Thursday, April 09, 2009

Mini Update

So, what's been up with Suzanne since March 24?

1. Celebrated Anthea's birthday with a BANG!
2. Hax choir practice
3. Melur Sessions
4. Cheng Beng
5. Lost my sexey voice from camp
6. Choir competition
7. Sports stuff
8. My birthday!
9. Procrastination

My exam results was 7A2B2C1D. D from Chinese, obviously. D: *kills Chinese paper* I got 7 in my class though. xP But then again, I'm in Bakti class. =/ Sooooo...

Choir was AWESOME. You can see our performance and the performances from the other choirs at my Youtube. :3 We had so much practices, it was worth it! Although, in the end, we didn't win. And I didn't even win Best Conductor with my super exaggerated moves. D: (which, apparently, was too much xP) It was fun singing though, and You Raise Me Up was reaaaaally awesome. Putra Putri was fun to conduct. xD

Although it was my sweet 16, I could say that it had the most mosts. The most SMS greetings. The most cakes received. But, it was also the most uneventful birthday of all. No presents received on my birthday at all. =/

And then... I got lazy to blog. Meh. =.= Tis' teh power of procrastination! I'll try to blog about everything and anything after this post. :3 And I still owe the blogpost on the Koperasi Camp. Whee!

*goes to play Ragnarok Online*

Quote of the Day: "The trouble with being punctual is that nobody's there to appreciate it."

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