Saturday, March 07, 2009

No Surprise

...I'm inactive again, no? 8D Oh lookie, it's March!

So, what was happening while I was away? First of all, there's the school exams. I could jump off a 20m building and break my leg in 2 seconds. I mean, seriously. My ebil Physics teacher didn't even teach anything about gravity! How the heck are we supposed to know the answer! ARGGGGGGHHH! The Physics teachers in my school HAS to be terrible. I'm not even complaining about my Chinese or BM or History or Moral exam. It's just darn Physics. Ugh.

So yeah. I'm still busy... Debate, Koperasi camp, Gavel Installation Night, Teen Dhamma Camp(it's BACK!), Leo Charity Concert... All which are due March... even TDC, because I'll have to finish lots of stuff by March... or at least, by April.

And then, there's the computer! I'm still playing Ragnarok Online here and there. And then, there was Ace Attorney. AND THEN! There was this...


This is awesome-sauce. Its a rhythm game called Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! for the Nintendo DS. It's like Dance Dance, like 02Jam, but for the mouse! And this is a fan made program for the computer! It's really fun! Go download Osu!

Um yeah... Now you'll have to wait for next post, wheeee.

Quote of the Day: "Borrow money from a pessimist - they don't expect it back."

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