Sunday, May 24, 2009


Oh noes. I'm addicted to Facebook, again. It started with the picture tagging. Then I was playing Word Challenge because I saw Marilyn playing it the other day. Then it was Friends For Sale. Then it was Restaurant City. Then... it was more Restaurant City. Uh-oh.

I was having fun picking up rubbish from Adrean's restaurant, who irresponsibly let himself, Marilyn and Pei Song pass out in humiliation

Anyone wants to trade bananas and butter? :D

Alright, so first week of exams are over. I spent too much time doing last minute revisions, and too much time on the computer too. As for how I describe my second week of exams...

I could jump down from a 20m building at a 90 degrees angle at the acceleration of 10m s s. And then, I'll go down in history.


Saturday starts off with Taekwondo as usual. And as all other Taekwondo trainings after the grading, we were doing basics and running around and star jumps and stuff like that to kill time. When it was results time, it was rather nerve wrecking. It's so much harder to pass for black belt, and the stakes were higher too. RM150 for grading fees, aaaaaaaah!!! When it was our turn, our sir started shaking his head and saying that he was disappointed. Uh-oh. He called our names one by one. He called the first few names. Then there was Siew Yen, Ger Lian, Ger Ean... and he asked them to sit. I had a terrible feeling. Then he started passing some people. Then after Nurul, who passed, was my name. He called it, and simply just went on. I was like what the heck. I know it's not an easy ride, but surely, I haven't done terrible enough to fail, right? Or did I?

Then the sir went another round of names. This time, he passed them. LIEK ZOMG. He was just pulling our legs! All of us passed, except for Faye, which was rather unbelievable. When I prodded sir to see if we were borderline passes, he said we were good. LIEK WHUT.

So yay! I'm officially on Black Belt probation! (eat that Wai Hong, for missing this training)

Sunday... This is the very very veeeeeery few times I actually excused myself from: 1. Teen Quest Gathering, 2. Teen Dhamma Camp Meeting. I'm the kind that would go all the way when I'm super committed to something, and hate to miss out anything. I was supposed to be making my passport today for my Bali trip in July, but it didn't happen. So, I slept till noon today, and did not go to the temple, at all.

This would be the very few times where someone's actually sad that they didn't go to the temple. D:

I stayed at home, lazed away in front of the computer. And now, I'm trying to understand my Physics notes, and nothing is getting in. Jia Wern was probably right about how girls are better at Biology because it's there, and bad at Physics because it's not there.

Ugh. I hope I do well tomorrow. Thank godness I dropped Chinese. Or it'll be double kill. (*cue DOTA addicts going "TRIPLE KILL"*)

Whoopie. Teen Dhamma Camp 11 in 16 days!!! LIEKZOMGWTHSTFUBBQ!!! Here's a little teaser.

Now you see it. Now you don't get it.


Quote of the Day: “Santa Claus has the right idea: visit people once a year.” - Victor Borge.

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