Monday, January 05, 2009

Epic Phail

I could swear I had an urge to cry countless of times during school today. Yes, it's the first day of form 4 and it should be awesome as it's a new beginning and all. All my enthusiasm has been sucked out of me, not because I'm in the second class, but because I have lost Anthea as a classmate.


I know it sounds odd, but seriously. I can't survive without blabbering, and Anthea is the only person I can really blab about all the stuff I wanna blab about. I know there's recess and all, but seriously, On top of that, Debbie, Zoe, Siew Yen, Yee Suen, Carmen, Nurul and lots of other people is in 4A. Urg. I became super anti-social, just like back then in Kumpulan 2. Ew. I couldn't stand it for 2 weeks, what more 2 years? D: I dread my senior page, because without Anthea's awesome photoshop skills and my enthusiasm lost, it'll be, well, sad. .___.

Oh well, I guess it shouldn't be too bad if the teachers are good. Oh wait... Pn. Salamiah as the class teacher, teaching Physics, Pn. Yeoh for Modern Maths, Thiru for English, Pn. Zuana for EST, Pn. Mimi for History... Three sarcastic teachers. No chance.

Oh well, I could at least retreat to random story plotting and my cross stitch. I'll get alot done this way. Ugh...

Let's cross my fingers, be selfish and hope that they reshuffle the classes. Though I'm still not very positive about school at the moment... UGH.

Quote of the Day: "We all live under the same sky, but we don't all have the same horizon." - Konrad Adenauer

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  1. Gawd... I only know Puan Yeoh. Good Maths teacher :3 *darn, I feel so old...where'd all the teachers I know went...?*


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