Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Many Happenings

Suzanne Yin is the MSSD Petaling Perdana Light Heavy gold medalist! Yes, she lazed off tons, but she still got the medal. :X

Yes indeed! It's quite a long story, but in a nutshell:

I am geared up and enter ring.
Referee: Yin Shu Hui? *waves a paper*
I nod.
Referee does hand gesture to the front.
Referee: Charyeot! Gyeongnye!
I bow.
Referee raises left hand towards me.
Referee: Hong Sheng!
Me: *mouth drop* (except that I can't exactly do that because I had my mouth guard on)

Awesomesauce. They must've heard my name I ran away when they realize my awesomeness. The sad thing about getting a free gold medal is it might seem as if you don't deserve it. I would love to spar with my enemy and win the gold medal, but it wasn't my fault that they didn't come for the match. Nevertheless, I got it.

Tons of other stuff have happened over the week, other than the Taekwondo MSSD. The next day was Majlis Perlantikan Pemimpin Muda! All our little probates turned green. On the same day, I am elected the Treasurer of Lembaga Pengawas Koperasi SMK USJ 13 Berhad.

Join the green side! We have buns!

And then, the camera batteries died. Meh. And my father talked so loudly to me in the morning about the batteries.

On the same day itself, another big event happened.

Suzanne Yin is out to waste off her weekend at another camp(not that the last camp was a waste though).

The much feared Kem Pemimpin Muda! I never wanted to attend it, especially when we have to pay for it. But then, we were forced to go, so meh. I didn't put much hope into this camp. I heaved my bag into school at 5pm. We started camp with some lame games. As the day progress, the little hope I had for the camp turn to nothing. My team was 300(THIS IS SPARTA!!!). Owh, have I mentioned we had 20 people in our team? The smartest thing the school can ever do is throw 175 students in the hands of Hikers Climbers for ONE SINGLE 3 days 2 nights camp. The facillitators were kinda rude, unexperienced in treating teens, and all-in-all, rather terrible. There's a big reason why they are called facillitators and not committees, they're just in it for the money. They do not require to make sure they have happy campers. This was probably because I've been to so many better organized camps(TDC!!!), but other people thought so too. I guess there is truth in what I say.

To kill time, they made us write some pointless stuff on mahjong paper. Even when we were presenting it, they cut us off quickly and rudely. They give little to no debriefing of their programs, making me feel as if what I was doing was pointless. And they yell for no apparant reasons. Then we had some speaker who, also yelled for no apparant reasons. I enjoyed the little activities though. But the funny thing was he ended the session with some reflection session, almost like a sharing of merits session. But man, the guy was yelling throughout the thing. I felt more disturbed. Then we had a program where we're blindfolded, an operasi buring hantu thingy. It was a kill joy when they ask us to take off our blindfold because there was not enough time for all of us to go through the path in the dark. And it was 2.30am. It was sooooooooo lame that they keep rushing us through the programs, and many things couldn't be completed. And yet, we are dismissed to sleep so late.

To make matters worst, the idiots around my tent just wouldn't shut up. I shared a tent with Siew Yen, Anthea and Nurul. Siew Yen was fast asleep while the people where still chatting away. I was lying still, eyes closed tight, melatonin kicking in, but yet it was soooo noisy for me to even nap. It was 3.30am, and the noise wouldn't stop, even after a very pissed off and zombified me went around shutting them up. Me, Anthea and Nurul migrated to the Ruang Legar to sleep. I don't mind sleeping in my tent but at least it was quiet there. And windy. And crowded. And cozy.

And it was only Day 1.

I concluded sooooooo many things about the evil facillitators in just 7 hours. It continued on till Day 3. At least Day 2 was more eventful. We had really fun teambuilding games, and a survival skills thingy which included having to build a shelter, cook rice, cook tea, cook roti lilit, make weapons, make traps, make fire and bunch of other stuff, made fun by our own people. It was the only activity I think was worth my time, and where the facillitators were actually confident in carrying out. Other than that, it was more pointless activities to kill time. One thing I learn in this camp is to have good public speaking skills by crapping all the good values in every single situation. And apparantly, that makes you a good leader.

Then was the TalentTime. And they only informed us about the task like, 2-3 hours before the actual thing. 15 minutes before the actual thing, they give us a song and ask us to do a performance to it. Aweeeesooooome. Yes, we are supposed to act to the situation, but this is just rubbish. We came up with a random sketch, including a homosexual king and a bisexual king. Although it was a rushed thing with little effort put into it, next to all the other sketches and performances, ours actually looks rather good. Then was the dance. We were given this random dandut song that only 2 people in our group heard before. None of us were familiar. We danced to it anyway. Oh wait, correction. Only 3 or 4 of us actually danced. Despite whatever we planned, and even when I asked everyone to just dance whatever, NO ONE DID. Honestly, I was rather pissed off. But that's just me. :X

We ended at 1.30am. Not before we got punished because some people slept during the programs. I don't mind it, but I hate how the facillitators speak and explain the situation. They sound so high and mighty, as if we're just kids who can be bullied. Footeh them!

Day 3. Nothing much happened. Except that we sang the School Song so loud, I guess Datin was rather happy, haha. Owh, and during a free comment session, I gave my very honest comments about the camp, I hopes that they would take it in and realize the horrible job they are doing, and hopefully make some changes. What did they do? They ignored me, completely. They didn't even say thank you! In the end, I went home, the same person I was when I went into camp.

All in all, the RM45 was only worth the food the canteen provided us over the three days. But then again, they fed us curry chicken EVERY MEAL(just variations of em), and supplied us with a good variation of drinks, but they were meant to give us diabetes. Honestly, the tea and syrup and everything was suuuuuper sweet. My second camp at school, and both times I fall sick. I suspect the canteen food...

Suzanne Yin wasted herself at the Pemimpin Muda camp. The peeps were awesome, but camp organization was buhleeeeh. =/

For a camp that was terrible, I typed about it more than its worth, haha. I missed the TQ session right after TDC and TDC meeting to discuss reunion for this camp. Meh.

Will blog about Koperasi week with tons of photos soon. I'm kinda busy at the moment. =D

Quote of the Day: "I thought I saw a pussy cat." - Tweety, Loony Toons.

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