Saturday, April 04, 2009

A Little Wish

I always loved being in the center of attention. I loved piling up my schedule with activites. I loved hanging out with people, to do something meaningful. After I finish up my work, be it the normal school work or a poster for a camp or a video for an event, I pat myself in the back and say, "You're so awesome Shu Hui! Great job!" I watched people's reaction to the work I do, and hope that they felt that way too.

I always wished that I would, by miracle, receive a Nintendo DS as a gift. I wished I could be in Japan to watch the cherry blossoms on my birthday. More than anything else, I wish others would just pat me in the back and acknowledge me and my efforts.

Here's a pat for myself, and another little wish.

Happy Sweet 16!

Quote of the Day: "Are you prepared to prepare?" - Tan Pei Hao.

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