Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Going Down In History

One more paper, woohoo!

This week hasn't been all too bad. Here's what my Facebook says about me after my Physics exam last week.

Suzanne Yin bends her leg upon touching the ground after the 20m dive to lengthen the time of impact. Hence, impulsive force from the Physics exam is reduced and Suzanne is still standing. :D

I guess the only thing I'm honestly honestly worried about is History. But then again, nothing is save. You can study alot, or study nothing at all(my case :D), and get horrible grades... or good grades.

The mid-term holiday is coming up, so what should I do? I guess it's time to make a list... (I started making lots of lists after I read "In the Cards" from the school library. Then I went on to reading the whole series of "The Seven Fantastic Wonders". Then I went on to actually filling up my Buku Nilam.)

Suzanne's Owhsm Mid-term Holidays To-do List!:
1. Choir
2. Plan Minggu Koperasi
3. N.I.E.
4. Biology Presentation
5. BM Solo and Group Oral
6. Fix Cosplay Stuff
7. Stress out for TDC11
8. Hang out with friends
9. Fiametta-ink meeting!
10. Play RO
11. Go Facebook crazy (Restaurant City!)
12. Spend more time with Persephone

And for cosplay, we have another list!

To-do list for cosplay:
1. Mend Shuriken
2. Mend Lero
3. Make a new candle for stabbing
4. Insert real exercises to Road's homework
5. Make a puppet
6. Make a somewhat-fake parachute
7. Find a Mr. Charley
8. Fix Road's cross pendant
9. Make a Coldkiller X
10. Loan a better Yuffie wig

Looks like I have tons to do. :X And so little time. Raaaaah. TDC would probably eat most of my holidays. But on the bright side, there won't be any more exams till the end year, and little to do the week after holidays. But then again, the weekend after holidays, I'll be wasting my valuable time at some stupid Leadership Camp which I could probably organize better than the people my school are paying using the money I paid to them. Hey, people pay me for my time! D:

Which reminds me, that my blog is over a year old now! Wheee! And also, happy belated to Justin, Szeto Yan Ming, Aik Hean, and happy birthday Jer Cherng!

And now, I should go sleep. Wish me luck. :X

Quote of the Day: “You can't have everything. Where would you put it?” - Stephen Wright.

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