Wednesday, May 20, 2009


First of all, to all those who said TDC was a kiddy camp, you know you don't mean it and you're hurting inside. Don't deny it. :D

So... I've been super busy lately. As usual.

How did my Taekwondo Grading went? It was rather awesome. xD Thank godness there's no more stamina test! I screwed up my Taeguk 5, but gosh, my first attempt at breaking planks, and I broke both with one try. AWESOME! All of us managed to elbow the half inch plank. Only half of us broke the one inch plank with a kick. I was so surprised with myself. o__o

Remember the cosplay event I was talking about? In the end, I wasn't allowed to go. When I came home from Taekwondo, immediately I started to practice my piano. Bottomline, I went anyway. :D I went with Jasmine and Tara. It was C2AGE, organized by the HELP University. I'll let the pictures explain.

Arisa as Shizuka and... JASMINE CHEE AS MARIA???

Yes. We were in the car with me in half my costume, Tara with her little bag stuffed with Misa Amane's costume. We got to the wrong building, took a cab, walked some distance and got to the event at 2pm. When Tara and I were dressing up in the toilet. Jasmine surprises us in a Vampire Knight Night Class uniform. LIEK WHUUUT.

It wasn't her costume, but she was AWESOOOME. Seriously. She makes me jealous. D:

Tara Chloe as Misa Amane (Yesh, I'm lazy to rotate the pictures sue meee)

It was a rather normal convention. I had fun. I convinced both of them to join me in the Cosplay Chess. We didn't do much and Jasmine and I was killed. ;___; I got Rasengan-ed by Kakashi, boohoo.

Why don't I see the Ark on the map?

So, teh significance of this event (must be the influence of answering Novel questions o_o) is that lately, I've been thinking alot about my cosplay. I think I haven't said this before, but for Comic Fiesta 2009, I'll be forming a Gyakuten Saiban Cosplay Group! There's me as Young Mia Fey, Anthea as Trucy Wright, Nurul as Detective Ema Skye and Jasmine as Maya Fey. I managed to convince all of them to join my awesomeness, muahahaha. Which subsequently led to me converting Jasmine, Aster and Bing Xi to teh love of Ace Attorney. Rawk ooooon.

So yeah, lately I've been thinking about how terrible my cosplay was. D: There's always a huge flaw in my costumes, mostly because of my ugleh wig. And then, I never really had much photos of my cosplays. The ones I have are usually snitched from people who photographed the event. It's kinda sad, really. =( And when I see other people's cosplay, it makes me emo because their costumes are awesome, and the photos do them justice too.

So, lately, I have made a resolution to make an impact for my next cosplay. I shall make it awesome!

And also lately, I've got lots of exams to worry about. The Taekwondo grading is over, my mid-terms are in progress - I'm doing HORRIBLY. Now I understand why my upper secondary friends say that when they can't find the answers to their Sejarah, Physics or Add Maths question, they simply sleep. And aiming not to fail becomes everyone's objective. .___. So far I've never had enough time for any of my papers. I rushed my English Paper 1 Continuous Writing's ending. It was quite an awesome plot, with spontaneous writing and an anti-climatic ending. I just had enough time for EST. For Sejarah, I had too much time as I couldn't put my answers in words. .___. The only one really with enough time is my English Paper 2 today.

Lately, I've also been practicing my piano tons. I'm under constant pressure about my upcoming Grade 8 Piano Practical Exam. Raaah. Except that recently lately, I spend more time doing last minute studying.

On a side note about something that happened lately last week, I've been uploading some piano covers on YouTube. Go listen to them, please? :D

Lately too, I've been increasingly busy with SJBAYS stuff. I just realized that I haven't blogged about Wesak Day. My work with the Advertising & Promotion department with TDC is reaching its climax. On top of that, I'm still in the planning team for every Sunday's Teen Quest Gathering session. Whoop-dee-doo.

Lately, with the exam fever and my cosplay madness, I've developed a new hobby. Amidst all the last minute studying, I'm still distracted with the internet and what I call coswhoring. Closet cosplay and camwhoring, whuuut. And honestly, these are just closet cosplay, using my real hair, with random clothes I have.

Maya Fey, channeled before my BM exams

Mia Fey, channeled before my Chemistry exam. Note teh choir scarf. xD

Seychelles from Axis Power Hetalia! A brainchild while checking the cosplay groups on the Comic Fiesta forum. I never watched the show before, but yeaaah. After my Sejarah exams.

I really don't know why, but I just can't study when it's reaaaaally last minute. I honestly tried studying weeks before, it just doesn't get in. My vanity equals that of Mathilde from The Necklace. Sue meeeeee. :D

But honestly... I really love cosplaying, and wanna keep doing this. With awesomness.

Quote of the Day: "He ran as if he was running a 100m sprint, except that he was never good at it since he was in high school." - Me, in my English Paper 1 exam.

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