Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Just when I thought my parents were fully supportive of all my activites, they hit me back, hard. One fine day, on a usual mother-daughter talk while walking to school, my mum was like, "I know your intention is to get the koko marks. So go for it. Get the highest possible position you can in your clubs."

Usually, my mum would frown and make noise at most of my school activities. Every time I stayed back at school, or had to go out for a meeting, she would nag. She says she's proud, but I'm not too sure. After that talk, I felt relieved. At least I know that she understands.

Then weeks later, she threaten to go to school and cancel all my activities if I don't perform well for my piano exams. I wasn't happy, of course. I know I haven't been doing well with my piano, but to ask me to not do anything for the next month or more other than piano is just not possible. My clubs and activities means alot to me. And restricting me from all my meetings and using the computer for updating my status to my "bosses" is just frustrating, especially when after that, I get murdered by the respective "bosses" too.

With important things like Teen Dhamma Camp coming up, and all the other little projects like English Club, Choir and Teen Quest Gathering, I can't afford to let go or do nothing about them. I know I have high hopes and put lots of time into everything, and still want to play too.

Ugh... I wished I had a Time-Turner....

Quote of the Day: “I guess I just prefer to see the dark side of things. The glass is always half empty. And cracked. And I just cut my lip on it. And chipped a tooth.” - Janeane Garofalo.

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