Sunday, January 11, 2009

Looking Bright

So. First week of school over. My thoughts? It's not too bad. xD

Remember me and my emo-ness? Yeah, well, it's still around. For those who know me, I LOVE to babble a lot, and a not babble-ing Shu Hui is just so wrong. Yes, I do see Anthea and everyone else during recess, but it's just like 10% of the whole schooling time! Anyways... let's not bother about that...

My teachers... Oh my dear teachers... (sarcasm intended for certain teachers) Pn. Zuana didn't seem too shaby, but she made it certain that we wouldn't get an A for EST in her class. Mr. Thiru complained about EPF, Datuk K, drivers in Subang Jaya and stood on a chair through Sonnet 18. Awesome. Even wanted to call us "Green Warriors" and make us plant cempaka trees around school because they "smell like heaven". DOUBLE AWESOME. Datin Robiah dropped by for Sivik, saying that she requested for a switch in classes as she'd like to "save" the other classes. You go Datin. Pn. Tan! Makes me smile when I see her! She's my Chemistry, or rather, was, when they switched my Chemistry teacher to Pn. Tay! Aaaaaaah! One letter difference, but the latter looks so... moody. I dunno, it's the vibe I get. And would also mean I'm not doing my PEKA next week, which I should with Pn. Tan. Aaaaaah! Pn. Tay looks so not fun, but I was told otherwise, so we'll see... And then, my Add Maths teacher, Pn. Nor Azrah, whom I don't have much opinion of(except for her speaking in BM), was switched to Pn. Nor Diana, who was apparently(as said by Anthea), boring. Ugh... I must be crazy to say this, but Add Maths seemed fun after my Add Maths tuition. But when I had my first lesson, it was SUPER confusing. Text books suck. D: And I have a terrible feeling I'm gonna do horrible in Biology...

But the awesome part about all this is the fact that kokurikulum activites are starting again! YAY! Yes, I'm an oddball, sue me. It was the AGM for all the clubs this Saturday. It was really hectic, but it was a nice change. The day before, we had a Leo meeting with the board, Lion Tan, and our new teacher advisor, Pn. Rachel! Gosh, Pn, Rachel was awesome. Compared to Pn. Salamiah... gosh, you can't even compare them. Pn. Rachel gave so much great suggestions, one of them was to sell Domino Pizza during the AGM to raise funds. EPIC.

I'm loving Leo right now. With all our upcoming projects, and the amount of confused form 1 students who joined us was a spirit lifter. SMK USJ 13 Leo club shall be revived! This. Is. REVOLUTION! :D

So yeah. AGM. First was the Temenggong, or Yellow House AGM. And the AJK's were decided! Which will ultimately decide whether we lose or not this year. :X I obviously didn't get any post, I wasn't very outstanding in terms of sports. Then was the academic and non academic club meeting, which means I have to be at Leo club, English club(I was made president by Cik Patricia o_o) and Permata(the school magazine). Woohoo! Anthea was in the same situation too. So what we did was take turns running around between Leo club and English club. xD Fun, fun, fun. So we didn't get any post in English club, nor did I get any in Indoor Games, because I have no idea where's the meeting(they changed the location), and I was busy at the pizza stand. Domino's beat Pizza Hut, anytime.

Mr. Thiru in his usual carpenter's outfit

And today, Sunday, is temple day as usual. I have an appointment with D'Lot, to clean it's awesome land. We put up decorations, then when off to have our Chinese New Year carolling practice. Which was when I was just informed that Tze Han will be leaving us to England. Nuuuuu!!! You will be missed. D:

And then, Biiancaa and I went for a meeting with the Leo club of SMK USJ 4 and USJ 8. We will be teaming up for a big project. Wut!

So yeah. That was my week. And now, I'm sneezing, coughing, and my eyes hurt. Curse the rain! This is the second time I fell sick after I walked under the rain. Eww.

And I have once again failed to blog about YES camp, even after the pictures are all out...

Still crossing my fingers for a reshuffle... although chances are extremly low.

Quote of the Day: "When all else fails, complicate matters." - Aaron Allston.

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