Thursday, January 15, 2009

Week 2?

Time flies! It's already mid-January! o_o So, finger-crossing didn't work. There were only slight changes in the classes for those who wanted to change stream. So yeah... I guess I'm stucked in 4 Bakti. Without Anthea. It's like losing my other half. ;_; UGH.

School has been fine though. There's definitely lots of work and stuff to catch up with. Luckily there are other activities to take my mind away. There's not much to blog about at the moment... Not anything I can think of, actually. But whee! Tomorrow is D'Lot's Open House! Gonna enjoy myself tomorrow. =D Choir auditions coming up! Those in SMK USJ 13, YOU BETTER NOT MISS IT! We're awesome, so be awesome and join the awesomeness. Clickeh the link? Awesome. =D And then there are other secret projects with the Leo club. Such as the *ahemrelexologyahem* thingy and a joint leo charity concert! Will update you guys then, and force you to go. Muahahaha...

As for cosplay plans... I've been doing quite some thinking(and lots of annoying) with myself and my friends. Here's the list of possible cosplay projects!
  1. Abe no Seimei - Shonen Onmyouji
  2. Soul Linker - Ragnarok Online
  3. (Someone) - Gyakuten Saiban/Ace Attorney
The first one is just for my bestie, Melissa. :3 She wants to cosplay the main character, Masahiro, from the said series. So I agreed to cosplay Masahiro's grandfather(YES. He's a grandfather) to keep her company. xD But of course, I'll have to see if Melissa really wants to do it, and if we can find where to get the costume, and the crazy brick sandals(liek seriously).

If you've been reading my blog since October, you know how crazy I am about Ragnarok Online! With the birth of my renewed fandom, I have an itch to cosplay one of the characters, and I thought of the Soul Linker, because their costume is awesome. xD Either that, or I can do Arch Bishop... :3

Third one, something I'll MOST likely do... GYAKUTEN SAIBAAAAAN!!! I haven't decided what character, but I think I've managed to convinced Nurul and Anthea to join me. Nurul will probably do Iris, and Anthea might do Trucy Wright! As for me... I want to cosplay an attorney(just so I can "OBJECTION!!!"). The only person in mind would be Mia Fey, the young version of course. Either that, or I'll do Maya Fey, as this would let me use my original hair. And I think my personality fits her well. Either that, or I'll do Trucy Wright if Anthea doesn't want to. Muahahah... EITHER THAT, or I'll be crazy and daring and do Klavier Gavin, which I will EPIC PHAIL.

But yeah, I really wanna make a Gyakuten Saiban group. Ace Attorney needs love! So if you're interested, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME! Tag my tagboard. Seeing it flood makes me happy. =D

Anyhow, I'll update some other time. Yay. =D

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  1. There's sooo many hearts and smileys in your background...

    Your background=Awesome

    Btw, thanks for checking out my blog. =)


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