blog debts. xD

Side note: TIS MY 100th BLOGPOST!!! WOOHOO!!!

Quote of the Day: "So you have a girlfriend, mate? I bet she has a fine beard." - Dwarf, Radiata Stories.

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